Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 31 December 2014: XVI the Tower reversed, the 8 of Pentacles reversed and scrutinizing this train wreck from a nearby tree (not, thank the gods, THE Tree) is the Father (King) of Swords. All of that looks so innocuous, written out like that. (Today’s deck is *The Wild Unknown Tarot* by Kim Krans. I like this deck a lot, it is my, myself & I deck, when I want to do something with the cards [read, meditate, visualize, etc.] ALL BY MY LONESOME. The art is “simple” and black & white, so there are no filters between you & the archetype [other than the card, of course.] This is all, normally, very conducive to clarity.) I looked down at the MashUp, laying there in B & W, and I couldn’t help a momentary feeling of “horripilation” (it’s an H. P. Lovecraft word) flutter across my skin. At first glance, it seemed so OFF, especially in comparison with the “good” days I’ve been enjoying recently and that I have seen in the cards, as well. I felt so creeped out, I did something I almost NEVER do, and I took another, different deck and drew another MashUp. My theory is that if a card shows up again, it must be urgent and I need to look at it NOW. Well, can you guess? They ALL 3 showed up AGAIN, in the same positions and even down to the orientation of the card. After I had cleaned myself up and put on fresh silks, I went back to the draw and thought, “Alright. Hmm – you’ve got my attention now; I was only playing at being capricious and stupid.” (That was, of course, a lie. Told to myself, even better. “They” are driving me over the edge, all 78 of the bastards!) And now that I have calmed down, it isn’t nearly as grey and gloomy as grandmother’s good mornings, I can engage reason and look at these cards reasonably (I say to myself as I fix a hot mug of Man-The-Fuck-Up.) Even my wife, who glanced at the cards on her way to the kitchen, and has zilch interest in the Tarot, said, “Oh, bad cards, dear?” Here is where the deck’s “style” turns it rather Halloween-y, which “t’is a pity, more’s the shame.” Let’s “Barebones” it, to start – An unexpected change is coming, big time, and it seems that construction is either untrustworthy or shoddily built. Judging the situation from slightly afar, the King is analyzing and judging. That’s it, bare bones, only slightly better than the fortune machines on boardwalks once upon a time. Nevertheless, I am very unsure where to go with this – it is very wait & see. So that is what I am going to, wait & see; the affirmation for today claims that every problem carries the seed of its own solution, so, as we say here in Montpellier, on verra.  

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