Friday, December 12, 2014

MashUp 12 December 2014

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 12 December 2014: the 9 of Wands, the 2 of Cups and deciding to pay me back for my presumption, XIX the Sun screaming, “You think lens, you worm?? I’m the Right Honorable fuckin’ SUN; I’ll give your sorry ass some lensing action! Hang on to your shades, Ducky!” (The deck today is *The Visconti Tarot* by Lo Scarabeo. Gold edges. Nice. BUT, when I opened the cellophane, I got a whiff of Osso Bucco, so you might want to open your deck in an Italian restaurant.) I’m feeling marginally kick-ass this morning; not “go get the fucking croissants!” but not “Oh, frabjuous joy! Shall we pick lilies and goldenrod, Galadriel of my heart?” either. Actually, I kind of like this morning’s MashUp. I’m starting right off with the 9 of Wands, my old warrior buddy. You know, he’s my best friend, and we’ve stuck through some strange adventures, but look at him, he’s still the same guy, the same man – my buddy, my lover, my self . . . too many battles, oh god too many battles. We’re old news, now, and the pain of our extinguished love gives me the tears I cry alone at night. We just never learned to give up. He can still hurt my heart, but god, haven’t I cried enough? The 2 of Cups – ooh for chrissake! I’m keeping company with an ex-me, both as regrettable and as glorious as he was, and regretting the lost illusions and you play that?? Screw you, Tarot!! Is that it? It’s that simple? “Mark, you regret what is gone & it doesn’t help you now,” or how about “Remember loving. You don’t remember how, do you?” I remember, you piece of shit, it was glorious, it was Alpha and Omega, it was . . . “Me?” interrupts XIX, the Sun, smiling widely and striding into the rather t-e-n-s-e atmosphere. No, it WASN’T you, you big overblown bag of Amour-propre, but you DO make me laugh, taking myself so damned seriously sometimes, not paying any attention to that visible sigil set in the sky of the Universe and its call to us to Evolve, to Proceed Upwards. I had a kind of sub-surface conversation with someone yesterday, and we both currently aren’t getting any. (I’m married, that’s a different calculator.) We bemoaned the lack of intelligent, beautiful, enlightened men who just happened to wish to share our beds because we are so manly, virile and advanced ourselves. (Not a word – not a fucking word from the Peanut Gallery – this means YOU! Zip it.) Well, see, now I have to eat my words. I can count on 2 hands the number of times that XIX has shown up for me over the last 50, yes count ‘em, 50 years. Sooooo, either the Universe’s hottest, intelligent, already evolved, movie star good looks, gay but understands bi, guy is going to waltz into my life pronto, or I need to provide a light myself - - - sigh - - -yah, Mark, it’s up to you again, pal. Oh well, you know the ropes. Walk out the door, put the smile on your face, and solidly and symbolically leave your cynical armor at home. Being that big of a Lover-Sun to people really isn’t hard, remember? Just kill yourself trying to be the best Mark you can be today, and you will be amazed and surprised and delighted and you may even shed a tear at the fireworks show that you are capable of mounting for people’s greater sense of well-being. Hmm, let’s peek at Thoth and see what He’s radiating as Affirmation today: “My inner sun shines bright, surrounding me with light.” Hmm, I’d say he’s found some dynamite Thai, but he’s right anyway – get out there and share the Light, guy, Share the Light, you know it ALWAYS lifts your spirits to the sky!

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