Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good morning, All! There is no MashUp today, 06 January 2015, because my cards went on strike early this morning. I made five, count ‘em, 5 attempts to draw the three cards for the MashUp, and each time, the cards looked misty, unrelated or just plainly full of bullshit. So, what have we learned in Anger Management, class? It isn’t the cards, it’s YOU. (And no, I have never needed or been required to attend AM classes. Damn it, quit asking!) So-o-o, I took a look inside. I didn’t want a MashUp; I want to know where the hell I am and where the hell I’m going, thank you very much. In other words, I just need a general physical from my Tarot toubib (French slang for doctor – “too-beeb”). “So, how does just drawing a general 5-card check-up sound, eh, Mr. Miller? I promise you that Nurse Cronecrack WON’T refrigerate the anal thermometer this time.” “Yeah, that’s what you said the LAST time, too.”  This immediately “felt” better, “more right.” So, here’s what the court physicians found poking around in my stool: V the Hierophant, the 5 of Cups reversed, the 2 of Swords reversed, the 4 of Swords and the 4 of Cups. I noted this all down in my journal, then took a step back to “look” at it (like most Americans of my generation, I enjoy journaling, it is a dying vestige of our old-style education; unlike the English who, in the post-war generation of the 50’s, were reduced to writing on large slate stones quarried in Scotland with ragged ends of chalk-sticks that their grandmothers, with bleeding fingers, had hand-quarried from the cliffs at Dover. The English have never done ‘après-guerre’ very well; look how they pouted after our little Revolution.) (Today’s deck is *Cosmic Tarot* by Norbert Lösche. If I had a go-to deck, this would probably be it. This deck and I understand each other like two pyromaniacs in a match factory.)  Down to the meat, me hearties!! V and 5C reversed bring me up to now – yep, that’s me, that overblown, self-important dude judging the masses. But the 5C reversed at least means that I have a GREAT chance of turning shit into shinola, learning from the mistakes and rebuilding on a better foundation. At center, now, the 2 of Swords speaks to me of closing my eyes to the larger picture and focusing on what is doable in the here and now. I’m “just a touch” tense about where I’m going, and that is probably a reflection of my thoughts lately about “am I letting the Tarot dominate me unhealthily in any way?” (Sometimes I wonder if I can really be as passionately devoted to the Tarot as I seem to be; in other words, I surprise myself with the depth of my “affair.”) I get a “good” answer, however; first, I have a nice period of R&R, and spiritual resourcing, in a desert kingdom with three handsome, muscular Arab youths . . .ohh, wait, that’s just the card. Ok, Ok, just the rest & spiritual resourcing, then. And while I may not come out of the arena gate ferociously roaring and slavering at the jaws for the taste of fresh flesh, the 4 of Cups offers me the opportunity to throw off a blasé, seen-it-all attitude for an approach that will be fresher and more efficacious. Therefore, like the modest, unassuming creature that I am (**CoughCough**) I shall meander ephebically forward (if that is still even possible at my age) and affirm: I see wonder and love surround me, and I celebrate their presence. Now, where IS that cape . . . ??

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