Sunday, April 29, 2018

Good morning! I’m feeling much like Ratso Rizzo today, so it’s just the cards. Solly, Chahlie. Only two ticks that draw my attention: 1) The oracular card is Horse, marked as an Earth animal. I believe they should be Water element, as they were always known to have been created by Poseidon from the Ocean itself. There are a lot of other 
mythical and NOT-so-mythical references to that Poseidon-Ocean-Horses construct, and it has never been a question of which element it is. 2) With I and V as the first and second cards, HIGHLY positive, wouldn’t you say that the 7 of Cups is flat-out saying, “Hah, you are full of shit. It’s an illusion; it’s ALL just an illusion.” Have a wonderfully purple day! 

Friday, April 27, 2018

Good morning! No written part today, just the cards! I’ll be back to the wars when we’ve (me and my illness) reached a truce, hopefully tomorrow. The deck is *The Egyptian Tarot* by Silvana Alasia, & contributing to the LWB are G. Berti & T. Gonard. I see the spread today as a confused puppy, ultimately a game of juggling the 8 of Cups & the 5 of Wands. XIV 
Temperance is the advice all around when trying to juggle that 5 and 8 into a stabilized structure; not easy with THESE cards. Finally, as in hoping for a flaming arrow to illuminate the darkness, I drew a BOtD (bottom of the deck) card as an oracular element and received the 4 of Swords, the swords of Vengeance and Revenge. “No easy rides here today, Ma’am.” 
 Oh, and BTW, your kid is too fat & too tall for ALL of these rides. Grin.) Be Well, Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Good Morning & Welcome! to The Fools Tarot for 26/04/2018. I shall not be dazzling you today with Shakespearean high drama nor Edwardian perversion and brutality, as I am not having a good morning this morning, not at all. Today is one of those days when I just want to stay a-bed and watch a good movie or read a book; unfortunately, if I start one or the other, I WILL fall asleep. Grin. Any real movement is prohibited by my BPOC 
(Bronchio-Pneumo Obstruction Chronique), which in real terms is being able, on a good day, to walk to the entry door of the apartment and back. (I don’t see a marathon anytime soon – Grin.) Today’s deck is *The Tarot of Paris* by Alex Ukolov & Karen Mahony, a truly beautiful deck highlighting “the City of Alchemy, Magic & Sorcery, Prague.” 
Card #1 = 3 of Wands; “This is a time to be far-sighted and exploratory. The projects you have worked on are about to be launched on the world now and it’s time now to be leader and look outwards. You are bursting with self-assurance and your “mission and vision” are very clear right now. Survey what’s been achieved and be confident about making ambitious plans for the future.” (LWB) Card #2 = Knight of Swords; “Action is a great thing, but first try to think about the effect it will have on other people. Sometimes you can be too impulsive and keen to take risks. Your decisions are rational and often correct, but dashing into things precipitously can have some unpredictable consequences in terms of how others will react. Look before you leap – and try to be a little more compassionate.” (LWB) Card 
#3 = I the Magician; “Often called the card of artists. The Magician is about great creative potential. You can work brilliantly in many areas if you focus and really use your knowledge and your abilities. If you believe in your own creativity you can achieve almost anything and it can be magical.” (LWB) Finally, AND first, is the oracular bottom-of-the-deck card = 3 of Swords; “There is only one way to deal with heartbreak and that’s to accept it and realize that even the lost violent emotional storms blow themselves out. It may sound trite, but it really is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” (I’m sorry, but I DO find that trite and syrupy,) Well, so there we have it, my day today in The House of Mirrors (mirrors, smoke & five real people.) All the rest is illusion. Let’s take a second to honor Lord Set, the Egyptian god of Illusion, among many other so-called “despicable” qualities. REMEMBER, people, don’t shun admittance of your Shadow into your life; if you do, it will come back later and devour your body, mind & soul and leave you howling, desperate and insane, into the night. Cheery, eh? LOL. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!   

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

(Good morning. I'm sorry to have left you in the void for a bit, but I've been dealing with the onset of cancer in my liver. It's taken me a while to get the machine (me) MacGyvered into kicking out something for us, and I can't promise it will be quotidian or anything like the previous run. But - that's what I have, so I shall see what I can do for ALL of us. That being said:)

Good morning! No blahblah today; I’m having a morning of « mixed media reception,” if you can grok it – grin. I can’t tell whether I’m hot or cold, the temperature changes every 5 minutes or so; will I or will I not “hurl?” sorry, can’t tell you that until the last second, and etc. etc. etc. Oh, by the way, I just saw an enormous salamander 
climbing up the side of our apartment building searching for a good place to nest – she was at LEAST 2 meters long. So, check on the hallucinations from the meds, right . . . grin. Today’s draw doesn’t confuse me, as well it could, but I DO find it weird; odd dancing turns, at the very least. Wheel of Fortune – grab it before it passes by and your failure blocks the energy flow. 9 of Cups – “the 
moment has come to make a decision before what you have obtained ends up boring you and stagnating.” (LWB) 3 Of Swords – “Use all of your rational abilities of evaluation and analysis as this is the moment to be cautious and prudent in decision-making and in facing new activities.” (LWB) Just on the offhand that there might be an oracular shriek in the darkness, I pulled a bottom-of-the-deck card, the King of Wands. Well, if all the rest continues to lead me down the rabbit-hole, at least the King is present to shout us awake and put a fire in my heart and feet. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 18/04/2018; the decks used today are *The Kier Tarot* by J. Iglesias Janeiro & the oracular deck is *Labyrinth Wisdom Cards” by Tony Christie. I saw the layout this morning and the first thing that flashed into my mind was; “Ha! We’re not even paying attention to Phys.-Reality now; these are crystal-clear “snapshots” of exactly what I NEED to see today, not necessarily what I am seeing, but IF I am as well, all the better.”  (I don’t know where any of you are on the conspiracy/End of the World /Prediction dates, etc., trains of [pseudo?]thought, but a really big one gathering groundswell right now is, “Hold On- something BIG is coming VERY soon that will change our evolution/destiny forever.” Well, yes, don’t we 
ALL hope that is right? But just in case it’s not (grin,) this reading reflects a remarkably compact, compressed summary of ‘almost’ where I am . . . remember, that is ‘almost.’ So, if we can say that I am living at the moment as XII the Hanged Man, then this stripping down, this flensing of my interior being is perfectly symbolized; I DO feel as if I am being “force-stripped” to the bone and not with a scalpel but with a shovel. Having cancer and taking the chemotherapy to send it back to Hell changes A GREAT DEAL about how your perceptions are ‘oriented’ in a quotidian manner, and then instantly, jarringly finding yourself alone in the cockpit of some Air Force test vehicle at 100,000 mph above the atmosphere. WHOOOPS – SHOCK! However . . . “Sit down, Glasshoppah, and let me tell you the story of how two siblings, through anger and fault, found truth and freedom. 53 Hostility is SO not how I picture myself on a daily basis; YET, if I am going to be Me, then I need to acknowledge that this last turn through the testosterone placement must have been particularly screwed-up. ALL of my (male–current-ish) life can be framed in some sort of Hostility/Fear dialogue. This was the problem being raised by Morlocks instead of Children of the Light. 
(Grin, ho-ho-ho, lol, yet quite true.) I DO believe my masculinity has almost always been based on Anger simply because as a child I had been forced to live in Fear. However, right now, if the Hanged Man wants to nicely filet that out of my ribs and throw it on the karma-fire, then I say “DO it!” because I AM willing to let the vessel be stripped empty to attend the “new contents” on their way.” Whether that is the perceived “psychic A-bomb” scenario of the “Let’s join a Group!” crowd, or as the stripping down and deconstructing I MUST do to cleanly exit this meat-suit and move on in my Journey. I am prepared and accepting of either step forward; I had to admit to myself the other day that on that 50/50 line with which I feel so comfortable, that there MIGHT be a single, infinitesimal dewdrop of “yeah, I still have shit I want to do down here, but hey, I’ve been upgraded!” And on the pin point of that question, Life is having a divine waltz with Death and neither is concerned with lower level events which reflect their constantly shipshafting dance of Power. Life is Death is Life is Death . . . This can ALL be seen to be more neatly expressed if you look at it through the Hindu pantheon. (Not here –grin.) 
Finally, 73 Love and Desire are up and running and about to be erased from Stan Lee’s cartoon board. Grin. If you come in flying 52° off course, you’ll hear a Motown playlist – lol.) I have worried THAT last nerve unto death, believe me, and have recently accessed myself as no long loving, but Loving. From the specific to ‘the general’, and that takes work, when we can look and see what ‘the general’ are doing to our world. The descent into orgiastic self-hatred, self-loathing, money, power, bling – it’s like watching the lives of all the residents of Dante’s 9 levels of Hell on some sort of hallucinogenic VR device. I am SO astonished when I take the time to really SEE what I am looking at; a giant bowl of Jell-O® studded with every vice imaginable, slithering through the mix, devouring what remaining virtues may exist. Then throw in a big-budget FX blitz of evil & darkness & sex & blood & more evil. The violently insane are running the United States of America, and they want you to see it as business as usual. Wow, what a concept. Enough. I ask the Cosmos to let us ALL gaze through a magic glass today, and see something exceptional. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19/04/2018; the deck today is *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald G. Beaman. This is simply a magical deck with which to read, and if you can find one, quick! sell those stepchildren and obtain that deck! Grin. The oracular deck today is *The Anubis Oracle* by Kris Waldherr, N. Scully and L. Star-Wolf. Onward & Upward! I like the draw today, especially as it leads me into a completely new area which until now I have tried more to avoid him than to talk with him; I am speaking of Horus, the Charioteer in that Chariot. I have had a 
difficult time all of my thinking life dealing with the Christian interpretation of Jesus of Nazareth and the whole Christian myth cycle; the early Church Fathers, as they are called, did a terrible job crafting a religion. The wholesale theft from other religions isn’t even given the decency of a new wrapping; they just change the name & the costume and hike it right back up on the pillar again as “Jesus Christ.” BUT – back up; the original 
“Jesus” was Horus, and all of that Christophilia about the various ages and “wonders” of Christ are easily found in MUCH earlier texts about the Egyptian cosmology. Having been disappointed COMPLETELY with that “other savior” who wasn’t even decently packaged, I had a bit of difficulty approaching Horus, son of Osiris and Isis. Recently he has edged his way forward to a very evident position in my spiritual life, and I am feeling good about it. Moving along, we come to the highly fluidic Male current of me today, the 6 of Wands. This is “The Lord of Victory,” he is “hopeful choices, the effect of external forces on choices, Hopes and Fears determining choices [and] Leadership that moves to the general expectation. [He is] the Crown of Hope.” (LWB.) This reminds me a great deal of XVII the Star which has been coming up so often lately; the connection is unmistakable. Finally we round the corner to 
see that the Female current for this morning did indeed come out today in a BIG way, as the Queen of Cups. She isn’t quite the burn-down-the-nightclub-type, but she isn’t that far from being a very “femme fatale” as are all four queens. The Queen of Cups is the Oracle of the North – Wisdom and Meditation.  The Queen of the Thrones of Water is ruled by the sign of Cancer (yeah, har, har, har.) Her motto is “I use with compassion.” (LWB.) As I wrote earlier, I like this draw, although it has nothing outwardly showy or eye-catching about. The cards are simply laying out a few simple truths in me and where my various subconscious functions communicate, as well of not giving me ANY “Let’s talk about your illness, OK, OK,??? Right!” The only thing I have to report on that field today is that I discovered a new side effect last night – occasional hallucinations! Wow, now that IS a bonus. Nothing weird or twisted, just a few light visuals and a great novella I “listened to” completely - I think. Grin.) Well, let’s wrap this up and take it home to the Gimp, eh? LOL. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the ability to see the sparkling gem inside the lump of shit today. Grin. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 16/04/2018; my excuses for leaving you high and dry for a couple of days – I have had to accept some secondary effects of my cancer medicine, but I do not stretch a point when I say my body hasn’t been so cooperative in “acceptance” and some mornings are simply torturous; those you’re-hurting-to-a-point-of-screaming-agony and dying would be preferable moments. They are tough, 
and that now consists of my mornings; the rest of the day is a little better, but few other side-effects are showing (see just below); Oh, what a fun carnival ride this is going to be . . . (dry heave.) (A new one did show up this morning; my hands are starting their transformation into bleeding dragon’s paws, scales and all. NOW, the funny thing about this, as my stigmata start to appear (grin,) is that I draw a hand like this today. The High Priestess is my 
Arcanum Guide today, and the 9 of Cups and the 9 of Pentacles are my ‘Beige Bivalve’, that means me. Both are shimmering, good cards, with the emotional and the material rejoicing in abundance. That cracks me up – I don’t think I’ve got any wonderful fĂȘtes planned today, having a good old time in between bouts of dry heaves. Ha! I pulled a Bottom of the Deck card today as my oracular card, and received the Queen of Wands, a wonderful card-of-chance to receive in that 
oracular role. This reading is so VERY NOT about my physical cancer, I believe. I think it may be celebrating the shedding of the last of my deepest and oldest kinks or peculiarities or wounds. That is the only purpose I can see cancer serving in my life at this point – a kind of brutal strip-down to the essential me. I need to remember as I pull my draws during the immediate future that what the cards may be talking to me about is NOT at all my physical malady, but what is going on everywhere ELSE in my being.  I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL today a better pair of glasses. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!