Friday, January 9, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 9 January 2015: the 8 of Swords, the 3 of Cups and providing an eerie accompanying soundtrack on zither, xylophone and steel drum is XVIII the Moon. It will be short and sweet today, because that’s how I’m feeling today, brisk and to-the-purpose.  (And NO, I am NOT channeling Shirley Temple for you again; you hurt her the last time with your mockery and snide references to her relationship with Mr. Bojangles.) (Today’s deck is “Le Tarot de Avalon” by Joseph Viglioglia & Lorenzo Tesio. Themed RWS, pleasant deck.) So we are starting off today, as the 8 of Swords, on a rather diffident note, being made aware of my limitations, of my shortcomings, by a system of self-impressions coated with shame. Well, Hell’s Bells, I might as well put on a nightshirt from the 19th century and wander barefoot around the grounds of my estate late at night and pale of mien, hoping a vampire will leap upon me and give me reason to live or die. People who shriek and reach for their smelling salts at the first sight of reality send me into an immediate towering rage. Cowards and useless, high-pitched screamers rank at the same level as pissants on my scale of Life Values. I will go out of my way to light the match if a coward wants to go to the effort to douse him- or herself in gasoline. Pusillanimous behavior will NOT be tolerated. Wearing my ill-fitting 8 of Swords like a construction worker trying on drag for the 1st time, I move on through the loving aspects of the 3 of Cups as if I am a stranger in a strange land. It is comforting to behold the signs and feel the sympathetic vibrations of winning, of holding it all together with efficiency, and to know that if I can progress out of that awful 8 of Swords mess and being such a passive-aggressive Shrinking Violet, I can progress into the healthier “family” of contentment with the cocooning environment of this 3. This is all being filtered and messed about with by XVIII, the Moon. In our continued cultural love affair with all the symbols, stories & romance of “the Moon,” it is easy to forget what the Moon signified to people for millennia and what the Tarot card symbolizes for a large part today. Here’s the BIG secret: THE MOON IS UNDEPENDABLE; DON’T YOU BE. Split the woman in two, get the Priestess and the Moon, or in three, and get the “3-Stages gal,” take your pick, girl, woman or crone. It is HIGHLY culturally referenced, but the general thrust is “Watch Out for the tricksy-tricksy feminine side of things.” On THIS particular Moon we are dominated by a stag, with a pride of angry lions growling around the base of a barren hill, at night, with a moon. It doesn’t LOOK very feminine, it must be said. (I find that this deck has failed with the image for XVIII. This may be all perfectly CORRECT in Celtic mythology, I don’t know, but then sell the deck only to old Irish women with notable red hair, a belief in the old gods, and British blood on their hard-scrabbling claws.) But that’s what it means, and this time, I shall go with what I know rather than what I see. I’m wrapping it up there. There are a few other things about this constellation of cards that strike me, but it shall wait. Let’s stride out of here to the maxim of ‘My Inner Senses are Firm and True.’ That is actually quite the opposite of the card, but after all, sometimes the message IS a “don’t do this” message.

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