Sunday, December 28, 2014

                                                       Good morning, ALL! Welcome to the MashUp for 29 December 2014: the 6 of Vessels (Cups) *Reunion*, X the Wheel and laughingly lensing her mystic way across the scene is II the Seer.  Well, I feel I am taking big breaths of fresh mountain air & feeling my Indian blood rise to answer the cards. (Today’s deck is *The Wildwood Tarot” by Mark Ryan, John Matthews & Will Worthington. The Green Man, the World Tree, the Woodward, you get the picture.) Being part Osage Indian and strongly influenced by that culture, all of this “nature religion,” for lack of a better term, is more-or-less old stomping grounds for me (my ancestors would say ‘dancing’ grounds.) And to be honest, this is a very “handsome” spread, in the way that you say, “she’s a very handsome woman,” meaning not radiant with femininity but a very good-looking woman indeed. These are all outdoor scenes, evoking liberty, both of thought AND choice. The 6 of Vessels is a cool pool, with an atmosphere of the regeneration of love within which to accomplish the amalgamation of the heart, to be REASSURED. To “clean” the past and to organize Memory. All of which fits hand in glove with X the Wheel. You know, the Wheel isn’t really about the ups & downs of fortune, it is about Responsibility. Taking it for yourself and your acts and despite the “rain” of good times or bad times, being a Responsible Person throughout it all. I love ALL the symbology of The Wheel, from the vulgar excrescences of fortunetelling to its geospiritual design as a perfected form and vessel for the Divine. I was walking through a bookshop and on the paperback sale table I noticed, “Real Alchemy: Riches Beyond Your Wildest Dreams,” and I laughed and laughed. No doubt II the Seer (the High Priestess) is whispering a dry, raspy laugh from long-fallow memories in the same manner as me; at the pretensions, publicity and pandering of those who so verbally claim mastership, adept status or being an “enlightened being” who is “still on the planet” to accomplish oh-so-benevolent work of lifting US out of the mud, too! (For a mere $899, spread over 3 small monthly payments.) Perhaps it is my bloodthirsty character, or a misspent youth in the library and comic book shops, but I long for the Seer to leap from her chair, rip the unworthy postulant to pieces with her bare hands before lightning-quick resuming both her seat and her impassible expression. Good drama, yes? Actually, she is fostering the positive exercise of WILL, which will undoubtedly strengthen the effects of both cards, helping develop affection and “polaric” love (6 of Vessels) and reassurance as well as helping to see the breadth and scope of the Journeyer’s Responsibility in, of and to this world, as well as inspiring emotions and their shadows, fears. We can see II the Seer as using the opportunity of a “reunion” to generate responsibility and awareness and to inspire love, not only for oneself but for the task itself (X the Wheel). So, having girded the rather sturdy but functional MashUp as armor for the fights ahead, I posit: My intuition is an equal partner and as such should be trustworthy, as well.

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