Friday, November 24, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 25/11/2017; it is terribly hard to believe we have almost arrived at December already; this year of only-slightly-mitigated horror is coming to an end. I’ve certainly had worse years in the last two decades or so, but I’ve had many that were better, as well. Goodbye soon, 2017, the Year the First Plague arrived. (Politics & politicians have become leprous, and are unfortunately incurable, unlike actual leprosy victims.) Today’s deck is *Liber T: Tarot of the Stars Eternal” by Andrea Sario & Roberto Negrini. This deck is often called “the soft Thoth,” as it is entirely based on the Arthur Crowley Thoth deck; it is, in fact, simply a reworking of his system by other Golden Dawn initiates, only Dažbog knows why, as it is entirely based on Crowley’s book, “Liber “LXXVII.” I like the *Liber T*, but “Really, c’mon Margarethe; hitch up your pantyhose and get tough, use the real Thoth!” My draw for today is: Sulfur = XII the Hanged Man; Mercury = XXI the Universe, and Salt = the Princess of Swords. Funny (odd) draw; I was almost pleased, but my Sulfur throws a sigh of “Okay, s-i-g-h-h-h, if I need to go there and objectify again, I will, but it takes a lot of Energy and ‘shee-it,’ I am tired. However, my fatigue is endemic to me and my health-o-meter these days, so I try (& succeed) to work through the fatigue and get on with it anyway, often relying just on my faith in in the Sacred Tarot and/i.e. myself. I have a solid sense of the “ABSOLUTE necessity” to power through my fatigue in order to continue my Journey, no matter the cost, even unto death. That sounds so 
“fookin’” dramatic and I don’t wish it to sound that way. What I DO wish is that I understand myself, and wish to be understood as, a man who brooks no obstruction or setback to his Journeys through the Tree of Life and the Sacred Tarot to learn what I need to learn in order to ‘get my groove on’, so to speak. Grin. As for Little Missy Anima today, she is frolicking in the Blessed Fields of the West, as a MORTAL, because she has succeeded (for now, at least in her mind – grin) in crossing the bridge of self-examination-destruction and re-emerged as “our whole self” with the arrival of our apotheosis. I am glad that she is so giddily happy today while I am distracted and must meditate upon the abandonment of the Self/Ego with which Arcanum XII is concerned. I can do that easily enough; this past week has given me a LOT of new ideas, concepts & practices to put to the test in my life. I am venturing “where no Mark has ever gone before . . .” Grin. Fractaling forward, we meet our Energy provider for the day, and she is FULL of it, I guarantee you, the Princess of Swords. This from Raven @ ; “The Princess of Swords is the earthy child of her element, the wind over the grounds of Assiah. Her logic can be destructive, she is perceptive, serious and rigorous, yet she can show the characteristics of a child that lacks morality and nobility. Therefore, the Princess of Swords can get stubborn and cruel, and while beginning to think independently about something, she can turn very discriminating and egoistic, showing aggressivity whenever the result is not to her delight. In the Earth, all the free qualities of Air get suppressed and restricted. At her best, the Princess of Swords can be very practical and clever, showing fine skills when dealing with material matters or conflicting opinions, she can be generous and kind once she loses the inner fear and insecurity that results from the natural incompatibility between Earth and Air. Drive: Impulsive, curious. Light: Careful, courageous, serious. Shadow: Malicious, cruel, spiteful, wasteful, failure to recognize facts, aggression, destruction.” Whoa! Well, thank Kresnik that we won’t be seeing a lot of her on this cruise today as she will be doing her job down in the engine room. I hope. Grin. I shall add a few further descriptors after my sign off. All in all, it seems like a good, do-able spread today; while I am in the self-evaluating place of XII, my Anima can frolic a little in what our intended purpose is in following these steps; apotheosis in order to rejoin the Divine. 
When we reach “port,” we will make sure that the Princess receives the care she needs . . . LOL. I ask the Cosmos today to give us ALL a moment of objective reflection on where one’s united spiritual goals are taking one. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                          XII the Hanged Man – ““Thou art the Sun at the hub of my being. Thy Word is the shaft which fills me, to which I conform myself. O, that I might be the still, silent pool that reflects Thee, the veil that reveals Thee.”  MEDITATION COLOR: Deep blue. HEBREW LETTER: Mem, water, the universal symbol of consciousness per se. Suggests reflection, silence, and serenity. By etymology and ontogeny, M has a cross-cultural affinity with maternity and the sea, including “matter” and the subtler “matrix” of manifestation. The sound m is reminiscent of hushed running water.  CARD NAME: “Man” (from an identically spelled Indo-European root) is a pun on the root men-, meaning, “to think,” from which comes our word “mind.” The words seem closely related in human consciousness, and often are seen associated with each other. Thus, “Hanged Man” is a way of writing “suspended mind.” The key concept of the English word “hang” is “suspended from above,” i.e., dependent on (and pendant from) something higher without support from anything beneath. ESOTERIC MEANING: The Stable (or Enduring) Consciousness. It is the power of sustenance (or, sustaining power) among all the Sephiroth. TREE of LIFE: Hod to Geburah. (Links ‘Glory’ and ‘Strength’; or Intellect and Volition. Suspension of the mind, reversal of perspective following Tiphareth stage.) ESOTERIC TITLE: The Spirit of the Mighty Waters. TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Water as a formula of Redemption: Practical formula of the Elixir, elaborated in the three cards that immediately follow. DIVINATION: Sacrifice, punishment, suffering, loss (all either fatal or voluntary); wisdom, surrender, renunciation. A reversal of circumstances." (“Liber LXXVII" by Aleister Crowley.)                          XXI the Universe – (Water) – “THE UNIVERSE (Saturn, Earth) “Thou art the entire universe of love, of delight, of joy. Let me be also thus to Thee, o coiled light within me, o wingéd snake which embraces me. In the Light and in the Night, let me be the vehicle of thy love – yea, let me be the vehicle of thy Love.”  MEDITATION COLOR: Indigo. HEBREW LETTER: Tav, a sign, mark, or cross: Both an elemental cross showing the occupation of the Elemental Kingdom (Malkuth), and an indication of one’s pledge, agreement, subscription, or commitment. CARD NAME: Through Tarot’s history, this Trump was usually called The World, though “world” was understood to mean “universe,” in the sense of the Latin mundus. That is, it means “all that there is,” and should not be delimited by time or space. Mundus has an unexpected history, which is worth symbolic reflection: As an ancient Mediterranean (probably Etruscan) root, it means a woman’s cosmetics! (The world – all that is – was anciently equated to a woman’s cosmetics.) Furthermore, the equivalent Greek word, kosmos, means both the universe and feminine adornment. This lends extraordinary insight into the design of the card and its symbolic meaning! ESOTERIC MEANING: 
The Serving (or Administrative) Consciousness. It directs the movements of the seven planets, each in its own proper course. TREE of LIFE: Malkuth to Yesod. (Links ‘the Kingdom’ and ‘the Foundation’; or ‘Physical Embodiment’ with ‘Subconsciousness.’ The first step along the Path of Return ascending the Tree of Life. Recognition of one’s existence in the Universe governed by specific laws. ‘The Vision of the Mechanics of the Universe.’ Opening material, sensory consciousness to astral perception.) ESOTERIC TITLE: The Great One of the Night of Time. TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The Seal: Completion of the Work. The universe newly formulated and manifest. DIVINATION: The matter of the query itself. Synthesis, conclusion, the end of the matter. May mean delay, opposition, obstinacy, inertia, patience, perseverance, persistence through difficulty. The crystallization of the whole matter involved. Usually, as it denotes the actual subject of the query, it depends substantially on the accompany cards." (Ibid)                                                                                                            The Princess of Swords – “An Amazon figure with waving hair, slighter than the Rose of the Palace of Fire. Her attire is similar. The Feet seem springy, giving the idea of swiftness. Weight changing from one foot to another and body swinging around. She is a mixture of Minerva and Diana: her mantle resembles the Aegis of Minerva. She wears as a crest the head of the Medusa with serpent hair. She holds a sword in one hand; and the other rests upon a small silver altar with grey smoke (no fire) ascending from it. Beneath her feet are white clouds. Wisdom, strength, acuteness; subtlety in material things: grace and dexterity. If ill dignified, she is frivolous and cunning. She rules a quadrant of the heavens around Kether. Earth of Air. Princess and Empress of the Sylphs and Sylphides. Throne of the Ace of Wands.” (Ibid)

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 24/11/2017; my apologies for the late hour of the post, but I slept an extra 2.5 – 3 hrs. extra last night. I had passed a “nuit blanche” the night before, and then cooked all day for Thanksgiving dinner yesterday evening. By the time I went to bed, I was more than exhausted, and slept like a rock. Sigh, Thanksgiving. Grin. We spent a wonderful evening with our “famille composée* and it was probably the best Thanksgiving I have spent in a very long time. This is in large part due to the influence on my growth of the Sacred Tarot, for which I am eternally thankful. Today’s deck is the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka, my 2nd all-time favorite Egyptian deck, 1st for Egyptian-themed; for ‘suitless’ Tarot, it is, hands down, the *Egipcios Kier* deck. Onward & Upward! My draw for today is as follows: Sulfur = I the Magician; Mercury = XIII the Reaping Skeleton, and Salt = the Warrior of Scepters (Knight of Wands.) I like this draw quite a bit, and it is indeed very current. My Animus in Magician is wonderful as, following a “directive,” I have decided to open my being to the Universe even wider than before (which I thought was pretty spectacular, but it was pointed out I was trying to control it, as well.) I am taking steps into a future “project,” or manifestation, about which I had serious critical doubts, all based, as I see it now, on Fear. I am combining my new directive to “Open Up, dammit!” with the original purpose of “this time around through the cards” I wanted to as-exclusively-as-possible pursue the Path of opening up and doing more work on the most neglected suit in my life, Cups. In this 
new light, I see today’s Magician as me stepping out and putting my faith & heart & will into new manifestations I was previously unwilling to employ. This is where my Anima s rowing the barque today; in XII the Reaping Skeleton, it is “goodbye!” to the old patterns to be reborn into the new. This is actually a passport to enter the Land of Light, rather than anything sinister or medieval denoted by the pictured calcium formation (Grin.) My Anima grooves on our passport; I have, as far back as I can remember, not had a lot of fear of D(d)eath, and for the most part have always intensely yearned to get the hell out of this dusty, abandoned side-tracked railway station that we are on and get “back to the City,” so to speak. LOL. Even as a child of around 3 years of age, my parents tell me that the “continuation of the voyage” preoccupied me and stamped my general rebellion against being in this world at all. GRIN. Yeah, THAT sounds like me.  (Snark.)  Rowing our barque on down the Styx, we come to the engine room of our luxury liner today, and find our Energy is coming through the agency of XXV the Warrior of Scepters (Knight of Wands.) I tend to think of the Knight as the good-boy version of that “Bad Boy” that all the girls are supposed to love. Grin. He’s got WAY too much energy for a single person, and the closest I can come to imagining him as a known meme would be the Road Runner (vs. Wile E. Coyote) from the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. Beep-Beep!! LOL. “The workings of Air by a special and mighty agent--for this the knight is in all cases--on the houses of water, here the Fourth and the Twelfth, causes turbulence, motion, emotion (though it must be borne in mind, that it is not emotion in itself); the action of the air on the water causes waves.” (A. E. Thierens.)
 Consequently, I have no lurking apprehensions concerning sudden losses of “current” in the “electricity system” today. I shall append short takes on these cards after I “sign off.” It really WAS a feast of Thanksgiving and love last evening; our “selected with care” family was here, ranging in age from 96 to 21, all close friends (thick & thin tested, Magus-approved) we have developed over the last 14 years or less, since my arrival in France as matter of fact. I don’t know that I have EVER had so much Love around a table as we had last night; in its own way, it verified in 24 carat gold that the Path I have been following since my first introduction to the Sacred Tarot so many years ago, is certifiably the correct one, proved by the Happiness it brought to everyone. No one could ask for more on a day meant to celebrate our thanks to the Cosmos for the gifts of and in our lives. I ask that Cosmos to please grant us ALL a deeper appreciation of the Light so freely given to us. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                                                           I the Magician – “The first sign or house in the Zodiac is the first step in the direction of Manifestation, and Aries is the High Priest as well as Avidya or Ignorance, standing before, c.q. above cognition. Potency and power are its attributes, because all and everything is immanent in this stage of Beginning. Power abstract, undeveloped, simple, but for that reason mightier than every detail or phenomenon, and the master of Nature. The ultra-positive, the very superior, and in the lower human sense the ultra-egotistical.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens.)          XIII the Reaping Skeleton – “The ancient edition of this card shows the figure harvesting heads and limbs of human bodies upon a field. This may be an expression of an old superstition, which said that those limbs with which man sinned would grow out of his grave. Probably a distorted teaching of the Law of Karma or cosmic reaction, which is also ruled by 
Saturn, at least in the execution. And in this function he is the old God of Israel, whose law was "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." But Saturn is more. He is the planet or cosmic function (let us say planet for convenience sake) of Formation, which means also determination in Place and Time, limitation, definition, etc.” (Ibid)   XXV the Warrior of Scepters – “ The workings of Air by a special and mighty agent--for this the knight is in all cases--on the houses of water, here the Fourth and the Twelfth, causes turbulence, motion, emotion (though it must be borne in mind, that it is not emotion in itself); the action of the air on the water causes waves. In the case of the fourth house the knight relates to family matters or household conditions, eventually the father, to internal conditions in society or groups of people. It must further relate to memories and the past in general, because it means the awakening of the sentiments. The traditional conclusions have been drawn evidently in the negative for the greater part, in consideration of the fact that the sentiments generally are misleading. That they give reason for many changes is quite true.” (Ibid)   


Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to what should be the Fool’s Tarot for 23/11/2017. HOWEVER? Today is an annual American holiday, Thanksgiving, and as an American by birth I still celebrate my natal country’s holidays. Therefore, there is no discussion today – Holiday! These are, however, the cards I drew this morning for the *Hermetic Tarot* by Godfrey Dowson. 
It is a classic, esoteric deck, and every serious tarologue/tarologist should have one on hand. Sulfur = XIX the Sun; Mercury = XV the Devil, and Salt = the Queen of Cups. This is a great hand, and I am highly content to see it manifested thusly. My Anima in XV doesn’t bother me; she loves Bling, and often “slips a little” from time to time. Grin. Have a 
WONDERFUL DAY, and even if you aren’t American, you can still thank the Divine for all of the blessings in your life. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                  

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 22/11/2017 ; only one more day to tell your children that “Mr. Gobbler” WILL be at dinner, but as the Guest of Honor, i.e. ‘’le plat principal.’ Grin. Today’s deck is one of my very favorites for sentimental reasons, the *Navigator’s Tarot of the Mystic Sea,” by Julia Turk (whose name figures nowhere on the deck!) Here is a longish quote from the deck review on Aeclectic Tarot to give you this deck in précis; “. . . These cards have, in readings I've done for others and for myself, consistently discussed the deep reasonings of the soul, the actual personal impetus behind one's acts, rather than commenting on shallower levels of development. They have been accurate in terms of physical-world outcome, and equally accurate in discussing a person's internal motivations. My first reading with them, done for myself, was rather startling in its depth, like telephoning a casual friend and getting into a soul-baring conversation. . . NotMS doesn't feature nice fuzzy pictures of pseudo-medieval scenes; the cards are accurate emotional shorthand for the energies and situations under study for a particular reading. NotMS is probably best suited to someone who has studied Qabbalah, number theory, and Tarot theory as well. Anyone who is familiar with Rachel Pollack's work, Jungian psychology, or the innovative number/suit theory studies of Gail Fairfield, will find this deck rewarding to work with. Those whose reading is totally "intuitive" rather than rote-based might also find "Navigators of the Mystic SEA" informative and broadening to use. . . ‘Navigators of the Mystic SEA’ speaks to the emotions directly, and I recommend it to non-beginners whose approach is extrapolated beyond the logical.” (Lin Barrett) I fell in LIKE with it immediately. Onward & Upward! My draw for the day is: Sulfur = X Fortune; Mercury = XIV Art, and Salt = the King of Pentacles. (It should be noted that the deck’s creators reversed the order of the Major Arcana, starting with the Universe and ending with the Fool. I have no idea why because I didn’t bother to inquire; I don’t care, it doesn’t affect the readings.) Today’s reading is especially meaningful after a talk I had last night with my 2nd best friend here in Montpellier, K. (My 1st is my wife; and no, it isn’t K from the Castle - thank you for asking, though. Grin.) In short, he pointed out that I often don’t allow the Universe its full effect in my life when I am on my “high & mighty throne,” and “already know everything.” Grin. He’s right, although it stings to admit it. I was able to see his point at that moment instead of being ultra-defensive, and he was correct; he also pointed out that whereas I am good at the Talk, walking the Walk could use a little tune-up. Grin again. Following up on his words, I reflected on his assessment, and decided that if, as I thought, he is right, then I need to open the “gates” even WIDER than what I thought I had already done. Like alcoholism, the Ego seeks a thousand and one ways back into your life, and luckily mine was checked last night as the result of a simple conversation. So, thanks to K for that; now, in order to return the favor (GRIN,) I shall remind him that he is, like all of us, simply an instrument of The Divine’s Love/Will to know itself. J I’m not going to blather on today about the cards; they made their point, and with a little imagination, you can see my reading in them, too. I shall provide card information in the adjoining text. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the freedom of opening our eyes to the Truth, from wherever it originates. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                
(X) Fortune – “Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - the masters of Karma. Planet: Jupiter. Tree of Life: The axis Chesed – Netzach. Element: Fire. Number: 10 as symbol for perfection, the cross sum is 1 (the Magician.) The Wheel of Fortune is a symbol of destiny and destination, of good luck and bad luck, of the ups and downs of life and fate. Everything is in motion, turning and floating, constantly changing, accidental and uncontrollable. The trump also represents the need to be careful, to realize and recognize the vagaries of life, to accept the fact that fate is nothing what we could have done, but the result of what we already did. Today is the result of the past, future will be the sum of past and today, and no matter how accurately we plan, the Wheel of Fortune will mix up light and shadow. Whether the Wheel of Fortune is positive or negative is not a matter of happenstance or events in the first place; but rather of the way we will deal with the results, arrange our lives with the unchangeable and work on what we might be able to change - and of course of our ability to realize facts. Drive: Eternal motion, changing, restarting, accepting of fate. Light: Unexpected changings, fortune, realization of luck. Shadow: Fatalism, a changing to the worse.” (‘Raven’ @                                                               
XIV Art – “Mercury as ruler of Virgin and House 6 - balance and harmony in motion. Zodiac: Sagittarius. Tree of Life: From Yesod to Tiphareth. Element: Fire. Number: 14 as two times the 7, adjustment of destiny. The Art represents the art of alchemy, the ability to solve and combine to turn something plain into something precious. The Art is the symbol for the right mixture, the perfect balance, standing for harmony, beauty and peace. But the trump can also show that sides that were previously ignored should be lived out and that contrasts should be put together to enrich the inner spectrum with new perspectives. From a personal view the 'solve et coagula' can mean that there is a need to leave a fixed position, to retire, watch and then go back again to combine on a new basis. Drive: 'Solve et coagula' - dissolve and combine. Light: Balance and harmony, fulfillness, creation, peace. Shadow: Getting into extremes, splitting up and tearing apart.” (Ibid)                                         
The King of Pentacles – “(Lord of the wild and fertile land.) Chokmah in the Tree of Life Astrology: 21° Leo to 20° Virgo. Element and world: The Earth of Assiah. The Knight of Disks represents the Fire in the element of Earth, and with Earth suppressing Fire; the materialism is the dominant aspect in this card, showing the Knight as a complex person of amazing strength, representing Earth in its function as provider of life. The Knight of Disks is industrious and patient, steady and reliable, clever in material matters. He is the one working without asking much, concentrating on his tasks without getting distracted by mindgames or high flying ideas. With more Earth than Fire and lacking the qualities of Air, the King of Disks is more dedicated to making but to thinking, his success results from instinct and pragmatism rather than from intellect or knowledge. Further, the King of Disks lacks the emotional depth of Water, therefore he can have difficulties to understand or relate to others, he can be self-centered and sullen, intolerant and unable to put any interest in anything outside his own deeds and doings. At the darkest side, the Knight of Disks can turn stubborn and even stupid, clumsy and jealous on anyone that seems higher than himself, arousing over tidbits and butting in everything, yet cowardly and unwilling to change himself. Drive: Strife for material success and wealth. Light: Clever in material matters, patient, industrious, reliable, strong and enduring. Shadow: Stubbornness, dullness, jealousy, grasping, stagnant.” (Ibid)                      

Monday, November 20, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 21/11/2017; to Americans abroad everywhere, “No! It is NOT acceptable to substitute the giant mutant rat native to your country of residence instead of a turkey! Cope! And Happy Thanksgiving, dammit!” Grin. I actually don’t celebrate the landing of the Mayflower or the starving colonists; I wish they HAD starved; I’m a Native American so this whitewash job doesn’t impress me. I keep in mind “liquor, guns and smallpox-infected blankets.” SO fuck you, Christopher Columbus; you found the wrong place anyway. There, that’s out of my system. Grin. Today’s deck is the *Tarot del Fuego* by Ricardo Cavolo. It’s fun & festive with a predominance of reds, yellows, and oranges, which will remind one a lot of the *Bonefire Tarot*, with the exception that this isn’t ‘quite’ as psychedelic. I like it, although I forget I have it and hardly use it, which is rather silly of me. (My only excuse is that I have a LOT of Tarot decks, most of them useless to me.)  Onward and Upward! My draw today is as follows: Sulfur = VI the Lovers; Mercury = VII the Chariot, and Salt = the Ace of Cups. (No, this isn’t a newly opened deck. Grin.) It is a good draw today . . . and suddenly I have lost ALL desire to write about it. I think I may need to change the format to bring my interest in the Dailies back up to par, non? Si, bien sûr. Okay . . . rather than cut myself off at mid-thigh, I shall wrap up with the observation that my Animus & Anima seems to be “enfilade” today, and that is a comforting feeling that we are “on the same page [more or less].” My 
choice today is clear, as it has been for some time; the fact that my choice is immediately followed by VII the Chariot can only mean that the means to deliver this choice throughout “the system” is at hand and impatient to be used. VII is a card of wisdom, as well, in that it counsels that in uniting your forces you must retain command of the vehicle which they power; their direction is your responsibility and your honor, as well. That this can be accomplished today through the Energy in the Ace of Cups thrills me down to my astral fingertips; this round on the Path has been focused on the Cups (I hope! It has been my intention.)  To have the “Orphic egg” (it isn’t, really, but I love the imagery; Orphic, I mean.) It IS the egg that contains ALL of the possibilities of the Cups suit, in their “pre-manifestation stage;” think of being 8 months and 27 days pregnant . . . LOL. As I wrote, I like it, both the deck and the hand, and it sends me sailing into my day with a calm heart, open eyes (all 3) and a spiritual sentiment of being in good form today to both give and receive random blessings of the Universe. Grin. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL a feeling of well-being today as we ride the currents of energy to our actions. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                VI The Lovers – “The sun shines in the zenith, and beneath is a great winged figure with arms extended, pouring down influences. In the foreground are two human figures, male and female, unveiled before each other, as if Adam and Eve when they first occupied the paradise of the earthly body. Behind the man is the Tree of Life, bearing twelve fruits, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is behind the woman; the serpent is twining round it. The figures suggest youth, virginity, innocence and love before it is contaminated by gross material desire. This is in all simplicity the card of human love, here exhibited as part of the way, the truth and the life. It replaces, by recourse to first principles, the old card of marriage, which I have described previously, and the later follies which depicted man between vice and virtue. In a very high sense, the card is a mystery of the Covenant and Sabbath. The suggestion in respect of the woman is that she signifies that attraction towards the sensitive life which carries within it the idea of the Fall of Man, but she is rather the working of a Secret Law of Providence than a willing and conscious temptress. It is through her imputed lapse that man shall arise ultimately, and only by her can he complete himself. The card is therefore in its way another intimation concerning the great mystery of womanhood. The old meanings fall to pieces of necessity with the old pictures, but even as interpretations of the latter, some of them were of the order of commonplace and others were false in symbolism.” (“The Pictorial Key to the Tarot” by A. E. Waite [1911].)                                 
VII The Chariot – “An erect and princely figure carrying a drawn sword and corresponding, broadly speaking, to the traditional description which I have given in the first part. On the shoulders of the victorious hero are supposed to be the Urim and Thummim. He has led captivity captive; he is conquest on all planes--in the mind, in science, in progress, in certain trials of initiation. He has thus replied to the sphinx, and it is on this account that I have accepted the variation of Éliphas Lévi; two sphinxes thus draw his chariot. He is above all things triumph in the mind. It is to be understood for this reason (a) that the question of the sphinx is concerned with a Mystery of Nature and not of the world of Grace, to which the charioteer could offer no answer; (b) that the planes of his conquest are manifest or external and not within himself; (c) that the liberation which he effects may leave himself in the bondage of the logical understanding; (d) that the tests of initiation through which he has passed in triumph are to be understood physically or rationally; and (e) that if he came to the pillars of that Temple between which the High Priestess is seated, he could not open the scroll called Torah, nor if she questioned him could he answer. He is not hereditary royalty and he is not priesthood.” (Ibid)                                                                                                            
The Ace of Cups – “The Cups, representing the element of Water, Jovian and lunar by nature, start their cycle on the Ninth house, the house of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, the lawgiver. The element Water has its two polar effects in the soul, so we need not look for particular 'weak cases' to demonstrate a more or less benefic and malefic effect at the same time. The house of Sagittarius, however, does not bring much evil to the soul and is generally uplifting, inviting, pushing towards progress and development, journeying and hospitable reception of strangers. There is little or no stability or fixity in it, but on the contrary always a good deal of 'mutation'; also the magic power of the true transmutation. Further we find a tendency to teach, to translate, guide, interpret. It may, too, lead to extravagance as regards dissipation or at least spending. There is sanction or even holiness in it, inspiration, idealism. The latter, of course, may lead to more or less well-directed actions.” (“The General Book of the Tarot” by A. E. Thierens [1930].)


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 20/11/2017; the deck today is the *Cagliostro Tarot * by Bruno Sigon, LWB by Stuart R. Kaplan, and the deck dates from 1912. It is charming in its Egyptian-themed costuming of what is in actuality a regular Tarocchi deck. I have no idea how I obtained it, but it is fun and read QUITE well. Onward and Upward! My draw for today is: Sulfur = III the Empress; Mercury = XXI the World, and Salt = the Knight of Cups. Well!!. . . Harrumph! I feel we are entering a highly romanticized and erotic landscape today, but I don’t believe that can be the case; I am perfectly fine and happy with the feminine in my Life. Ahahaha! Cretin! Idiot! Dolt! When you feel “fine” is exactly when the feminine rushes in to turn your head and your world upside down. LOLOL! (Or for you ladies, the masculine.) Our world(s) is all set up nice & fine, we’ve got the self-satisfied groove goin’ on, and life is shaken, not stirred, so as not to bruise the karma . . . and Oooh! The non-material blow hits us right in our solar plexus of contentment, and Whoosh! There goes the quiet, calm self-satisfaction, to be replaced by a stunned “WHAAA . . .?” Grin. Blessed Fields! I have had enough of those moments to make my diaphragm involuntarily flinch now when it sees/hears/feels one coming. Ha! Otherwise, though, this is a smashingly GOOD draw, I feel; my Animus is coming from the nonjudgmental place of the cornucopia of III the Empress, and my Anima overseeing the entire process with a much larger viewpoint in mind, that of being at the center point of the Nexus and ready for apotheosis. The energy for this is coming from the Knight of Cups, surely these two ladies most besotted admirer! Grin. I have an early medical appointment today, so I’ll cut my input there and give you some conventional meanings for these cards below; think more TdeM than anything else. I ask the Cosmos to grant us ALL the great benefit and responsibility of an assiduous admire who holds the mirror. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!                                                                                          
III the Empress - “Generation is the mystery by which the spirit unites itself to matter, by which the Divine becomes Human. The signification of Venus-Urania, to which this card corresponds, is easily understood by the above explanations. This symbol would therefore signify ideas of generation, of embodiment in all the worlds. The human being becomes corporeal in the womb of a woman. This woman is represented with wings, or in the center of a radiating sun. The idea of the spirituality of the vivifying Principle of all beings. She holds an eagle in her right hand. The eagle is the symbol of the soul and of life (Holy Spirit). In the left hand she bears a scepter forming the astrological sign of Venus. The scepter is held in the left hand to indicate the passive influence, which Nature, Venus-Urania, or the woman exercises in the generation of beings. She wears a crown with twelve points, or twelve stars. The sign of the diffusion of the vivifying Principle through all the worlds and of the sun, through the Zodiac. The third card of the Tarot shows the result of the reciprocal action of the two first terms neutralizing each other in one principle. It is the Neuter Element of Wronski, the basis of every system of reality. The absolute creative force, or Osiris, and the absolute preservative force, or Isis, neutralize themselves in the equilibrist force, which contains in itself the two very different properties of the two first forms. In God this would be the equilibrium of the Father and of the Son, or-- God the Holy Ghost. HORUS - In Man this would be the equilibrium of the Adam-Eve--- Or HUMANITY. In the Universe this would be the equilibrium of Natura naturans and of Natura naturata-- THE WORLD Conceived like a being. The creative principle and the receptive principle, having, by their mutual action, given birth to the transforming principle, a complete entity is created. The term which now follows will correspond with the second he of the sacred word, and will consequently indicate the passage from one series to the other.” (“The Tarot of the Bohemians” by Papus Gérard Encausse, (b. 1865 d. 1916)] Translated by A. P Morton [1892].) 
XXI The World - “The Tau has the same hieroglyphic meaning as the Daleth (fourth card), the womb; but it is chiefly the sign of reciprocity, the image of all that is mutual and reciprocal. It is the sign of signs, for to the abundance of the letter Daleth ד (fourth card), and by dint of the resistance and protection of the letter Teth, ט (ninth card), it adds the idea of PERFECTION, of which it is the symbol. In the primitive Hebrew alphabet the Teth was represented by a cross (+). This letter is double, and in astronomy it represents the Sun. A nude female figure, holding a wand in each hand, is placed in the center of an ellipsis, her legs crossed (like those of the Hanged Man in the twelfth card). At the four angles of the card we find the four animals of the Apocalypse, and the four forms of the Sphinx: the Man, the Lion, the Bull, and the Eagle. This symbol represents Macrocosm and Microcosm, which is to say, God and the Creation, or the Law of the Absolute. The four figures placed at the four corners represent the four letters of the sacred name, or the four great symbols of the Tarot. Between the sacred Word that signifies GOD and the center of the figure is a circle or an ellipsis, representing NATURE and her regular and fatal course. From this comes the name of Rota, wheel, given to it by Guillaume Postel. Lastly, the center of the figure represents humanity, ADAM-EVE, the third term of the great series of the Absolute, which is thus constructed: -- The impenetrable Absolute, the EN SOPH of the Kabbalists, the PARABRAHM of the Hindus-- The impenetrable Absolute or God. This twenty-first card of the Tarot therefore contains in itself a recapitulation of all our work, and proves to us the truth of our deductions.” (Ibid)                                             
 The Knight of Cups – “A young fair man, a friend. The young man loved. The Lover.” Yep, that is IT for the Knight from Papus! LOL. Let’s look at A.E. Thierens, perhaps; “The Water of the soul on the Twelfth and on the Eighth house. The double influence of water makes the emotions and feelings prominent, relates to the imagination, to deeper experiences and strong reactions of the soul, processes of psychic life, which may end in wonderful success or in less desirable phenomena. It is sure to indicate much relating to the subways of human life and the human soul. This is not always favorable or pleasant, of course, but is in almost every instance intensive, though the cups never go to anything like hatred or crime or real malice. Their weakness is in being unreliable or incalculable with regard to things of the exact world or matter. So in the worst cases this card may indicate everything connected with swindling from sheer mental instability. But it may also be, that the term 'swindler' (charlatan) is wrongly given to people who are standing apart from the common herd and are more or less occultists. The "higher graces of the imagination." There may be certainly a considerable degree of falsehood expressed by this card: false interpretation, misjudgment, tendentious or fantastic narratives, exaggerated complaints, imaginary wrongs, pathos and what the world calls miscarriage. On account of the eighth house all this may be connected with sex-questions or intimate and private affairs. The card may express indiscretion committed and slanderous reports, secretly promulgated. It has to do with secrets and the divulgation of secrets. But there may be also a higher sway in the emotional realm: devotion, sacrifice, charity.” (“The General Book of the 
Tarot” by A. E. Thierens.)         


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Good Morning and Welcome! to The Fool’s Tarot for 19/11/2017; today’s deck is one of my favorites and rapidly becoming essential, *The Tarot of Saqqara* by Donald. G. Beaman. It is a wonderful, beautiful deck, and the more I use it, the more I am able to take from it and upon which I can meditate. The draw for today is: Sulfur = (VIII) Life Force; Mercury = (16) The Moon, and Salt = the Hero of Swords (Knight.) The cards are not numbered per se, although they follow traditional Tarot sequence. I like the hand, a lot, even though I could wish for a slightly less “vigorous” Energy source, less inclined to resort to the Sword (Intellect,) and more to a Cup (Emotion, Intuition) of fine ambrosia. (If you remember your Greek mythology, *ambrosia* was the food of the gods. I wonder if there were any ambrosiholics? If so, it gives a new meaning to “Divine Intervention.” Grin.) But actually, my fine-feathered friends, it IS a welcome reading, if for no other reason than that I felt just a ‘bit’ blah going into the reading this morning; however, as soon as I turned over and made the card faces visible, I immediately began to feel a gently invigorating wave of energy enter and lift me above the blandness and place me into “hey! feeling okay, feeling good.” Not hyper or super-anything, but GOOD. It was physical, unmistakable, and quite remarkable. The Energy radiated out of the card faces towards me and “picked me up” immediately, without even yet reading them. So, with that in mind, let’s look at the draw. The cards drawn today are: Sulfur = [VIII] Life Force (Sekhem); Mercury = [XVIII] The Moon (Dark of the Moon), and Salt = 
the Hero (Knight) of Swords (aka Lord of the Winds and Breezes.) I see it and comprehend the message; “Unite your forces today, not forgetting the mysteries of the Moon, which are important even if not understood.” This seems to be a necessity with which I can accomplish the necessary by using the energy of the Hero of Swords, our impetuous and rather ruthless young man of Intellect. That is a very simple interpretation, but to the point and quite valid today, I believe. As it is time to get my butt in gear (last week’s readings,) here I am literally being told what is the first step I must accomplish. I have RARELY received what I perceive to be such DIRECT instructions from the Tarot/my subconscious, and it is quite an astonishing feeling, as if you want to doubt your own eyes. “No, that can’t be it. That’s too simple, too direct. There must be a more occult meaning buried in there that I have to work to find.” LOL, it is hard to accept, at times, that the Tarot can be, quite literally, blunt, direct & to the point. “Do this, Fool.” The card art is so beautiful you almost think that the short Truth somehow lets it down; it needs long and difficult concepts to support such beauty. LOL . . . bullsh*t. Once again, I am kept on a short leash by the cards. Grin. I shall append some card descriptions below, from *Raven* I think, thus the Thoth tart. Keep in mind that is the deck being used by hir; while the LWB for this deck is quite informative & “good,” it isn’t the type of LWB one can just cruise for quotes; it’s more “statistical.” And after all, the connection between the two is self-evident, so let’s call a spade a shovel and get on with it. Grin. I pray to the Cosmos today to grant us ALL the wisdom of the Obvious today. Be Well! Be Zen. Be Blessed!!   (VIII) Life Force - "Venus in Leo - the creative development of passion
 leads to enjoyment and fulfillness. Zodiac: Leo. Tree of Life: The connection between Chesed and Geburah. Element: Fire. Number: 11 as perfect combination of 1 and 2 (the cross sum of 11 is 2.) The Passion is the step into the second decade of the Major Arcana, the point where the journey into the inner depth begins. In other decks, this trump is called 'The Power', a symbol for the mastery of our own animal side. Crowley named the card 'Lust' - and most people don't really think of mastering their inner animal, but enjoy it full tilt... In a combination of both, the animal side shouldn't be 'mastered' in the meaning of 'suppressed', nor should it be let out to 'romp around'. It should not be ignored, but accepted as a natural part of oneself. In that manner, one will not only be able to profit from its instinctive natural power, but also to save the power needed to 'master' it. The Passion implies vitality, energy and power. The card tells us to use these riches. In most aspects of life, an endeavor will have much more success when passion is put into it." (Raven @                                                              (XVIII) The Moon - Moon in Scorpio as the dark knowledge of the depths of soul. Zodiac: Pisces. Tree of Life: The connection from Netzach to Malkuth. Element: Water. Number: 18 as the return of the animal (turns of sun- and moon eclipse) cross sum is the 9. The Moon will lead us into the blackest depths of our soul, into the world of the subconscious, where there are no more words, just images and notions. It represents a journey into the darkest night, a look behind our own face. The Moon isn't the most comfortable trump - though everybody likes to equate it with the mysteries, rarely someone really enjoys the look into their own abyss, where sometimes the unvarnished truth is not too pleasant. Embarrassingly enough, the Moon tends to show up what we generally ignore, refuse to see, or even deny all the time. But the step has to be taken, for without facing up to darkness, we will never see the light. Unlike most trumps, the Moon has no real negative aspect, but it implies a serious danger. The journey into night could be too much when we're not prepared and we might get lost in our own shadow.” 
(Ibid)  The Hero (Knight) of Swords - “Astrology: 21° Capricorn to 20° Aquarius. Element and world: The Air in the Airs of Yetzirah. Tree of Life: Tiphareth. Being Air in Air, the Prince of Swords is the pure manifestation of mind and intellect, full of plans and ideas which on the worst side may disturb and confuse each other, on the best create an inexhaustible spring of creative thoughts. The Prince of Swords is intelligent, idealistic, full of creativity and fluidity, a real Mercurial spirit who often will argue just for the fondness of arguing - and not so much for the arguments themselves. The Prince of Swords can throw himself head over heels into a scientific research, reaching highest levels within a short time and then throw everything away without further notice because something else appears more interesting at the moment. On the dark side, the Prince of Swords lacks both the qualities of Water and Earth; he can easily become unstable, unreliable and extremely moody, using his amount of intelligence to trick himself through life, becoming a master of disguise and cheat.” (Ibid)