Thursday, January 15, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 16 January 2015 : XIII Death, the King of Wands, and lensing from the astral because his body is a bit busy right now is XII the Hanged Man. (Today’s deck is the *Elemental Tarot* by Marco Turini.) Well, Hello, Friday morning! I’m tempted to be mean-spirited to this client (yeah, I know, it’s me, but play along) and say, “Well, Mr. High-minded Man, looks like you’ve got Sacrifice and Death in your immediate future. Good luck with that. That’s 50 Euros, put it on the table and get out. You breathe bad luck.” Of course, that’s not what the reading says at all, but he doesn’t know that. I’m tempted to be mean-spirited simply because I woke up in a grumpy mood. (Urticarial problems all night with very little spotty sleep.) And feeling a bit anti-Tarot, although for the life of me I couldn’t tell you why. I do know that I’m not very interested by today’s draw, despite the grand drama inherent in the three cards: “Death, Sacrifice & the King of Wands, oh my! Lions & tigers & bears, oh my!” I don’t see anything wildly rosy here, to be sure; deep change causing transmutation in a rational and ordered man, to be brief about it. Of course, the $64K question is, “Yeah, but what do ‘I’ see here? Do I agree? Am I sanguine about it, or profoundly vexed?” Because that last is quite possible; I was pondering my recent life yesterday and I thought, “Jeezuz, I’ve had a SHITLOAD of problem, change & transformational prep come down the pipe lately. I can understand the inner Me wanting to get as much done as possible now that time has become visible for me, but I’m not dead yet, and I’m more than just a little tired of the Universe seeming to treat me with an attitude of, “He’s not dead yet. He has strength still. Give him another one. Something that will really break his spirit and his balls this time.” No, “. . . he hasn’t descended into paranoid mental instability brought about by an unhealthy addiction to Tarot, Mrs. Miller.” I’m strongly feeling the need to Resource & Recharge, because the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, and I’m aging with very questionable health. And yet – and yet – right now “my Tarot world” is exploding with new connections, new learnings, new discoveries and the excitement which bubbles through me every time I pick up a deck. That feeling that Help, Clarity and Knowledge are right there, on the horizon, and I may be able to reach them to implement any usefulness I find there, for myself AND others. At this point, however, the old oomph! just isn’t there, and I’m feeling dispirited. Best thing I can do? Fold my cards, and then arm myself with this Pause; this pause can help me to see differently. So I’m folding the tent for today – we’ve been called on account of rain.

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