Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 31 December 2014: XVI the Tower reversed, the 8 of Pentacles reversed and scrutinizing this train wreck from a nearby tree (not, thank the gods, THE Tree) is the Father (King) of Swords. All of that looks so innocuous, written out like that. (Today’s deck is *The Wild Unknown Tarot* by Kim Krans. I like this deck a lot, it is my, myself & I deck, when I want to do something with the cards [read, meditate, visualize, etc.] ALL BY MY LONESOME. The art is “simple” and black & white, so there are no filters between you & the archetype [other than the card, of course.] This is all, normally, very conducive to clarity.) I looked down at the MashUp, laying there in B & W, and I couldn’t help a momentary feeling of “horripilation” (it’s an H. P. Lovecraft word) flutter across my skin. At first glance, it seemed so OFF, especially in comparison with the “good” days I’ve been enjoying recently and that I have seen in the cards, as well. I felt so creeped out, I did something I almost NEVER do, and I took another, different deck and drew another MashUp. My theory is that if a card shows up again, it must be urgent and I need to look at it NOW. Well, can you guess? They ALL 3 showed up AGAIN, in the same positions and even down to the orientation of the card. After I had cleaned myself up and put on fresh silks, I went back to the draw and thought, “Alright. Hmm – you’ve got my attention now; I was only playing at being capricious and stupid.” (That was, of course, a lie. Told to myself, even better. “They” are driving me over the edge, all 78 of the bastards!) And now that I have calmed down, it isn’t nearly as grey and gloomy as grandmother’s good mornings, I can engage reason and look at these cards reasonably (I say to myself as I fix a hot mug of Man-The-Fuck-Up.) Even my wife, who glanced at the cards on her way to the kitchen, and has zilch interest in the Tarot, said, “Oh, bad cards, dear?” Here is where the deck’s “style” turns it rather Halloween-y, which “t’is a pity, more’s the shame.” Let’s “Barebones” it, to start – An unexpected change is coming, big time, and it seems that construction is either untrustworthy or shoddily built. Judging the situation from slightly afar, the King is analyzing and judging. That’s it, bare bones, only slightly better than the fortune machines on boardwalks once upon a time. Nevertheless, I am very unsure where to go with this – it is very wait & see. So that is what I am going to, wait & see; the affirmation for today claims that every problem carries the seed of its own solution, so, as we say here in Montpellier, on verra.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 20 December 2014: the 5 of Swords reversed, the 6 of Swords reversed, and lensing in in a blazing glory of salvation light to the sound of harps, the Ace of Cups. Despite being as heavy as elephant spoor at the front end, as is obvious, I’m saved by that overwhelming float that the dragons of 5 & 6 are pulling, the Ace of Cups. Ta-da! (Today’s deck is *Tarot of a Moon Garden* by Karen Marie Sweikhardt, [LWB by Laura E. Clarkson.] I’m going to go on a little bit about this deck; 1st, I LOVE it! I didn’t think I would, initially. I have a horror of elves, fairies, pixies, etc.; with great big brown eyes and tiny smiles and cutesy-cutesy and precious-precious. Gag. Wretch. I thought this deck of that ilk, originally, and then I saw the art in more detail, and ordered a deck, mainly out of curiosity. Well! Verbena Pureflower Moonspirit didn’t paint these cards, thank the gods! This deck is more in the league of *The Silicon Dawn* and *The Deviant Moon.* Excellent! It will be my go-to deck for a bit, until it is replaced.) Okay, back to the MashUp. So, let’s take a look, roll up our sleeves, kick ass and take names. The 5 and 6 of Swords have ganged up against me, in order that not only may I suffer defeat, I should bathe in agony and regret afterwards. Okay, some-“thing’s going to rock my boat today, but ah-ha! I am forewarned. But you know, to tell you the gods’ honest truth about it, I feel like brushing away 5 and 6 as of little recognizance, “Go away, kid, ya bother me!”  I want to look at, to embrace, to climb in and bathe in the Ace of Cups. An affirmation for this goes: All-encompassing love fills me and my environment. That is as good as any. I’m going to be extremely short today, I just want to go off and snuggle up with the Ace of Cups. I could go on and on, but there really isn’t a point. Ugly day, saving grace. There you have it. “Now get back out to the barn and get them pigs a’movin’ or there’ll be hell to pay!”

Sunday, December 28, 2014

                                                       Good morning, ALL! Welcome to the MashUp for 29 December 2014: the 6 of Vessels (Cups) *Reunion*, X the Wheel and laughingly lensing her mystic way across the scene is II the Seer.  Well, I feel I am taking big breaths of fresh mountain air & feeling my Indian blood rise to answer the cards. (Today’s deck is *The Wildwood Tarot” by Mark Ryan, John Matthews & Will Worthington. The Green Man, the World Tree, the Woodward, you get the picture.) Being part Osage Indian and strongly influenced by that culture, all of this “nature religion,” for lack of a better term, is more-or-less old stomping grounds for me (my ancestors would say ‘dancing’ grounds.) And to be honest, this is a very “handsome” spread, in the way that you say, “she’s a very handsome woman,” meaning not radiant with femininity but a very good-looking woman indeed. These are all outdoor scenes, evoking liberty, both of thought AND choice. The 6 of Vessels is a cool pool, with an atmosphere of the regeneration of love within which to accomplish the amalgamation of the heart, to be REASSURED. To “clean” the past and to organize Memory. All of which fits hand in glove with X the Wheel. You know, the Wheel isn’t really about the ups & downs of fortune, it is about Responsibility. Taking it for yourself and your acts and despite the “rain” of good times or bad times, being a Responsible Person throughout it all. I love ALL the symbology of The Wheel, from the vulgar excrescences of fortunetelling to its geospiritual design as a perfected form and vessel for the Divine. I was walking through a bookshop and on the paperback sale table I noticed, “Real Alchemy: Riches Beyond Your Wildest Dreams,” and I laughed and laughed. No doubt II the Seer (the High Priestess) is whispering a dry, raspy laugh from long-fallow memories in the same manner as me; at the pretensions, publicity and pandering of those who so verbally claim mastership, adept status or being an “enlightened being” who is “still on the planet” to accomplish oh-so-benevolent work of lifting US out of the mud, too! (For a mere $899, spread over 3 small monthly payments.) Perhaps it is my bloodthirsty character, or a misspent youth in the library and comic book shops, but I long for the Seer to leap from her chair, rip the unworthy postulant to pieces with her bare hands before lightning-quick resuming both her seat and her impassible expression. Good drama, yes? Actually, she is fostering the positive exercise of WILL, which will undoubtedly strengthen the effects of both cards, helping develop affection and “polaric” love (6 of Vessels) and reassurance as well as helping to see the breadth and scope of the Journeyer’s Responsibility in, of and to this world, as well as inspiring emotions and their shadows, fears. We can see II the Seer as using the opportunity of a “reunion” to generate responsibility and awareness and to inspire love, not only for oneself but for the task itself (X the Wheel). So, having girded the rather sturdy but functional MashUp as armor for the fights ahead, I posit: My intuition is an equal partner and as such should be trustworthy, as well.

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 28 December 2014: the 10 of Wands, the King of Wands and lensing his way to safety & security we have the 4 of Pentacles. (Today’s deck is *The Sacred Rose Tarot Deck* by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, an intense & VERY effective Kabbalistic deck.) I have another “old home week” meeting today with the King of Wands, but let’s take a look at his most anxious courtier, the 10 of Wands. Nothing gets older to the Grasshopper than hearing the Ant whine & whinge about her workload and what a thankless task it is and no one appreciates it and so on and so forth – he’d like to pull a can of Raid out from under his wing sheath and hit her square between the mandibles with it, but he has to admit, she has a point. 10s carry it all, they’ve usually warped the message, and they are NOTORIOUSLY high-maintenance if they come coupled with another problematic card. The grasshopper simply thinks, “What’s the drama? Shit or get off the pot!” I’m really NOT feeling very 10-ish these days, except in a somewhat convoluted way. I want to spend MORE time with the Tarot, not less, but I have 8 arms FULL of DO-IT-NOWs (thank Shiva I learned a trick or two from Kali before I had to flee her bed post-coitus. She had ideas about my skull on a necklace . . .). I’m hoping that the King of Wands will take my “MORE Tarot, not less . . .” desire and handle it akin to the way he does his own, that is, something to be accomplished and no questions asked. Just do it! There is that side to me, too, of course (many people would yell, “You bet your ASS there is!”), the ruling autocrat who brooks no thwarting of his Will without many long, good, overwhelming reasons as to why he had to be countermanded. But he is also the Planner-in-Chief, and as titular head of the kingdom of Ideas it should be him anyway how to make my desire a reality. Remember, he is not so much about judging what he is doing as he is simply thinking it through to completion. Moral complexities and their effects on beginnings he’ll leave to the Queen of Coffee & Cigarettes, at her table every night finding solutions with one hand while she weaves problems with the other. Lensing all of this is Mr. Play-It-Safe-Because-I’ve-Been-Burnt-Before, the 4 of Pentacles. You know, Ogilvie isn’t such a bad sort for a Pentacle, he just wants to Play It Safe and re-amass that which he imagines was taken from him, Stability. There won’t be any astounding bounds of courageous derring-do when Ogilvie is squatting in the crowd, urging good husbandry and calling out, “Hey! You there! Keep an eye on what you’re creating!” So, in effect, you have this “purer” 4 riding herd on the King and keeping an eye on the 10 of Wands for any wood that may fall by the wayside but still be usable. If we have to affirm anything today, it will probably be: I offer my power in the service of Love, as otherwise today’s cards might lead one to being captious and pettifogging.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 27 December 2014: the King of Pentacles, the Knight of Swords and lensing its way across the sky like a shooting star, the 8 of Wands. (Today’s deck is *Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot* by Barbara Moore and Eugene Smith.) I feel like I’m going on a fishing trip with my best friends, the King and the Knight, and we have some damn fine poles, 8 of them in fact. I’m SO familiar with these two characters; they show up in a major percentage of my draws. Both the King and the Knight are me/not-me, too; I have an “agreement” with Money, never too much in return for very rarely too little. In that the King has larger resources than I, but it demonstrates how we both function on the material plane, i.e., easily enough. The Knight is that impulsive, Go-ahead-Burn-Your-Bridges! guy that is quite healthy and kicking around inside of me, looking and waiting for a chance to pop out, no matter how inappropriate. I am fiercely loyal, as well, but for my part basic, profound dishonesty will nullify any loyalty I feel. I can neither serve nor employ a dishonest man. However, give me a sword and a cause, and I’m off! although there is no telling how long my enthusiasm may last – much depends on the quality of the project as much as the finesse and talent of the management. A swift quality in most things is to be desired (I can think of a few where it is a disadvantage), but swiftness needs to be allied to accuracy to be of any use or good. By all means, grab your shorts and run out the door to take up arms, but be sure you know where the battle is. Swiftness may decay into antagonism, with regard to others and to self, if not given a goal. As I said, I’m pretty comfortable with this reading, I feel I know and can “see” myself “here.” That isn’t to say that I can sit back on my cushiony nether-quarters and smile inanely at the world. Fie! Fie! That can be a problem with the King, you know; to sit back on his ass and smile inanely at the world. The Knight, for his part, is capable of setting villages aflame in his passage on his quest to slay the dragon. So, he has to be reined in, the king has to be sobered up and bitch-slapped a little to recall him to his duties, and this all seems to be rather pressing business. So there we have it, the Good and the Bad of today’s draw. I needn’t add, do I? what or whom is the Ugly? Good, good. Now, let’s get an Affirmation down our throats and yodel on: oh, wait, here’s a good one, one designed to make sure you walk through the day clutching a roll of toilet paper: Challenges and obstacles are achievements waiting to happen. (The Imodium® is in the cabinet.)

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 26 December 2014: the King of Cups, II the High Priestess and clattering by on the re-grouting table is the 8 of Wands reversed. I admit, I was somewhat trepidatious approaching this pack: I have no other like it (well, one) where everything is dark & spidery and black & red velvet interiors. It minds me very much of what a decadent would consider “perfectly awful, darling, I love it.” The sticking point for Tarot readers is that is a bit hard to actually see underneath under all that black crêpe organza. (“Clive! Luncheon’s ready!”. . . “What are we having?” “Toad & Termite Soup, Cockroach Crunchies, and your favorite, sorbet of spider web.”) Dark, black decks remind me of adolescent Goths – grow up, please. But, sigh, each to its own, so I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised. I’m not a sudden fan of heavy metal death thrash music, either, but you can listen and decide. Our 1st encounter for the day is the King of Cups. He’s pretty well-set (though not filthy rich like the King of Pentacles!), an honest, somewhat bumbling, easygoing soul who just happens to a GENIUS at matters of the heart. You wouldn’t think it to look at him, and although his luck generally runs true, today it may dealt taken a turn for the bizarre when he must give his arm to II the High Priestess. Not exactly a comfortable date to the ball: her coiffure is in flames, her eyes are caged by gold, and in the center of her sternum an old man dispenses either advice or madness. I’d say Glenda the Good Witch retired. (For some reason, the phrase “self-indulgent” just popped into my head, so maybe that is a side blow from II. IF so, here we go with “make a list of your character faults.” Fuck that, here’s my character fault, bend over.) Well, the Dynamic Duo moves on, full of their schemes to dominate my persona, but run smack into the 8 of Wands reversed. “No so fast, no so fast, there, Shady Lady: Let’s just see what you’ve got in this here jet-beaded reticule . . .’ there is nothing but a pint of tequila and her deck of Tarot cards. The surly 8 of Wands growls, “Travelin’ mighty light, ain’t ya, Lady?” She responds, “No. Destinies can be quite heavy.” Still cautioning caution and stealth, with just a hint of reluctance & jealousy in his eyes, he shoos them away forward to reach the castle. With Challenges and obstacles becoming achievements waiting to occur, it is a bit like living in a temporary temporal slip. Even with all that blackness and gothic boowoo-iness, the message is simple enough: Pay NO attention to the wrappings, look inside, follow the instructions. The high priestess has something to say to you, the King of Hearts believes in her, and the 8 of Wands wants me to i-m-p-l-e-m-e-n-t any changes slowly. Alright, off to look at the day with a jaundiced eye!

Good morning, All! Merry Christmas! Welcome to today’s MashUp, 25 December 2014: the Two of Stones*Challenge, the Three of Bows*Fulfilment, and lensing for us today in gorgeous rich color with swift wing, is the King of Arrows*Kingfisher. (Today’s deck is *The Wildwood Tarot*, appropriately Christmas-y, woods-y, snowy; it is a beautiful, beautiful deck. Plus, it makes you want to put mistletoe on your belt buckle.)  Well, as the day opens, I’m certainly not feeling like 15 Rounds of Conflict and Compromise, I can promise you. However, I CAN understand that feeling of getting up and just feeling “ready,” just in case someone wants to walk up and make a disparaging remark about my carrot. “Them’s fightin’ words!” and all that. Now, mind you, I don’t feel provocative, I’m not going to start anything. But I’m just “kindly” not in the mood to put up with any shit today, ya’ here? Think Grandma with a shotgun. The day started weird, anyway. My wife unwrapped her present, and began to cry. Not tears of joy, but real crying. I asked, of course, and it turns out she had gone “practical” for me; socks, underwear, a cravat; etc. & plenty of it. All good brands, but she was ashamed – silly, SILLY girl! I threw THAT out the door tout de suite, told her I’m fully aware of how sinfully expensive just a pair of shorts is now and that I was deeply grateful. I was, too, I’m ALWAYS out of that shit. Oh, and a great pair of Dockers®, too! She had opened her gift, seen the box from Cartier, and lost it. It is a lovely brooch, a full-blown red rose with ruby petals and a scattering of diamond dewdrops, all on a stalk of brilliant green jade. (I’m more of a sucker for that kind of insanely expensive doodad than my wife, but I have the great good fortune to HAVE a wife, and thus someone for whom I can buy the marvelous things I see. So, no combat there, but I can “kind of” carry the attitude, I feel a bit like that this morning, “Jack Rabbit, Esquire, Professional boxer at your service, sir.” Medical issues are quiet today, and that ALWAYS contributes to a better mood. Let’s mosey on over and see what that 3 of Bows*Fulfilment is brewing in her hot little head; well, this is good. She’s promising further enlightenment IF we can hold hands and journey together in peace. She reminds us to “Appraise! Appraise, appraise, and then appraise again? You must harvest your own crops: trust, confidence and security.” Well, she’s good if quiet company, so we’ll take her along with us we journey ahead to meet the King of Arrows*Kingfisher. The 3 of Bows is mincing and acting coy before the King, a cringe-inducing faux-pas. Let’s not be under any illusion, the Kingfisher is the star anywhere he goes, his brilliant plumage eliciting oohs-and-aahs from the self-satisfied and entitled ignoramii. Our king is a pillar of wisdom which has stood for centuries, and will more. Judgment, power, force of will radiate from him and inform us with weak copies of this qualities. The king LETS YOU let go, encourages you to liberate and lighten yourself, “to divest of ALL that is weighing you down.” So, all in all, a liberating holiday. I wish you and your families, whether you are celebrating Marduk, Osiris, Christ or the Space-Child, have a WONDERFUL Holiday and don’t forget today’s affirmation, Every problem contains the seed of its own resolution. Well, I’m taking that and getting back to celebrations (food & sleep). May you have a FRABJOUS holiday!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 24 December 2014: the 3 of Wands, the 9 of Pentacles and lensing in rose-scented nude glory is me . . . . uh, no, wait, that is XXI, the World. (Today’s deck is *The Apocalypse Tarot” by Swiatoslaw Nowicki, Robert Sobota and Magdalena Walulik. I’ve just got to come out and say it – the imagery really throws me. It makes sense, but 1st of all, it is HEAVILY Roman Catholic, à la le defunct Polish Pope. I’m a recovered Catholic, so . . . . It has a post-Soviet realism that is hard to describe but instantly identifiable, and how you reacted to 820 foot-tall statues of Industry Striding Manfully through a field of wheat, with a grim-faced peasant woman in lock step, towards a shining future of giant chromium cogs, gears & wheels may determine your reaction here, as their art reminds you of nothing so much as someone taking a blowtorch to all of those Industry statues. What’s odd is the cards aren’t particularly showcases of tech-inspired fantasy. That sounds grim, and these cards AREN’T that grim, I simply find it discomfiting that one would be forced to reach for this deck if reading for the Pope. (It could happen, don’t laugh. Look at Nancy Reagan.) I don’t know . . . I can’t put my finger on it. However, I CAN put my finger on (or in!) Christ, and although he should have no more effect than a deck dominated by Osiris or Cernunnos figures, he does, he is intrusive, and I find it distasteful. That doesn’t mean one can’t read with the deck, however.) (Turning the hawk into an airplane was a cute conceit.) So, let’s stride forward and, kicking slow or fat scullery maids out of our way, we meet the 3 of Wands, already being baptized by what appears to be a tired drag queen priest. Okay, okay, tone it down, Mark. But really, what does this deck have to do with the Apocalypse, other than seeing it as watered-down 19th c. conservatism. Let it GO, Mark! Okay, back to the three – our master of the business word is stark naked and just getting baptized. Okay, let’s flow with it. . . and this meets up with the 9 of Pentacles, The defunct Pope kissing a Solomonic key set into the floor while his jet waits on the tarmac. IS the Pope going to kidnap the newly baptized

baby and take it to Rome on his jet? Or is this baby, who has a rather malevolent expression anyway, been given three hyssop rods to beat the Pope, and a silver pitcher of water to rinse the rods afterwards? ? ? So apparently, they are signifying business acumen united with Remember Where It All Came From because you could be locked up in a Roman palace at any time, forced to wear white and look at both ugly women and beautiful young men, neither of which you may touch or in any manner signify that they should do something nice for the Papal Aspergillum. This is all being watched/lensed by XXI the World. You could have knocked me over with a feather! I had NO idea that the World was working a 2nd job as a pole dancer down at The Ice House, where I heard one customer tell another (in a men’s room where the urinals were upturned, opened women’s legs), “Whooo-ee! That gal is puddin’ on a stick! Let me tell you, her number with the snake will have you walking funny for a week! Damn, she’s fine!” I’m going to take my Daily Affirmation and run: I am a child of the Universe. Wow, this deck really unseated me. 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Good morning, ALL! Welcome to my MashUp for 23 December 2014: the 7 of Cups – Fear; the Man of Crystal – the King of Wands – Inventor, and finally lensing this top-heavy group is XXI Universe. (Today’s deck is the *Voyager Tarot* by James Wanless, Ph.D., Art by Ken Knutson.  It is VERY important to DR. Wanless [“don’t forget the “Doktor!” the “Doktor!” I worked a long time for that, and it cost my papa his life!”] that YOU, hapless uneducated wanderer that you are, recognize that there are no limits, no definitions, so really, the Tarot is amorphous, we can use the pretty pictures to take an inward trip. Uh-huh, okay, Doktor. The art is good, though. So don’t expect authorial help, you’re on your own. AND, white print on a yellow background is shit, Doktor.) So, screw the human, let’s look at the draw. Uh-huh, yep, oh-yes-frabjous-joy, “Get up! GET UP!” (a kick in my supine butt from the drill sergeant.) “Now I don’t CARE if you’re asleep, you get your butt out there and get me some ILLUSION, boy! And I mean NOW!”  Choose, choose, choose, and kee-rist, I have enough trouble with Drag as it is – ‘cause that’s what this is about, it’s “What Drag are you gonna put on today, Sugar?” Well, luckily for me, I’m getting some sober advice from my new manager and promotor, the Man of Crystal/the King of Wands. Really, when you look at it, this is a crystalline clear 3-card reading that is simply given and simply “made.” All that illusion I normally swim in has to be flushed, and the King of Wands is going to help me be responsible enough, mature enough and wise enough to make right choices here today. With this fortuitous couple under the gaze of XXI the World, well, hell, I hope you told Suzy to get extra punch and peanut butter box cookies, because it looks like we are going to blow this day out the door and down the street. Confusion, overabundance of choice - - - wise ideas to banish illusion & foolishness - - - the Universe buys the confetti for the party and slips some Everclear in the punch. Today, this day, is going to be alright. As as a passing ibis said to me as I stumbled out of the bathroom this morning: “Remember, Mark, you are a child of the Universe.” 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Good morning, ALL! Welcome to my MashUp for 22 December 2014: the King of Pentacles, XVIII the Moon and lensing for us today in fiery splendor is the Ace of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Navigators Tarot of the Mystic Sea* by Julia Turk. I have the original deck, not the re-print. It’s an odd thing about this deck – I consider it to be among the most melancholy and saddest I possess. You wouldn’t think that at all looking at the art, and yet that was the overwhelming vibe I received from it straightaway. This, coupled with the film *The Perfect Storm*, which came to cinemas that week, and this deck was set in mental concrete. That was a long time ago – I don’t see the deck as dripping sadness anymore, yet it still gives me frissons of melancholy.) Well; if I do say so myself (in that tone of voice an idiotic woman uses to pat herself on the back for the successes of her children, whom you know without doubt are three ill-shaped lumpen genetic mistakes,) I have rarely walked into a handsomer MashUp. An elegant, receptive, haunting Moon is flanked by two virile, varying-degree Fire carriers, masculine and bold. Well, alright, enough of the cinema of it all, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of it. The King of Pentacles is a wonderful guy to be, of course. Master of the material, and dispenser of balance in the here-down-below, nevertheless he’s kind of an odd nutter, have you noticed? A satisfied, doughnut-bellied man is not given to adventure, journeys or Change. He’s fine, he wants to stay put, “thank you, and if you are thinking of raising a ruckus here in my kingdom, skedaddle on down the road to the Realm of Swords, they’ll be glad to see you.” Nevertheless, my morning seems to be well-based (perhaps my wife is going to, out of the blue, cook an American breakfast?!?! Nah, never happen. Croissants et café pour toi, connard!”) So, feeling replete as the King, I sidle up to the Moon, because I admit it, even kings get lonely, but Whoa! The Moon is in full weirdness tonight. I was recently reading a short piece on how it was necessary to see II and XVIII as flip sides of the same coin. The Priestess with her hidden, but still organized and rather formal, knowledge and teachings, “vs.” the Moon as a symbol of all the dark, mysterious, crazy shit that hides in the Female Shadow. I think the case was a bit belabored and simplistic, but there IS a point to it –the Moon is completely “imprèvisible,” unpredictable. And lest we forget, for a large part of the world the Moon is male. God knows I hate a drama queen, WAY too high-maintenance for me to care (although, to be fair, that could be applied to lunar goddesses as well.) Do you know the antique Greek diagnosis for hysteria? It was caused by the womb breaking free of its anchoring point and floating, meandering freely throughout the body until it lodged in the head, and cause behavioral disturbances. This was cured by packing the head with foul-smelling herbs to drive the womb away, and packing the vagina with sweet-smelling herbs to attract it home. I mention this because the Moon is crazy and the King of Pentacles is horny, both metaphysically and physically; that may “shock” you, but FACE the card, “the King of the Earthly element” and sex & procreation have firm footholds there. Rather voyeuristically, this melodrama is being watched and blended (“lensed”) by the Ace of Wands, Mr. Fire Idea. I have always wanted to be more Wand-like, but there is no getting away from being a Sword when you are one. It’s evident that the Ace is signifying the birth of something new, something idea-oriented, and with a good dose of luck and a prayer to Hathor it won’t be some writhing, greenish, oozing, tentacular squealing horror to which we give birth. I do hope that between us all we can come up with the start of a marvelous new phase, and perhaps even get one or two backburner ideas out of storage and off the ground. A stray affirmation offered to me for today says, “My life is filled with abundance and joyful happenstance.” I couldn’t help but break out cackling with crazed laughter at the thought of Aleister Crowley saying that to himself in a pompous, puffy manner. I think I shall go with, “With the aide of Two at their Heights of Being, I shall conceive a spark and regard it with humility.”

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 21 December 2014: the Page of Wands, the 4 of Swords and, lensing for us today with the attitude of a bright, new penny is the youthful insouciance of the 3 of Pentacles. (Today’s deck is *The Sacred Rose Tarot* by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman. Lovely deck, particularly given to readings.) I feel as if I’ve been mugged by a gang of escaped Munchkins who have to live as freebooters since the Fall of the Wicked Witch and the lapse of Law in the land. (Yeah, that’s right, nobody thinks about the dirty reality that returns the day after film shooting stops.) My draw this morning is all minors and it has been awhile since that happened. I’ve got more of a Harriet Homemaker kink as a card reader; a healthy, balanced hand consists of 1 Major Arcanum and 1 minor Arcanum, and of course, a dish of Court Card on the side. “Now eat your greens, Mark, or you won’t grow up to be big and strong like Uncle Aleister!” Of course, it’s a load of balderdash, as how many times have you known Life to serve you carefully measured and varied portions? HA! Almost never, right? Whatever the question is (“Is it true I wear my pearls to bed to never be caught looking “unchic? And will this habit get me a man and money tout de suite? C’mon, c’mon, you’re a card reader, ain’t ya?”), the day has to start with card 1 and today that is the Page of Wands. He’s a cute kid, isn’t he? He wants so much that I take up his new idea, that I give it consideration and consider it as the next thing to do; well, it can’t hurt to at least take a look at it and, if necessary, let him down gently. On the other hand, I could be surprised and what he brings could be of inestimable value – I just have to look inside the glittering red gem he is carrying to judge the situation myself. Regardless of what I find there this morning, however, I’m going to feel that retreat, inaction, re-sourcing and rest are of more vital importance at the moment than is rushing off to a new quest. That doesn’t surprise me at all; for two years my energy levels have fluctuated wildly due to a suite of illnesses and medical fuck-ups, and while I am much better overall now, I still have days of extreme, sourceless fatigue, and I can already feel that today is one of those days. Veronica Chamberlain remarked the other day that she saw a kind of steady flow of goodies towards me in that day’s draw [yesterday?] – I hope she is right and the delivery boys are running hot & cold today, because to be an entitled white person about it, I don’t feel like moving my ass today; hell, I’m not sure I’m CAPABLE of it. I REALLY don’t mind a good, steady touch of 4 of Swords today; he can very well keep me from overextending myself. Naturally, all of this is being watched by the 3 of Pentacles, and I can see it writ large on his face: “Get up! Move! Time’s a-waistin’! We’ve got work to do, important work! We have to participate in this communal effort, so c’mon, get yer butt outta bed and let’s go, go, Go!” You know, if it wasn’t such an effort, I would get up and, picking him up by the scruff of his neck, toss him through the donjon window. But he IS right, and I know it. But I’m stretching out my cat-like legs of spiritual indolence and I AM going to take it slow and easy, despite the 3 of Pentacle’s harangues to the contrary. I can prepare myself for a FORTHCOMING willingness to expend effort if I repeat to myself, “Mw Will flows in a perfect stream of Force,” even though, for the moment, that stream seems to be momentarily blocked by the Castors of Contrariness. Ah well, what’s a stick of dynamite for? . . . .

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 20 December 2014: XIX The Sun, the 7 of Coins reversed, and lensing in the distance while she is also playing a game of quoits, we have the Queen of Coins, who is looking decidedly frumpy and a bit 3rd-World. (Today’s deck is *The Vision Tarot* by Tim Thompson.) To be frank, I woke this a.m. and began the morning ritual NOT particularly feeling like XIX the Sun; not enough sleep, feet trailing on the tiles like fresh baby squid just brought into a Greek port to be SLAMMED DOWN! onto the dock and have their brain pulverized, and the interior was feeling just kind of blah – okay, here we go, train-train (a French expression = “the daily grind”.) Feed the cats, prepare the coffee, blahblahyakyak. O-k-a-y, now, coffee cup at the ready, I go to my Tarot room and pull . . . XIX? Well, if you say so, perhaps latter in the day I’ll burst out from behind the darkening clouds, burning foolish vampires and lifting the hearts of flower-gathering, song-singing blonde young women on Austrian mountain meadows. But not right now. Our next soup-kitchen neighbor is the 7 of Coins reversed. Well, I’m certainly not harvesting today! As a matter fact, it seems that I am going to plummet to a depth of disappointment. Oh frabjous fucking joy. We turn the corner to see the Queen of Coins, who is supposed to be lensing for us, but is instead doing fuck-all holding her phony wheat denier and looking off dazedly into the distance and directly away from her morning companions. She could care less; she’s pining for a plate of Roadkill Enchiladas at the ‘Tucson Café & Gun Shoppe.’ Alright, class, let’s say it out loud and like we MEAN it – these cards do NOTHING for me today. Tarot burn-out. They aren’t speaking to me this morning and for the moment there isn’t anything I can do about it, until my lethargic heart reawakens. So I shall traverse and abide this uninspired moment. In order to kick it out even sooner, I MUST affirm to myself; I can be a radiant, loving being.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 18 December 2014: the 7 of Pentacles reversed, the 2 of Cups, and lensing as only it knows how to lens, X The Wheel of Fortune. Hell, it eve LOOKS like a lens. (Today’s deck is *The Hermetic Tarot: Based Upon The Esoteric Workings of The Secret Order of The Golden Dawn* by Godfrey Dowson. I fell in LOVE with this deck when I first saw and purchased it, many years ago. It has that “look,” doesn’t it? “I can teach you many things, mortal, but you must give up everything.”  I don’t read with it very often, because I am easily drawn down the pathways of ALL those signs, sigils & signifiers that they have heaped upon the cards; it is very easy to forget why you are there. However, that being said, I STILL find them magnificent.) [An aside – thank you to all who “liked” my ‘cats on my table’ photo, the cats involved were aware of your admiration and today stood at either end of the table while I drew the cards, as if not to disappoint their new admirers. We also have two females who read as well, but they will fulfill their function only when I read for someone else. Cats . . .] Okay, let’s shake rain off our cloaks and turn around and see what’s on the tavern table. Ha! The 7 of Pentacles reversed, titled “Lord of Success Unfulfilled.” I can’t say why, but I immediately thought of a (generic) snarky ex-, mocking her ex- with that salutation; “Well, well, well! If it isn’t the Lord of Success Unfulfilled!”  It’s the kind of caustic, shitty thing an educated show-off would say. I must admit I don’t wax lubricious for the upright image, either – waiting, dreaming, waiting, and dreaming of the worth of the unharvested crop, waiting . . . it feels like the Tarot’s version of a dentist’s waiting room, replete with shitty magazines. I’m going to be very reductionist about this card, and go for the obvious: don’t count your chickens before they hatch, fool. And don’t be surprised if they are all useless, as well. The reason I’m being reductionist is that you don’t want to read and I don’t want to write a 50-page MashUp; I TOLD you about the forest of symbols that grow on every Arcanum of this deck. Suffice it to say that Kabbalists & Numerologists & Astrologers & many more have their entire Tarot wet-dreams realized here. Back to Farmer 7 – “he jes’ ain’t inspirin’, Madge!” – And Ogilvie is right, he isn’t, Farmer 7 if flat-out dissatisfied. I’m not, but he is; I happen to be feeling particularly grateful for my quality of life right now, so I’m going to interpret that this is on my day’s horizon, but hasn’t arrived – yet. On verra (we’ll see). And . . . POW! The 2 of Cups, the “Lord of Love.” Hey, I’ve got a huge goblet of that thanks to my wife, but you will NEVER hear me complaining about being “overserved” with THIS beverage! My wife knows I ache to fulfill another facet of myself, and she genuinely sympathizes with my search to find a person to help me do that. She glories in and on her Voyage – being my wife is only a part of it. She’s a miraculous woman, and I was very, very lucky to have found her. Of course I had to move to France to do it, but oh well . . . LOL. Damn I’m blessed! Which segues very nicely into our Lens for today, and MY sign, X The Wheel of Fortune. I say “MY sign” because X is my business logo, but also because in its own way it encapsulates what I TRULY believe about the workings of Fate & Chance. THAT card, THAT symbol, has governed my life since infancy (it’s a long story), has helped me formulate both my personal system of beliefs and my sense of honorable personal ethics. It also gives you a VERY rare gift, completely gratis, IF you are willing to take it: the long view. Personally, I LOVE the long view, it is the ONLY thing that allows me to continue in this Gehenna of Abomination called the modern world; or the ancient, for that matter. Who knows, maybe I was “broken on the wheel” in an old incarnation where I fell afoul of the Inquisition or something, or an entire lifetime was spent creating a gigantic sand mandala atop an Himalayan peak only to see the wind take it, along with my last breath. And to be content with that. To Abide. So, today I’m ALL Lens, and I shall make my affirmation by blessing myself this morning with a very, very old blessing that comes from Egypt: “Life! Health! Prosperity! May You Live For Millions And Millions Of Years!”

Monday, December 15, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 16 December 2014: the 5 of Rings, the 10 of Batons and lensing for us today (speedily, I hope!) is VII the Chariot. “Step right up! Come one, come all! Wanna see that smartass Mark Miller get his? Eh? Sound good? How about a pie in the face? Yeah! Or a boot in the bum? Oh Yeah! Well, folks, step right up and buy your ticket, ‘cause today’s the day the shit hits the fan and covers Mark Miller, Esq., with a thick coat of CRAP!” Good lord almighty, I turned these cards over one by one and I was almost tempted to laugh; no, it isn’t personal disaster or death or horror, but it IS “Here! Have a mouthful of THAT horseshit, Mark!” Now, our friend, a 1972 Cadillac DeVille, cherry-red with cherry-red leather interior, with a pair of the highest-heeled red hooker platforms riding high on the dash, my personal chariot, is either ushering this shitfest in with a bang, which I doubt, or she augurs that, after all, shit can happen, but it can be swept away, pronto. Yeah, I may have one of THOSE days ahead of me, but it will pass, and if VII the Chariot has anything to say about it, it will, and rapidly. This is good, because VII wants me to look at this river of cosmic bowel detritus and remark, “I’m going, I’m ahead of it, and I’m journeying and leaving it behind.” You know, that’s really all I have to say about this today. I drew, I saw, I will conquer. Oh, and yeah, if you need the Chariot today, just affirm: I move through life triumphantly. And for the gods’ sake, try to mean it!

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 15 December 2014: the 3 of Swords, XX Judgment and lensing for us with a radiant smile of health and happiness is the Queen of Coins. (Today’s deck is the very beautiful *The Journey Into Egypt Tarot* by Julie Cuccia-Watts. I LOVE this deck, but only for myself, as it is too unwieldy to make for facile commercial readings. Using it for myself, meditation, just to LOOK at, it is wonderful. This is a reader’s deck, not John Q. Public.) I seem to have re-established myself in my sockets after a couple of days of whoopsy!dom and I am thankful to have my equilibrium returned. Part of this is due to a gentleman online I know, and our continued relationship. It started well, has been going fine, and now has blossomed into an affection and care for each other that is delightful, touching and uncannily like the first blushes of love. And we’ve never actually met. These are strange times we live in, Virginia. Well, be that as it may, I have today to deal with, and it is starting out with a blow, it seems. Some unavoidable sadness, some lugubrious situation, something just plain shitty is in the works. I’m not in the mood for it, Madge. At least the 3 promises that I can accept it, whatever little turd it is that Fate wants to float in my punchbowl. I don’t want to sing Mahalia Jackson today, I want to be Rihanna. But it doesn’t look like I’m going to get much chance at that today, with XX Judgment riding herd on my butt. 1 out of 3 fails and goes into the Void. Think about that; lucky at statistics? That’s why I have to work my ass off stockpiling good Karma, not only just because it feels good, but because if there is the slightest chance that the Universe will get an opportunity to fuck me, it will. I am living proof of that old country music meme, “if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all.” I am going to beat the Universe at its own game; you just hang on to your nuts and see if I don’t. Okay, today, it’s true; I’m getting a hand up from someone who indulges me with compassion, laughter and understanding, the Queen of Pentacles. She laughs, because she keeps me in the lap of a happy hearth and a life that is fairly replete with the good things. I can carry on my metaphysical journey, but she keeps a candle burning, smiling, and knowing I’ll come home to her. Sometimes, you really need to see yourself in your partner’s eyes; you need to see that part of the truth. Being one herself, today my Queen can tell me, “Remember, my lord, you are a Haven, too.”

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yesterday Sucked: Here's Why 
Hello and Good Day ! Welcome to today’s Mashup, 13 December 2014: the Ace of Cups, X the Wheel and lensing as if he has a large, 22 kt golden pearl-encrusted stick up his ass for today is V the Pope. Christ; I pulled a whammy of a hand. Let me lay the ugly story out in its entirety, you may be the judge. :: I have not been able to sleep, at all, for the past five nights. A new combination of drugs had really worked wonders with the cramps and arthritis. I suspect, however, that these same drugs are preventing me from sleeping. The Doctor gave me more drugs to counter the drugs he was continuing because my system could no longer just be whisked away from its drug dependency. (At this point, I am re-living ALL the worst moments of “when-I-hit-bottom-and-crawled-to-rehab.”) (3X) Okay, I don’t know if it is Sunday or Thursday (that ISN’T a joke), as I rose from bed the sun is either setting or rising, no help there. IS it am or pm? I ask my wife – her response, “Why? Do you care?” I think to myself, “Shit, I must have slept through the entire day. Wow, those pills snuck up on me! Well, thank fucking God, I got the Morning MashUp done today and posted it. I didn’t want to miss that.” Of course, that was wrong, too. I had posted nothing. Zilch. Squat. Nada. Rien. Nothing. Oh fuck – do you mean to tell me I never did it? Well shit on shinola and Mother Mcleary’s cow can blow me! Sheesh. . . .Welll …?? GO DO IT, MARK!!” So that’s where we are. I have the draw, but I have no analysis or words or explanations or any of my usual paraphernalia. Just the cards. So here they are.
(The deck is the *Revised New Art Tarot Cards* of J.A. Knapp & M.P. Hall)

Friday, December 12, 2014

MashUp 12 December 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 12 December 2014: the 9 of Wands, the 2 of Cups and deciding to pay me back for my presumption, XIX the Sun screaming, “You think lens, you worm?? I’m the Right Honorable fuckin’ SUN; I’ll give your sorry ass some lensing action! Hang on to your shades, Ducky!” (The deck today is *The Visconti Tarot* by Lo Scarabeo. Gold edges. Nice. BUT, when I opened the cellophane, I got a whiff of Osso Bucco, so you might want to open your deck in an Italian restaurant.) I’m feeling marginally kick-ass this morning; not “go get the fucking croissants!” but not “Oh, frabjuous joy! Shall we pick lilies and goldenrod, Galadriel of my heart?” either. Actually, I kind of like this morning’s MashUp. I’m starting right off with the 9 of Wands, my old warrior buddy. You know, he’s my best friend, and we’ve stuck through some strange adventures, but look at him, he’s still the same guy, the same man – my buddy, my lover, my self . . . too many battles, oh god too many battles. We’re old news, now, and the pain of our extinguished love gives me the tears I cry alone at night. We just never learned to give up. He can still hurt my heart, but god, haven’t I cried enough? The 2 of Cups – ooh for chrissake! http://youtu.be/dbYCAXYouM4 I’m keeping company with an ex-me, both as regrettable and as glorious as he was, and regretting the lost illusions and you play that?? Screw you, Tarot!! Is that it? It’s that simple? “Mark, you regret what is gone & it doesn’t help you now,” or how about “Remember loving. You don’t remember how, do you?” I remember, you piece of shit, it was glorious, it was Alpha and Omega, it was . . . “Me?” interrupts XIX, the Sun, smiling widely and striding into the rather t-e-n-s-e atmosphere. No, it WASN’T you, you big overblown bag of Amour-propre, but you DO make me laugh, taking myself so damned seriously sometimes, not paying any attention to that visible sigil set in the sky of the Universe and its call to us to Evolve, to Proceed Upwards. I had a kind of sub-surface conversation with someone yesterday, and we both currently aren’t getting any. (I’m married, that’s a different calculator.) We bemoaned the lack of intelligent, beautiful, enlightened men who just happened to wish to share our beds because we are so manly, virile and advanced ourselves. (Not a word – not a fucking word from the Peanut Gallery – this means YOU! Zip it.) Well, see, now I have to eat my words. I can count on 2 hands the number of times that XIX has shown up for me over the last 50, yes count ‘em, 50 years. Sooooo, either the Universe’s hottest, intelligent, already evolved, movie star good looks, gay but understands bi, guy is going to waltz into my life pronto, or I need to provide a light myself - - - sigh - - -yah, Mark, it’s up to you again, pal. Oh well, you know the ropes. Walk out the door, put the smile on your face, and solidly and symbolically leave your cynical armor at home. Being that big of a Lover-Sun to people really isn’t hard, remember? Just kill yourself trying to be the best Mark you can be today, and you will be amazed and surprised and delighted and you may even shed a tear at the fireworks show that you are capable of mounting for people’s greater sense of well-being. Hmm, let’s peek at Thoth and see what He’s radiating as Affirmation today: “My inner sun shines bright, surrounding me with light.” Hmm, I’d say he’s found some dynamite Thai, but he’s right anyway – get out there and share the Light, guy, Share the Light, you know it ALWAYS lifts your spirits to the sky!