Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 24 December 2014: the 3 of Wands, the 9 of Pentacles and lensing in rose-scented nude glory is me . . . . uh, no, wait, that is XXI, the World. (Today’s deck is *The Apocalypse Tarot” by Swiatoslaw Nowicki, Robert Sobota and Magdalena Walulik. I’ve just got to come out and say it – the imagery really throws me. It makes sense, but 1st of all, it is HEAVILY Roman Catholic, à la le defunct Polish Pope. I’m a recovered Catholic, so . . . . It has a post-Soviet realism that is hard to describe but instantly identifiable, and how you reacted to 820 foot-tall statues of Industry Striding Manfully through a field of wheat, with a grim-faced peasant woman in lock step, towards a shining future of giant chromium cogs, gears & wheels may determine your reaction here, as their art reminds you of nothing so much as someone taking a blowtorch to all of those Industry statues. What’s odd is the cards aren’t particularly showcases of tech-inspired fantasy. That sounds grim, and these cards AREN’T that grim, I simply find it discomfiting that one would be forced to reach for this deck if reading for the Pope. (It could happen, don’t laugh. Look at Nancy Reagan.) I don’t know . . . I can’t put my finger on it. However, I CAN put my finger on (or in!) Christ, and although he should have no more effect than a deck dominated by Osiris or Cernunnos figures, he does, he is intrusive, and I find it distasteful. That doesn’t mean one can’t read with the deck, however.) (Turning the hawk into an airplane was a cute conceit.) So, let’s stride forward and, kicking slow or fat scullery maids out of our way, we meet the 3 of Wands, already being baptized by what appears to be a tired drag queen priest. Okay, okay, tone it down, Mark. But really, what does this deck have to do with the Apocalypse, other than seeing it as watered-down 19th c. conservatism. Let it GO, Mark! Okay, back to the three – our master of the business word is stark naked and just getting baptized. Okay, let’s flow with it. . . and this meets up with the 9 of Pentacles, The defunct Pope kissing a Solomonic key set into the floor while his jet waits on the tarmac. IS the Pope going to kidnap the newly baptized

baby and take it to Rome on his jet? Or is this baby, who has a rather malevolent expression anyway, been given three hyssop rods to beat the Pope, and a silver pitcher of water to rinse the rods afterwards? ? ? So apparently, they are signifying business acumen united with Remember Where It All Came From because you could be locked up in a Roman palace at any time, forced to wear white and look at both ugly women and beautiful young men, neither of which you may touch or in any manner signify that they should do something nice for the Papal Aspergillum. This is all being watched/lensed by XXI the World. You could have knocked me over with a feather! I had NO idea that the World was working a 2nd job as a pole dancer down at The Ice House, where I heard one customer tell another (in a men’s room where the urinals were upturned, opened women’s legs), “Whooo-ee! That gal is puddin’ on a stick! Let me tell you, her number with the snake will have you walking funny for a week! Damn, she’s fine!” I’m going to take my Daily Affirmation and run: I am a child of the Universe. Wow, this deck really unseated me. 

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