Saturday, January 17, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 18 January 2015 : II The Gate of the Sanctuary (High Priestess), the 7 of Cups and making swishing sounds as he practices getting killed while lensing is the 7 of Swords: (Today’s deck is the *Ibis Tarot* by Josef Machynka. A clean, “minimalist” Egyptian style, easy-to-read-with deck.) I love the High Priestess, Major Arcanum II. She baffles me. I never, and I DO mean never, know what to think of her when she turns up. I’m always suspicious of people telling me that I must accomplish A, B and C before they will deign to reveal to me Great Secret D; I am doubly so if it is a veiled woman. On the other hand, she is SO much fun – “C’mon, don’t be afraid, come on in, hang out, get creeped out, it’s all fine. Now, come here, I want to whisper arcane nothings in your ear while I caress your wand.” She is deep down there in the primordial well, telling me to get a grip because the sacral is right there, right within reach, behind that flimsy, wisp-o’-nothing veil floating in the air. I presume one of the reasons, and I DO say one, as in “amongst many,” I find her so baffling is merely the fact that I am male, and by natural orientation am not given to emitting cloudy puffs of obfuscation, nor of using that old, Hypatian lure of “learning is the best aphrodisiac.” She is one of those types who incarnate that in a woman which cannot be understood, the mystery of her participation in the creation process, along with the man, of creating and birthing divinity in themselves. The entry into II’s salon is quite simple: you must be willing, you must be humble and you must have an unquenchable desire to rise, to evolve. So if she is motivating me today, it seems she will be doing it by offering me Choice, and a lot of it. I’m always yammering on and on about how I value Choice, and how real democracy MUST have choice if it wishes to label itself as such, and why Choice is just about the 10/40 of the Universe. (10/40 is a type of motor oil.) Yet, like all who are stuck in the human condition, I really DO want, secretly and not-so-secretly, NOT to be given a surfeit of choice so as to help make my decisions easier. If I only have to choose between A and B, instead of A, B, C, D, or E, then I have a lot LESS chance of screwing it up, of bending myself over and having to take the high, hard one. Here I am being offered quite the surfeit and it is hard to break the illusion, but it can be done, and once the desire is mastered the energy can be turned to better uses. It does seem, however, that the 7 of Swords is hardly a “better use.” “Hasty actions solving nothing, Increasing isolation, etc.” all pop into mind when this 7 shows up, and on a standard RW card even the image seems sly, oily and untrustworthy. So I think I will be guarding against the temptation to act too precipitously today, and of acting alone, as well. All of this is a fairly mild, laid-back reading for today not involving a lot of tension and focus on process. So, gliding forth into my day, I shall remember to keep my energies focused on the moment in hand and on succeeding in keeping myself calm and laid-back on a day when I am being asked to learn, not to perform colossal, self-concentrated labors of accomplishment. Take it easy, Mark, it will be just fine.

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