Sunday, December 28, 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 28 December 2014: the 10 of Wands, the King of Wands and lensing his way to safety & security we have the 4 of Pentacles. (Today’s deck is *The Sacred Rose Tarot Deck* by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman, an intense & VERY effective Kabbalistic deck.) I have another “old home week” meeting today with the King of Wands, but let’s take a look at his most anxious courtier, the 10 of Wands. Nothing gets older to the Grasshopper than hearing the Ant whine & whinge about her workload and what a thankless task it is and no one appreciates it and so on and so forth – he’d like to pull a can of Raid out from under his wing sheath and hit her square between the mandibles with it, but he has to admit, she has a point. 10s carry it all, they’ve usually warped the message, and they are NOTORIOUSLY high-maintenance if they come coupled with another problematic card. The grasshopper simply thinks, “What’s the drama? Shit or get off the pot!” I’m really NOT feeling very 10-ish these days, except in a somewhat convoluted way. I want to spend MORE time with the Tarot, not less, but I have 8 arms FULL of DO-IT-NOWs (thank Shiva I learned a trick or two from Kali before I had to flee her bed post-coitus. She had ideas about my skull on a necklace . . .). I’m hoping that the King of Wands will take my “MORE Tarot, not less . . .” desire and handle it akin to the way he does his own, that is, something to be accomplished and no questions asked. Just do it! There is that side to me, too, of course (many people would yell, “You bet your ASS there is!”), the ruling autocrat who brooks no thwarting of his Will without many long, good, overwhelming reasons as to why he had to be countermanded. But he is also the Planner-in-Chief, and as titular head of the kingdom of Ideas it should be him anyway how to make my desire a reality. Remember, he is not so much about judging what he is doing as he is simply thinking it through to completion. Moral complexities and their effects on beginnings he’ll leave to the Queen of Coffee & Cigarettes, at her table every night finding solutions with one hand while she weaves problems with the other. Lensing all of this is Mr. Play-It-Safe-Because-I’ve-Been-Burnt-Before, the 4 of Pentacles. You know, Ogilvie isn’t such a bad sort for a Pentacle, he just wants to Play It Safe and re-amass that which he imagines was taken from him, Stability. There won’t be any astounding bounds of courageous derring-do when Ogilvie is squatting in the crowd, urging good husbandry and calling out, “Hey! You there! Keep an eye on what you’re creating!” So, in effect, you have this “purer” 4 riding herd on the King and keeping an eye on the 10 of Wands for any wood that may fall by the wayside but still be usable. If we have to affirm anything today, it will probably be: I offer my power in the service of Love, as otherwise today’s cards might lead one to being captious and pettifogging.

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