Thursday, January 1, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 01 January 2015: the 4 of Coins, the 4 of Cups and lensing the scene in youthful abandon and hormonal excess, the Page of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Kazanl├ír Tarot* of Professor Emil Kazanl├ír, from Budapest, Hungary? These cards are not available on the market, but I had the great good fortune to make a friend who had a friend who was a friend . . . you get the picture. We corresponded, and for some odd reason he couldn’t get giant format Lenormand, so I mailed him 2 copies and he mailed me his two Tarots, this one, and a 22-card Majors-only deck called the *Sumeremilhum Tarot.* I am personally delighted with the whole serendipity/synchronicity of the event, to say the least. I find the cards delightful, reminiscent of both Emirate and Magyar culture, and chock full of Kabbalistic symbology?) After all the “sturm und drang” and “One Life To Live” melodrama of the last couple of days’ draws, today we have landed at Tranquility Base. “Houston, do you copy, we have landed at tranquility Base. Over.” 4’s 4’s, surrounded by fours, even that pretend “4” of the Courts, the Page. In a stroke of superstition, (of which I have many but will deny all); I always take the first draw as a mirror-writ-small of the New Year? Thus, today’s reading speaks for me not only about today but, in a vague way about all of 2015. I want e r*e*a*l year-reading for the coming year, I draw one of the enormous Wheel spreads for myself, or I do as I did this year, and simply hire another professional, who did a complete Wheel of the year for me; I “needed” someone to “read” me, other than myself, and I am more than satisfied with the results. She does great work, thanks, Jan! (I know; I’m member #409429.) Today is all about stability, on the home front and the emotional front. The 4s in general are the culmination of those early, positive years and reflect that pure birth energy in its last real rays before the 5s set in and start cackling with misery, depravity or both. I FEEL stable today, and I feel good about it in the coming year. Lensing through this, in this, is the Page of Wands. One of those wonderful bits of useless news came my way with this card; the bird he holds is the Had-Had bird, who served Solomon by carrying his love letters to the queen of Sheba. Well, although I’ll sure that my wife complains bitterly to her friends that her supply of love letter is woefully thin, other than that I’m ready for his Page, if he isn’t me, and I strongly suspect he is not me. I’m feeling my age too much these days die to my health to entertain that delusion, so I shall surprise it is an ACTUAL younger person. This may segue very nicely into that which my Wheel reading gave me as well on the arrival of a new energy/new person in my life this year. I only need concern myself with today, however, and this feels OK because it feels “controllable.” I’ll let you know later if I was pipe dreaming; in the meantime, I shall step forth with the affirmation that for the New Year I am releasing my fears and filling myself with confidence and self-trust. (I agree with the idea of that sentiment, but not the wishy-washiness it exemplifies.) ‘Vhateffer. I hear zee Children of zee Night calling, calling my name! Ha! Vhat sveet music zey make!”


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