Monday, December 22, 2014

Good morning, ALL! Welcome to my MashUp for 23 December 2014: the 7 of Cups – Fear; the Man of Crystal – the King of Wands – Inventor, and finally lensing this top-heavy group is XXI Universe. (Today’s deck is the *Voyager Tarot* by James Wanless, Ph.D., Art by Ken Knutson.  It is VERY important to DR. Wanless [“don’t forget the “Doktor!” the “Doktor!” I worked a long time for that, and it cost my papa his life!”] that YOU, hapless uneducated wanderer that you are, recognize that there are no limits, no definitions, so really, the Tarot is amorphous, we can use the pretty pictures to take an inward trip. Uh-huh, okay, Doktor. The art is good, though. So don’t expect authorial help, you’re on your own. AND, white print on a yellow background is shit, Doktor.) So, screw the human, let’s look at the draw. Uh-huh, yep, oh-yes-frabjous-joy, “Get up! GET UP!” (a kick in my supine butt from the drill sergeant.) “Now I don’t CARE if you’re asleep, you get your butt out there and get me some ILLUSION, boy! And I mean NOW!”  Choose, choose, choose, and kee-rist, I have enough trouble with Drag as it is – ‘cause that’s what this is about, it’s “What Drag are you gonna put on today, Sugar?” Well, luckily for me, I’m getting some sober advice from my new manager and promotor, the Man of Crystal/the King of Wands. Really, when you look at it, this is a crystalline clear 3-card reading that is simply given and simply “made.” All that illusion I normally swim in has to be flushed, and the King of Wands is going to help me be responsible enough, mature enough and wise enough to make right choices here today. With this fortuitous couple under the gaze of XXI the World, well, hell, I hope you told Suzy to get extra punch and peanut butter box cookies, because it looks like we are going to blow this day out the door and down the street. Confusion, overabundance of choice - - - wise ideas to banish illusion & foolishness - - - the Universe buys the confetti for the party and slips some Everclear in the punch. Today, this day, is going to be alright. As as a passing ibis said to me as I stumbled out of the bathroom this morning: “Remember, Mark, you are a child of the Universe.” 

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