Wednesday, January 7, 2015

 Good Morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 07 January 2015: The 2 of Swords, III the Empress and lensing but not lensing from the back of his passing lion is VIII Strength. I wasn’t comfortable going back-to-business-as-usual with the MashUp, I didn’t want to be so severely limited as a 1 or 2 card draw, but they proved too simplistic other than a sentence or three. And I didn’t want to do 5 or more cards every bleeding time! I needed a MashUp that wasn’t a MashUp, in short. So – ta-da! – here we have it, the MashUp Maybe or the In-between or the Waiting-for-Something-Better. But today is what it is today. Right out of the box I can “see” that I have a single-minded day ahead of me – and it’s feminized, at that. I’ve got something on mu plate that is taking all of my attention, or is trying. I seem to be making the decision whether to narrow down my field of vison to that problem only, or not. The Empress is giving me everything I could possibly need or use in the situation, because she knows what is going on. This is my Anima, calling once again, saying she’ll be nice this time, she won’t be a bitch and she won’t try to fuck with my life. Lies, all lies. Women are 110% about Control, even the archetypes, and while the man loves the couple who will fight to the death for his Liberty and Freedom, and yes, liberty and freedom from the tyranny of women, too. Along with the Empress, I’m being supported by a great deal of Strength, who, A) Wants SOMEONE in control; and B) NEEDS that leader for direction. I’m getting powerful help – and any time the powerFUL want to help the powerless, “watch out! Somebody’s takin’ it up the ass,” as Dad would say. These things are NEVER accomplished to help the small design; I exist to serve The Big Design, as do all of us. The point of it is that they aren’t, so to speak, “cruel;” they see it as a readjustment; they mean to hurt no one, but The Grand Design admits of neither errors nor delays, so, “excuse us if we are brutal, we’re pressed for time, you see.” I need to be VERY, VERY careful about processing anything from my Anima, simply because her agenda is simplistic, sexist and pouty. “I’m the girl! You should let me drive! I am too a nice person! Do you like my dress? Why won’t Grandma pick her nose! I’m mad at you!” Her head is ALL over the place, and frankly, yes, I’ll say it, as a MAN, I cannot trust her to make good decisions. Therefore, I’m on duty 24/7, even over my own family, over everything. If I want to evolve, pay attention. Be aware, but not judgmental. Be compassionate, but with reserve. Be giving, but don’t think of it at all less your ego self-inflates. And finally –
-      You are going to think I’m crazy, but I’m not. Go in to the kitchen or wherever, remove your socks and shoes, and wash your feet. Wash them well and carefully, with your hands, not a cloth. Pat them dry. Now, barefoot, go walk around, especially on the beaten Earth. That’s it, just ground yourself. Calmly, quietly pull it all back together and get on with your day.
Now, settled into my day of feminized agenda, just under Daddy’s watchful eye, even if Daddy is a feminist himself, because he knows enough to look after his own ass, I can get on with I’ll just tuck the affirmation under my arm and we’re off: hmmm, affirmat. . . affir . . It’s here somewhere . . ahh, here it is: I move towards Balance and Harmony (ThAPP). Well, let’s hope so. On the infrequent occasions that my Anima and I have made common cause, the results are always surprisingly efficacious. The power of working In Couple, I am sure of it.

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