Saturday, December 13, 2014

Yesterday Sucked: Here's Why 
Hello and Good Day ! Welcome to today’s Mashup, 13 December 2014: the Ace of Cups, X the Wheel and lensing as if he has a large, 22 kt golden pearl-encrusted stick up his ass for today is V the Pope. Christ; I pulled a whammy of a hand. Let me lay the ugly story out in its entirety, you may be the judge. :: I have not been able to sleep, at all, for the past five nights. A new combination of drugs had really worked wonders with the cramps and arthritis. I suspect, however, that these same drugs are preventing me from sleeping. The Doctor gave me more drugs to counter the drugs he was continuing because my system could no longer just be whisked away from its drug dependency. (At this point, I am re-living ALL the worst moments of “when-I-hit-bottom-and-crawled-to-rehab.”) (3X) Okay, I don’t know if it is Sunday or Thursday (that ISN’T a joke), as I rose from bed the sun is either setting or rising, no help there. IS it am or pm? I ask my wife – her response, “Why? Do you care?” I think to myself, “Shit, I must have slept through the entire day. Wow, those pills snuck up on me! Well, thank fucking God, I got the Morning MashUp done today and posted it. I didn’t want to miss that.” Of course, that was wrong, too. I had posted nothing. Zilch. Squat. Nada. Rien. Nothing. Oh fuck – do you mean to tell me I never did it? Well shit on shinola and Mother Mcleary’s cow can blow me! Sheesh. . . .Welll …?? GO DO IT, MARK!!” So that’s where we are. I have the draw, but I have no analysis or words or explanations or any of my usual paraphernalia. Just the cards. So here they are.
(The deck is the *Revised New Art Tarot Cards* of J.A. Knapp & M.P. Hall)

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