Monday, December 15, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 16 December 2014: the 5 of Rings, the 10 of Batons and lensing for us today (speedily, I hope!) is VII the Chariot. “Step right up! Come one, come all! Wanna see that smartass Mark Miller get his? Eh? Sound good? How about a pie in the face? Yeah! Or a boot in the bum? Oh Yeah! Well, folks, step right up and buy your ticket, ‘cause today’s the day the shit hits the fan and covers Mark Miller, Esq., with a thick coat of CRAP!” Good lord almighty, I turned these cards over one by one and I was almost tempted to laugh; no, it isn’t personal disaster or death or horror, but it IS “Here! Have a mouthful of THAT horseshit, Mark!” Now, our friend, a 1972 Cadillac DeVille, cherry-red with cherry-red leather interior, with a pair of the highest-heeled red hooker platforms riding high on the dash, my personal chariot, is either ushering this shitfest in with a bang, which I doubt, or she augurs that, after all, shit can happen, but it can be swept away, pronto. Yeah, I may have one of THOSE days ahead of me, but it will pass, and if VII the Chariot has anything to say about it, it will, and rapidly. This is good, because VII wants me to look at this river of cosmic bowel detritus and remark, “I’m going, I’m ahead of it, and I’m journeying and leaving it behind.” You know, that’s really all I have to say about this today. I drew, I saw, I will conquer. Oh, and yeah, if you need the Chariot today, just affirm: I move through life triumphantly. And for the gods’ sake, try to mean it!

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