Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 25 January 2015: the Knight of Pentacles, VI the Lovers and rather feebly lensing his way in because everything’s a bit topsy-turvy we have the 9 of Cups reversed. (Today’s deck [again] is *The Gypsy Palace Tarot* by Nora Huszka and Matthias Furch. This deck makes you want to learn Magyar! Really like it, colorful – perhaps distractingly so? – and enjoyable to read.) After drawing the cards today, I thought, “I should message Marcus Katz and tell him he can’t possibly be a magician if he hasn’t learned Magyar!” I’m constantly giving Marcus grief, but he is a big boy and, better still, he gets it. At any rate, I enter this morning dressed as . . . ta-da! . . . The Knight of Pentacles. This isn’t usual haberdashery for me – if I enter as anyone, it is usually as the Knight of Swords or King of Wands, sometimes the King of Cups. This dull, plodding fellow, though, who has lost sight of the Source of his energy; even Nora’s Knight looks rather “swept along by forces beyond his control.” He/ (I) have teamed up with VI the Lovers for a turn on the dance floor. Sidebar: as you know, the archetypes & characters of the Tarot change and grow as we change & grow, it only makes sense. The issue(s) facing an adolescent is/are NOT the issue(s) facing a man of 60 years of age. Sometimes, if you are paying attention, you can spot when the deck “shifts en masse” to make the fit with where you are NOW. Lately I’ve been noticing the shift happening for me and in certain cards more than others, VI the Lovers being one of them. The earlier Tarot de Marseille interpretation is a LOT closer to my thinking right now than any Waite-necessitated bourgeois marriage blessed by the Christian god. IT is about Choice, and more specifically, about the marriage of Union and Desire to produce something viable and capable of enlightenment, eventually. This union is NOT a heterosexual sexual allegory, kids. Think Plato and his double-beings separated and searching for union; Plato formatted it as M/F, M/M and F/F. Homosexuality isn’t differentiated in a homophobic setup, it’s just part of the mix. So for the Union, I find it symbolizing for ME the metaphysical Union, and now almost NO physical component to it at all. So my plodding, graceless Knight of Pentacles is waltzing with Metaphysical Choice, a grand lady about 180° out of his league. I like to think that I am “pro-choice,” that is to say, I’ll pick the “take a chance, you may grow & evolve!” choice EVERY TIME over the “let it drift by, there’ll be another, take a nap” school of thought. (Sometimes when I get a 4 of Cups I become vexed, because that is what I DON’T like to do!) So dressed as this uninspired and uninspiring knight, what the heck can I draw out of today that would require her presence??? We’ll, on verra, bien sûr. Lensing in a topsy-turvy fashion, in a manner of speaking out of his asshole (go ahead, look at the card! It’s an illusion, but it’s there!) we have the 9 of Cups reversed. This is one of those “bubblegum trading cards”; by that I mean that reversed its meaning is even more upbeat and positive than an upright reading.  Waite called it (hang on, I need to look it up). . “Truth, Loyalty & Liberty.” So, if we take this shining card o’ gold and place it as a filter over our dancing couple, I believe I’m reading a little bit surprising but not unwelcome news for the day; with a degree of affection, trust and wellbeing I should be able to make a connection today that will serve my quest well, on a mundane level. I don’t actually think this draw is relating to any fireworks-worthy event in my soul on the Journey, but something much more prosaic and practical from a mundane point of view. So, taking up the banner my wife embroidered for me while I was away on that last Crusade, “Life, The Wonder, The Light,” I think I shall go forward with a comforting degree of calm respect for the Journey today. 

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