Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 28 January 2015: the King of Swords, XVII the Star and lensing in from the bloody fields of dinner, the Page of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Zombie Tarot* by Paul Kepple, Ralph Geroni and Stacy Graham. A “sister” deck to the *Housewives’ Tarot*, these are popular, fun interpretations of the RWS system. Zombies are far down the list of my preferred supernatural creatures, but the deck is very amusing. It IS a functioning Tarot.) This deck’s LWB is brief and amusing. In a bit of change for today only, I’m going to copy their pithy little descriptions here; I find them not far off the mark when it comes to Mark! Firstly, for the King of Swords, (and this sounds VERY me!) the LWB says this, “The King of Swords has plenty of common sense, which is why he is often called upon to make important decisions. But the old coot is so stubborn, he sometimes fails to see all sides of an argument. This king needs to temper his intellect with some guidance from the heart – but don’t count on that happening anytime soon.” Oh wowser, that’s me, alright, and I’m opening the day feeling that way, I guarantee you, so the Tarot has my number bright & early today. I DO feel good today, a bit royal (more than usual!), and ready to make decisions if I need to do that. Next up we have the XVII the Star, which apparently I have pinned to my psychic chest and, puffed up a bit, am proudly parading around the court this morning. The LWB says, “You’re on the right track for the important things in life while good luck and a fresh attitude bring new opportunities. Take a minute to revel in your accomplishments and then move on to the next level of awesome. Others look to you for inspiration and guidance while scraping zombie goo off their shoes. What’s your plan?” Cute. I can definitely see that pinning the Star to my chest is a good thing, but the price tag is right there under my eyes, “What’s your plan?” For today, my plan is simple enough, providing the Cosmos doesn’t feel like practicing its left hook today. I don’t have a glass jaw, but I get SO angry that I stop my own advancement. (That is my great fault, you know, Anger. I control it well, but when it blows, a rare occasion, entire civilizations and all their works have fallen in ruin. [Grin.] You get what I mean; it isn’t that difficult to scare myself with my own temper, because while under its grip, I have done some terrible damage to others.) So, wear your Star today, Mark, it helps, but DO pay attention to its magnifying effect, it can magnify your bullshit, too. Regarding all of this from the Highchair of Judgment is the Page of Wands. According to their LWB, “This little charmer doesn’t let a little thing like being confined to a highchair hold him back; he has his eye on the prize and won’t stop until he acquires it. He’s hard to resist, and his youthful innocence may coax you into helping him get what he wants. Hopefully it won’t cost you an arm or a leg – he has a habit of biting the hand that feeds him. This card may herald the need for growth to do things yourself and not be reliant on others.” No, that isn’t it, not this morning, not for me. If a young man of this description turns up this a.m., I have no problem throwing him on the bed and demanding that he love king & country, but I am FED UP with aiding or paying for the schemes of the young. I HAVE participated in the recent past, and the payoff is NEVER worth the investment. So no, Peter Page, wheedle your support elsewhere. I have a different agenda in mind these days for handsome men, and it doesn’t involve fostering your dishonesty or helping your laziness. As a matter of fact, filled with confidence and self-trust, I don’t need your bindlestiff of fears & doubts at all, for any reason.  

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