Monday, December 29, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 20 December 2014: the 5 of Swords reversed, the 6 of Swords reversed, and lensing in in a blazing glory of salvation light to the sound of harps, the Ace of Cups. Despite being as heavy as elephant spoor at the front end, as is obvious, I’m saved by that overwhelming float that the dragons of 5 & 6 are pulling, the Ace of Cups. Ta-da! (Today’s deck is *Tarot of a Moon Garden* by Karen Marie Sweikhardt, [LWB by Laura E. Clarkson.] I’m going to go on a little bit about this deck; 1st, I LOVE it! I didn’t think I would, initially. I have a horror of elves, fairies, pixies, etc.; with great big brown eyes and tiny smiles and cutesy-cutesy and precious-precious. Gag. Wretch. I thought this deck of that ilk, originally, and then I saw the art in more detail, and ordered a deck, mainly out of curiosity. Well! Verbena Pureflower Moonspirit didn’t paint these cards, thank the gods! This deck is more in the league of *The Silicon Dawn* and *The Deviant Moon.* Excellent! It will be my go-to deck for a bit, until it is replaced.) Okay, back to the MashUp. So, let’s take a look, roll up our sleeves, kick ass and take names. The 5 and 6 of Swords have ganged up against me, in order that not only may I suffer defeat, I should bathe in agony and regret afterwards. Okay, some-“thing’s going to rock my boat today, but ah-ha! I am forewarned. But you know, to tell you the gods’ honest truth about it, I feel like brushing away 5 and 6 as of little recognizance, “Go away, kid, ya bother me!”  I want to look at, to embrace, to climb in and bathe in the Ace of Cups. An affirmation for this goes: All-encompassing love fills me and my environment. That is as good as any. I’m going to be extremely short today, I just want to go off and snuggle up with the Ace of Cups. I could go on and on, but there really isn’t a point. Ugly day, saving grace. There you have it. “Now get back out to the barn and get them pigs a’movin’ or there’ll be hell to pay!”

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