Monday, January 26, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my  for 27 January 2015: the 2 of Cups, V the Hierophant and lensing in during a break in his run through the countryside, amok with his sword, is the inexperienced Page of Swords. 5Tofay’s deck is the *Sola Busca Revisited* ed. by Seven Stars. For sheer piss-elegance, Sola Busca is the mountaintop, and this deck makes it a bit more user-friendly and quotidian for daily use. I like it. Note: It isn’t for learners.) The beauty of the Sola Busca is that in its place as the primo Italian deck to which we have access or even possess knowledge, interpreting the cards is a personal choice. Like the “faux amis” between English & French (when a word is “almost” the SAME in both languages, but has 2 distinct and different meanings depending on the language.) There is NO LWB for Sola Busca, not any way of knowing what “system” of interpretation was given to them, or IF one was, or what THESE signified to THOSE people in THAT century (15th.) That’s 6 centuries ago, think about it! So, with these beautiful but mysterious early Renaissance decks, you are striking out on your own. (Erik C. Dunne, thinking of you as I forge a path this a.m. Stay true to your path, mon cher ami.) I don’t need to stray too far for this morning’s pull, however. I’m starting the day on a bright union, a beautiful newborn understanding, an excitement to the birth of a new enterprise. At this very second, of course, I have no idea what form that may take; perhaps a conversation I had early this morning with someone who is important to me and feels emotionally vulnerable, or perhaps someone in my family has an announcement, or . . who knows? But I look at the cards this morning, I “reach out” to them, and go in, and feel out the vibe. What are they saying today, I ask myself? Here, in a funny (odd) way, I think V the Hierophant, a card I know intimately, is here to make sure that at least I keep SOME of the forms in their usual aspects, to at least TRY and “color in between the lines, honey.” I was deeply UN-inspired by yesterday’s draw because I FELT nothing, NOTHING at all from the draw. It was as interesting to me as a flayed rat carcass, which is to say, ZERO. John Q; Pope is someone I usually don’t have any trouble at all identifying as a part of me, but today he feels simply fuddy-duddy-ish, an aged grandpa who’s found himself “in charge” of a children’s birthday party. Good luck, old fart, you can’t even MOVE that fast. I have this insane desire to step into his robes and yell, “It’s Okay! You can love who you want how you want, I promise! Just no bullshit or violence, okay?” Hooking the energy of the sword Ace and the open horizons of the 2 of Cups together, it’s more than a bit silly to ask Grandpa H. to babysit. However, if he can go back a bit and be a storyteller, he might have a rapt audience. Whichever, whatever, whomever, just pick up the oriflamme upon which is embroidered, “Ethical Will,” and lets ride out and see if any of this Renaissance food is even edible, whaddaya say?

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