Thursday, December 25, 2014

Good morning, All! Merry Christmas! Welcome to today’s MashUp, 25 December 2014: the Two of Stones*Challenge, the Three of Bows*Fulfilment, and lensing for us today in gorgeous rich color with swift wing, is the King of Arrows*Kingfisher. (Today’s deck is *The Wildwood Tarot*, appropriately Christmas-y, woods-y, snowy; it is a beautiful, beautiful deck. Plus, it makes you want to put mistletoe on your belt buckle.)  Well, as the day opens, I’m certainly not feeling like 15 Rounds of Conflict and Compromise, I can promise you. However, I CAN understand that feeling of getting up and just feeling “ready,” just in case someone wants to walk up and make a disparaging remark about my carrot. “Them’s fightin’ words!” and all that. Now, mind you, I don’t feel provocative, I’m not going to start anything. But I’m just “kindly” not in the mood to put up with any shit today, ya’ here? Think Grandma with a shotgun. The day started weird, anyway. My wife unwrapped her present, and began to cry. Not tears of joy, but real crying. I asked, of course, and it turns out she had gone “practical” for me; socks, underwear, a cravat; etc. & plenty of it. All good brands, but she was ashamed – silly, SILLY girl! I threw THAT out the door tout de suite, told her I’m fully aware of how sinfully expensive just a pair of shorts is now and that I was deeply grateful. I was, too, I’m ALWAYS out of that shit. Oh, and a great pair of Dockers®, too! She had opened her gift, seen the box from Cartier, and lost it. It is a lovely brooch, a full-blown red rose with ruby petals and a scattering of diamond dewdrops, all on a stalk of brilliant green jade. (I’m more of a sucker for that kind of insanely expensive doodad than my wife, but I have the great good fortune to HAVE a wife, and thus someone for whom I can buy the marvelous things I see. So, no combat there, but I can “kind of” carry the attitude, I feel a bit like that this morning, “Jack Rabbit, Esquire, Professional boxer at your service, sir.” Medical issues are quiet today, and that ALWAYS contributes to a better mood. Let’s mosey on over and see what that 3 of Bows*Fulfilment is brewing in her hot little head; well, this is good. She’s promising further enlightenment IF we can hold hands and journey together in peace. She reminds us to “Appraise! Appraise, appraise, and then appraise again? You must harvest your own crops: trust, confidence and security.” Well, she’s good if quiet company, so we’ll take her along with us we journey ahead to meet the King of Arrows*Kingfisher. The 3 of Bows is mincing and acting coy before the King, a cringe-inducing faux-pas. Let’s not be under any illusion, the Kingfisher is the star anywhere he goes, his brilliant plumage eliciting oohs-and-aahs from the self-satisfied and entitled ignoramii. Our king is a pillar of wisdom which has stood for centuries, and will more. Judgment, power, force of will radiate from him and inform us with weak copies of this qualities. The king LETS YOU let go, encourages you to liberate and lighten yourself, “to divest of ALL that is weighing you down.” So, all in all, a liberating holiday. I wish you and your families, whether you are celebrating Marduk, Osiris, Christ or the Space-Child, have a WONDERFUL Holiday and don’t forget today’s affirmation, Every problem contains the seed of its own resolution. Well, I’m taking that and getting back to celebrations (food & sleep). May you have a FRABJOUS holiday!

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