Monday, January 5, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 05 January 2015: the Ace of Wands, The Knight of Pentacles and lensing her way in from the FBI’s Witness Protection Program in an undisclosed location, III The Empress, EXCEPT that it ISN’T III The Empress, it is II The Empress, so perhaps we are dealing with the High Priestess in mufti? It’s hard to know, and I hope it isn’t a case of my chain-mail-clad, grievously wounded but still muscular and studly body dying on the arena floor because I mistook the Sibyl for the Empress, but hey, we gladiators are simple-minded and decadent Roman patricians only use us as sex-toys anyway. (Today’s deck is *The Housewives Tarot: A Domestic Divination Kit* by Paul Kepple & Jude Buffum. I was looking for a little fun and légèreté in today’s draw, this deck came to hand and it fits the bill, nicely. As amusing as it is, however, it is a serious deck.) Let’s see who we are, today . . . hmmm, I’m either a bright idea and a beginning or I’m a cocktail-party habitué who unthinkingly mows the lawn and gets out of the way when Marge’s canasta club gets together to pretend to play cards and actually dish the dirt. Yes, I’m that worst of all possible straight men, the door mat. Well, no, that’s not me; you can safely ask my wife that risible question. So, this is a good thing, meaning that new ideas (more specifically, A new idea) is germinating in my fecund brain and may even get an assist from Mr. Househusband, or that side of me that IS househusband-y, and yes, there is one, is just isn’t uxoriousness.) Here comes the gherkin, however (that’s “pickle” to us Yanks); I am being OFFERED a really NOT-SO-CLEAR choice here, - cards my cards oh my traitorous cards – who do I WANT helping me on those crucial first steps of the new journey? When aide is so precious? So wanted, so needed, and yes, eventually given after tests of worthiness and valor? II, the High Priestess, or III the Empress? That’s quite choice, I must say. No, actually, I will shout it, “THAT’S QUITE A FUCKING QUESTION!” Is the answer supposed to be clear on that, in there somewhere? “Yes, become a spiritual master,” or “Yes, become powerful and rich beyond your dreams.”??? Gimme a break, this is a joke, right? Marcus, are you dressed as one of our cats and are fooling with the cards when my back is turned? (The 3rd option, trying to meld them both into some sort of überarchetype of the feminine is far too outlandish.) There is a clue, however. Sing the praises of the Wheel, Sisters & Brothers, for the Answer is here! I wanted a light & frothy deck, right? I wanted to lift my mood and all the gloom & doom with a bit of frivolity, right? AND I WANTED TO JUDGE EASILY ON SURFACE APPEARANCES. It stands to wit, therefore does it not, that this is III the Empress? That’s the eye-catching illustration and title, not that tiny little II at bottom center. So, I’m going to aim my arrow of a wand today at the Empress (yes, there is one in the vicinity, thank you very much!) and ride forth affirming: Love and beauty flow through my life in a limitless stream! (TApp)

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