Friday, January 2, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 02 January 2015: XVII the Star, VIII Justice and the 8 of Cups, decidedly « de trop » here in what looks like an interrupted poker game. (Today’s deck is *Brotherhood of Light Egyptian Tarot* by The Church of Light, B.O.T.A.) At first sweeping lance, I thought this card layout had something to do with my couple, but looking with more attention rid me of that fallacy. XVII the Star is shaking the morning dew off of her breasts and deciding she is going to break through, break free, and the quickest way she sees to doing it is to hitch a ride with blind Justice in her chariot. Let’s admit it; The Star doesn’t have a long way to go, so her haste seems rather unseemly, on the face of it. Unless . . . “Oh no! I’m going to die! I know it! Get a move on with the Journey, Mark; you’re going to die!!” LOL, no, but it was fun saying that, saying something like that is what I have ALWAYS wanted to “pull” on a client just to see their face, but ethics do get in the way, don’t they? Not to mention the HORRIFIC karma that would generate, for me. Ugh. So, my sense of survival wins, as usual, over my sense of crazed folly; but not always, not always. At any rate, Justice is so eager to get me to the Judgment Halls of Amenti and into the presence of Osiris that she grabbed the 1st barge that came to hand, a clunky green wooden number, and now we make a rather slow progression upriver through the Courts of Montu and Ra, to our eventual goal, the wharf at Amenti. It is worth using this time to contemplate for a moment our lensing card, the 8 of Cups. That’s all about get up, leaving the banquet and moving on, too, isn’t it? And doing it consciously, leaving no regrets mixed among the dregs in the cups. Turn your back, raise the collar of your cloak against the wind and get on with it. Time to move on. “Movin’ on up, to the East Side, to that deluxe apartment in the sky!” . . . (Don Great) or at least so one hopes, providing the co-op board hasn’t turned you down because you’re . . . “ahem” . . . “NOKD.” Justice is an old buddy card of mine – I won’t say old friend, because I’m not sure that concept is possible with an archetype like her. She is TOO abstract to sit down and have a well-chilled martini with you, two olives. And there is the entourage. There is ALWAYS a fuckin’ entourage around the *Big Ones* like that, a cloud of semi-divine grifters wanting something in return for nothing, psychic vampires. NEVER FORGET THAT: The Path is littered with “debris” right up to the threshold of the Golden Door. Debris left deliberately, debris left by others’ failures, debris that may still be hiding very deep in the folds of your cloak – quick, look there; however, we are NOT there yet, just anticipating. Right now, we have a hopeful way forward to forge for a settling of accounts. Which accounts, what settling (aside from Judgment, the GREAT SETTLING of Accounts) I have no earthly idea, I only know that I am being asked to continue forward, into the Unknown, from a Known where, for a while, I have been at peace. Now I need to go forward, affirming: My energy is of the Universe, My Power is of Me.


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