Monday, January 19, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 20 January 2015: XVIII the Moon, III the Empress and lensing in between two women of consummate power (WHO told him that would be safe ??) we have the 8 of Pentacles. (Today’s deck is the *Egyptian Tarot* by Silvana Alasia. Wonderful deck, with symbols galore, it is a very decently Egyptian-themed deck.) It seems that I’m spending the day with two of the three expressions of femininity: the woman (Empress) and the Crone (Moon). Many associate II the High Priestess with the Crone, but today, at least, I like putting her up there in the Moon because that seems to fit the “Grok” for today. (If you are not familiar with the word “grok,” read *Stranger in a Strange Land* by Robert Heinlein.) I have to mention that I wonder where all of this pinpoint precision on being feminine, womanly, fertile, psychic, wise and oracular  is going to come from – it is almost certain it won’t be coming from my wife. She isn’t that kind of woman, she is off exploring strange galaxies, and she left this region of space a long time ago. This is not to say that my wife is unhelpful, she is most helpful, but she has a completely different kettle of fish to fry than interests me. She branched off at V the Hierophant and forged her path through forests I preferred not to visit. We are equally supportive of each other and, perhaps best for us, on entirely different Journeys. I could take an easy out here and say, “Oh! Those are aspects of my feminine nature which shall rise like cappuccino foam triumphant!” but that would be a crock o’ shit, and we’d all know it. I am not that feminine, not by a long shot, and being bisexual doesn’t change it any significant way. (I see bisexuality very simply: I am a man who likes men and women. Don’t load my ‘burger up with a bunch of useless issues, please. That’s all, folks!) So, I am going to look for a more Generalized wave of the feminine to set my day afloat and awash, and much of it will be of the unknown, hidden oracular genre that bleeds from XVIII the Moon. And yes, we all know why I chose THAT verb; it was deliberate and evokes specific images. YET – look with whom the Moon is paring up, III the Empress! What, it needs BOTH of them to hammer through to me? LOL (laughing out loud), that might be correct! The gods know I’m rather misogynistic when it comes to listening to feminine counsel or admonition, although I can and will do it, providing the necessity is there. And to be perfectly clear, all of this applies to men in my life, too, so I’m not singling women out as my “victims.” My “victims,” if there are any, are the Ignorant and the Evil. Or at least I hope so. Coupled with these two ladies is the 8 of Pentacles, hard work and lots of it, but the good news is, there’s “lots of it!” We won’t be on the breadline anytime soon, my animae and I. If nothing else, perhaps I am being told that I have a chance to shake, once and for all time, this in-built and inherited knee-jerk reaction to not trust the advice of a woman. I was taught that, surely I can UN-teach myself, as well. So, I shall ride forth today with an attitude of relaxed “dependence” on the Feminine, in the sense that I inherently trust it. In other words, Fake It ‘Til You Make It. (I do give Her more credit than that, I do, but I need to be honest with myself about my blockages, too!)

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