Saturday, January 10, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 11 January 2015: the 9 of Cups, the 2 of Swords and trumpeting in from the planet Mars we have the 7 of Wands. (Today’s deck is *The Deck of the Dead* by Seven Stars. Lovely, sepia-toned death-themed deck. Not a quick & easy public reading deck.) Happiness, Peace and Valor. It sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Queen Chamomile reigns and all are happy and at peace although filled with valor. Uh-huh, yeah, and if you really like that, I have the most marvelous bridge in Brooklyn that you are going to LOVE . . . This is one of the reasons I dislike pulling an all-ma spread – you’ve got all these specifics and no general framework for them. “Here’s a plastic cup, one prehistoric fork, a flat rock and a dying fire; make that Chateaubriand de Boeuf avec sauce de chanterelles et champagne, and you win this all-new Amana kitchen!” Planetwise, I’ve got Jupiter, the Moon and Mars for today, so . . . what? A jolly, disassociated warrior is on his way? It is hands like these that don’t “mean” anything to me – if I wanted a CNN rundown on my daily agenda, I’d get it, but that isn’t what I want from the Tarot. So, let’s look a little closer at what’s here. Mr. 9 of Cups is that former loser who’s finally made “the cool kids” gang, he’s having a good time but, you know what?, he is STILL wracked by insecurities. He will spend his life trying to be his father, living with the fact that someone taught him all the WRONG meanings of emotions and feelings, and he’s realizing it. Give a party, but know, deep down, you are still all alone, little man. His emotions are trying to help, but their watery nature easily leads to self-indulgence and laziness of spirit. Mr. 9 is trying, he’s trying very hard, to stay centered, but the dark keeps whispering . . .”are you enough?”  Miss 2 of Swords is hanging around as well, as she has quite often lately. I, for one, am thoroughly sick of seeing that filthy, tattered “blindfold” she usually wears so I’m glad to see it is gone. I generally find her distasteful anyway; I can easily imagine that she smells of hay, sour milk and vinegar. She speaks to “accommodation,” finding common grounds for a truce; if it’s the battle inside we are discussing, it isn’t that simple, and if we are speaking of the exterior, then as an individual I am STILL powerless. Peace here is a relative thing – I’ve never seen the adjective “happy” before the noun “peace” in the context of the 2 of Swords, it is just a temporary arrangement and you WILL have to fight another day, Jocko. And speaking of which, our little mummer has entered the room, the 7 of Wands. Now, 7 is going to try and sneak around and behind me, and lifting my leather tunic, he’s going to try to blow smoke up my ass. “You can do it! You fell, that’s true, Tiphareth is gone, you screwed up, but you had to do it. You had to do it so you could find yourself here. So, acknowledge that you are completely outclassed “militarily” here but that you are going to face the enemy anyway, your bravery knows no bounds, you leap in front of the train to save Peal Pureheart, . . .this is Valor, and you need to whip yours out.” Do I really need to add that I am more than happy with the wife I have, I don’t WANT Pearl Pureheart, and that little voice is always big on sacrificing MY character as if it’s a quick and painless process. Horseshit, it hurts like hell to change sometimes, and just because it’s for the Journey doesn’t make it suddenly more palatable. Yes, fighting against overwhelming odds is VERY valorous, but don’t forget, it is very STUPID, too. So, I’m going to tell myself, very firmly, I embrace life and enjoy the flow, BUT I know when the river is cresting and it is unsafe to cross. I’m old enough and smart enough to grasp my opportunities with two hands, alright, but these days I wear gloves . . . .

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