Friday, December 26, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 27 December 2014: the King of Pentacles, the Knight of Swords and lensing its way across the sky like a shooting star, the 8 of Wands. (Today’s deck is *Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot* by Barbara Moore and Eugene Smith.) I feel like I’m going on a fishing trip with my best friends, the King and the Knight, and we have some damn fine poles, 8 of them in fact. I’m SO familiar with these two characters; they show up in a major percentage of my draws. Both the King and the Knight are me/not-me, too; I have an “agreement” with Money, never too much in return for very rarely too little. In that the King has larger resources than I, but it demonstrates how we both function on the material plane, i.e., easily enough. The Knight is that impulsive, Go-ahead-Burn-Your-Bridges! guy that is quite healthy and kicking around inside of me, looking and waiting for a chance to pop out, no matter how inappropriate. I am fiercely loyal, as well, but for my part basic, profound dishonesty will nullify any loyalty I feel. I can neither serve nor employ a dishonest man. However, give me a sword and a cause, and I’m off! although there is no telling how long my enthusiasm may last – much depends on the quality of the project as much as the finesse and talent of the management. A swift quality in most things is to be desired (I can think of a few where it is a disadvantage), but swiftness needs to be allied to accuracy to be of any use or good. By all means, grab your shorts and run out the door to take up arms, but be sure you know where the battle is. Swiftness may decay into antagonism, with regard to others and to self, if not given a goal. As I said, I’m pretty comfortable with this reading, I feel I know and can “see” myself “here.” That isn’t to say that I can sit back on my cushiony nether-quarters and smile inanely at the world. Fie! Fie! That can be a problem with the King, you know; to sit back on his ass and smile inanely at the world. The Knight, for his part, is capable of setting villages aflame in his passage on his quest to slay the dragon. So, he has to be reined in, the king has to be sobered up and bitch-slapped a little to recall him to his duties, and this all seems to be rather pressing business. So there we have it, the Good and the Bad of today’s draw. I needn’t add, do I? what or whom is the Ugly? Good, good. Now, let’s get an Affirmation down our throats and yodel on: oh, wait, here’s a good one, one designed to make sure you walk through the day clutching a roll of toilet paper: Challenges and obstacles are achievements waiting to happen. (The Imodium® is in the cabinet.)

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