Thursday, December 18, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 18 December 2014: the 7 of Pentacles reversed, the 2 of Cups, and lensing as only it knows how to lens, X The Wheel of Fortune. Hell, it eve LOOKS like a lens. (Today’s deck is *The Hermetic Tarot: Based Upon The Esoteric Workings of The Secret Order of The Golden Dawn* by Godfrey Dowson. I fell in LOVE with this deck when I first saw and purchased it, many years ago. It has that “look,” doesn’t it? “I can teach you many things, mortal, but you must give up everything.”  I don’t read with it very often, because I am easily drawn down the pathways of ALL those signs, sigils & signifiers that they have heaped upon the cards; it is very easy to forget why you are there. However, that being said, I STILL find them magnificent.) [An aside – thank you to all who “liked” my ‘cats on my table’ photo, the cats involved were aware of your admiration and today stood at either end of the table while I drew the cards, as if not to disappoint their new admirers. We also have two females who read as well, but they will fulfill their function only when I read for someone else. Cats . . .] Okay, let’s shake rain off our cloaks and turn around and see what’s on the tavern table. Ha! The 7 of Pentacles reversed, titled “Lord of Success Unfulfilled.” I can’t say why, but I immediately thought of a (generic) snarky ex-, mocking her ex- with that salutation; “Well, well, well! If it isn’t the Lord of Success Unfulfilled!”  It’s the kind of caustic, shitty thing an educated show-off would say. I must admit I don’t wax lubricious for the upright image, either – waiting, dreaming, waiting, and dreaming of the worth of the unharvested crop, waiting . . . it feels like the Tarot’s version of a dentist’s waiting room, replete with shitty magazines. I’m going to be very reductionist about this card, and go for the obvious: don’t count your chickens before they hatch, fool. And don’t be surprised if they are all useless, as well. The reason I’m being reductionist is that you don’t want to read and I don’t want to write a 50-page MashUp; I TOLD you about the forest of symbols that grow on every Arcanum of this deck. Suffice it to say that Kabbalists & Numerologists & Astrologers & many more have their entire Tarot wet-dreams realized here. Back to Farmer 7 – “he jes’ ain’t inspirin’, Madge!” – And Ogilvie is right, he isn’t, Farmer 7 if flat-out dissatisfied. I’m not, but he is; I happen to be feeling particularly grateful for my quality of life right now, so I’m going to interpret that this is on my day’s horizon, but hasn’t arrived – yet. On verra (we’ll see). And . . . POW! The 2 of Cups, the “Lord of Love.” Hey, I’ve got a huge goblet of that thanks to my wife, but you will NEVER hear me complaining about being “overserved” with THIS beverage! My wife knows I ache to fulfill another facet of myself, and she genuinely sympathizes with my search to find a person to help me do that. She glories in and on her Voyage – being my wife is only a part of it. She’s a miraculous woman, and I was very, very lucky to have found her. Of course I had to move to France to do it, but oh well . . . LOL. Damn I’m blessed! Which segues very nicely into our Lens for today, and MY sign, X The Wheel of Fortune. I say “MY sign” because X is my business logo, but also because in its own way it encapsulates what I TRULY believe about the workings of Fate & Chance. THAT card, THAT symbol, has governed my life since infancy (it’s a long story), has helped me formulate both my personal system of beliefs and my sense of honorable personal ethics. It also gives you a VERY rare gift, completely gratis, IF you are willing to take it: the long view. Personally, I LOVE the long view, it is the ONLY thing that allows me to continue in this Gehenna of Abomination called the modern world; or the ancient, for that matter. Who knows, maybe I was “broken on the wheel” in an old incarnation where I fell afoul of the Inquisition or something, or an entire lifetime was spent creating a gigantic sand mandala atop an Himalayan peak only to see the wind take it, along with my last breath. And to be content with that. To Abide. So, today I’m ALL Lens, and I shall make my affirmation by blessing myself this morning with a very, very old blessing that comes from Egypt: “Life! Health! Prosperity! May You Live For Millions And Millions Of Years!”

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