Sunday, January 18, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 19 January 2015: XXII the Phoenix, the King of Cups and lensing through its ten crystal chalices, the 10 of Cups. (Today’s deck is *Quantum Tarot Version 2.0* by Kay Stepforth and Chris Butler. They have added two cards to the Major Arcana; 00 The Universe and XXII the Phoenix. I quite like the imagery of this deck. I believe the deck serves better for study & meditation than readings, but here we go.) The Cosmic’s LWB describes the Phoenix as: “The Phoenix is the evolved Fool, rising from the ashes to begin his journey anew. This time the whole Universe is his playground. What has been reborn in you?” I don’t like the addition of “new cards” to the Tarot deck, at least not will-nilly. That can lead to an Arcanum for Aunt Tilley’s Recipe Rolodex, another for Constipation, and perhaps another, The Golden Chicken, symbolizing being shat out at great expense. That being said, the Universe and the Phoenix are not TOO obnoxious to add to the deck, at least for a “novelty read,” although it is slightly more than that. I would use this deck more if I was assured that its authors weren’t just doing janitorial work when they created two extra cards. Alright, alright, bitch, moan & kvetch, begone! All in all, this is a pleasantly reassuring draw as well as having a solid dose of adventure and happy endings. The Phoenix is, in this case, symbolizing a rebirth in my emotional life. Cups are NOT my suit, and the whole emotional field, for me, runs astrologically speaking on an outer planets timetable. I have all the patience of a crazed stoat when it comes to emotional delays, hang-ups or misadventures, and I want Love Love Love and I want it NOW. Yeah, yeah, typically Aries. So there I am, having finally had the courage to don my Neptune outfit, assuming the mantle of Kingship of Emotions, and NOT forgetting that king translates to “glorified shepherd” with a human flock. If anyone is meant to serve, it is the king. Everything a king symbolizes is locked into that web of wise and balanced care with which a good king supports his kingdom. So, this Fool is perhaps being the chance to become what he has long wanted to be, more aware of my kingship in the house of my emotions and better able to function in my role. The cards signify that I will be successful in this matter, that a new horizon is being breached in the House of Cups and that I am well-positioned to take advantage of it. I am grateful for the reassurance of success, but even more grateful that this area of my life is re-opening to me, and that the happiness I now feel in my domestic situation may be expanded to cover far greater territory in the kingdom than before. This would please me, profoundly. Family contentment may deepen, as well, which is well-timed to recent events. So rather than be content to regard what emotional wealth I have, sit back on my heavy haunches, drink beer and smile fatuously, I will go forward more in a spirit of adventure. I have long “worshipped” Poseidon/Neptune, in the quirky manner of someone who is a salamander/fire creature (for example, I fear death by fire, but am calm with the idea of drowning, therefore it is wise to remain friendly with Water, even if I am Fire.) So I shall bring a bit of that quicksilver temperament over to heavy Water, and see what comes up in the mix. I’m excited about this: it has been a l-o-n-g time since my heart has been out for a drive.

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