Thursday, January 8, 2015

 Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 08 January 2015: the Ace of Pentacles, the 6 of Swords and reaching generously over from Cartier where she’s arranging to have her hearth paved with emeralds is the Queen of Pentacles. Actually, it’s not such a good morning; 12 people are dead in Paris in a terrorist attack on a newspaper. Our condolences to everyone touched by the tragedy. At all accounts, it isn’t the Parisian news that accounts for a glum attitude today; I just woke up with it and my peace of mind in disarray. So, the Journey starts as it starts, with the magic gift of the fullness of the earth given to us at the beginning of all things. And just as in the biblical fable of the three servants and the master’s investment, we rarely increase manifold what we are given, we fritter it away in vain and vainglorious pursuits and distractions. So, here I am, again at “the beginning of all things,” given again the Ace of Pentacles, the 3-D suit. I freely admit not knowing even vaguest iota of what “the beginning of all things” means in my context; I am 62 years old, have been on my spiritual journey in a conscious manner for a very long time, and have been acquainted with the Tarot for more than 50 years. Be that as it may, that’s what the card says, “the gift of the new beginning, especially on the 3-D plane.” On verra, mon ami, on verra, mais je soupçonne que ce voyage désigné est l’un et le même que celui déjà pris. This is linked with the Gate card, the 6 of Swords. Quiet acceptance of the sorrows already assumed? Learning to live with my pain while I voyage with it? Fuck that. I’m going to look at this 6 as what I already know it is; “Continue with the Journey. Yes, you are carrying a shitload of experience WITH the Journey, but you can’t put it down, not yet. Keep journeying, you’re not there yet, but the bridge and then the town are close. So, wrap up, assume your actions with some degree of nobility and calm, and keep Journeying.” Then we have “Mom,” the Queen of Pentacles, watching all of this, helping along the way, and continually giving her earth-mother earth energy and self-awareness to her child, me. Whether I use them is up to me, isn’t it? I have a draw today dominated by powerful Pentacles and seasoned with silent swords. As an affirmation, I can go with “The Haven of My Heart Surrounds Me,” but actually, I think I’m going to go simpler, easier today, and just simply affirm: “Easy does it, Mark, one foot in front of the other, one step after another.” (Today’s deck is the *Fenestra Tarot* by Chatriya. The card back is two entwined roses of the “faded Victorian” style; that characterizes the entire deck, for me.)

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