Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 13 January 2015: the 4 of Arrows (Swords) reversed, the 8 of Staves (Wands) and serenely passing gas off to the side under a Bodhi tree is IX, the Hermit. (Today’s deck is *The Sacred India Tarot* by Rohit Arya and Jane Adams. Enchanting, true to Hindu mythological narrative.) I love the earth the colors, and the exoticism of Hindu lithology but cannot claim to have a thorough knowledge of it, therefore some of these continuous, synchronized stories in this deck will make much sense to me until I learn them; THAT, however, has NO effect on the quality of a “general” reading with these cards, ignoring deck-specific tomfoolery is easily done with most decks as we know. That being what it is, I really have a rather straightforward draw today for the MashUp. I’m starting out a bit groggily with the 4 of Arrows reversed, my old friends the Swords. Their book gives me advice sounding like a turn-of-the-century fortunetelling machine, “Unwelcome guests. A jailbird. Exile or disgrace. Non-cooperative and balky, cowardly, ostrich-like.” Good lord, a good example of the very worst of the Victorian bad habit of “scientifically” classifying someone according to genus and species and thus disposable to a shelf to be forgotten. Fucking Victorians. The character involved in the mythological story behind the Arrows suit sounds interesting though, with this card representing someone named Devravratha. Apparently he has a “fatal” relationship with his father. Curiosity whetted, I will return to the story later to find & read it in its entirety. This card is indicated as symbolizing a fallacious line of reasoning. So, I’ll need to be on guard for that today, I run into it often, people using Reason badly to justify their capricious behavior. Pairing black with white and slow with speedy, we tumble into the arms of the 8 of Staves (Wands), Speediness Personified. This card is indicated as Transcendence of Limitations, which is “speedily accomplished. This is, in general, always a good card to have in a reading (unless it is paired with the 5 of Leprosy and the 9 of Serious Car Accidents, then you may have trouble, and very soon.) I really like the 8, but there just isn’t a lot to say about him/her that doesn’t sound like smoke blown up your butt. He’s quick, timely & transcendent, voilĂ ! Keeping these phallic shapes in line (so to speak) is IX, the Hermit. He’s another card I’ve always liked, simply because I envy him the lifestyle. I have tried to make THAT state of existence my own several times in life, but haven’t succeeded because I cannot withdraw from interacting with the world long enough, or at least then I couldn’t. I daydream now that if my wife pre-deceases me, I will finally have the opportunity to implement that state of existence fully in this life, thus being able to “cross it off the bucket list before I kick.” If not, oh well. I’d say, “next time, then,” except that I DON’T plan on coming back to this damn Wheel ANYMORE! (I know, I know, don’t bother telling me, the gods are laughing heartily at that one. That is OK, let them laugh. I will win them over to me as their brother; they shan’t be able to deny me.) I’m in good company with the Hermit, as odd as that sounds, being so counter definitive. I enjoy the company, I always have. Therein lays the danger of the Hermit – the attraction of the idea of just stopping there, going no further, “I’ve found a really comfortable place, I’ll settle down for a few decades and just not move and contemplate the butterflies.” Arming myself with the affirmation that I dwell at the center of myself and am comfortable there, I can travel with and then say good-bye to the Hermit, as I have other cosmic fish to fry, now . . .

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