Saturday, January 24, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 24 January 2015: The King of Cups, the 7 of Cups and literally winging her way in to the reading to « Surveiller et Punir » (Michel Foucault eat your heart out!) this sloppy house of love is XIV Temperance. (Today’s deck is *The Apocalypse Tarot* by Swiatoslaw Nowicki, Magdalena Walulik and Robert Sobota. Esoteric Christianity is on the MA and Polish Catholicism is on the ma. Although neither Polish nor Catholic, I find the deck fascinating and clear to read. It is very unusual, but I like it!) Well, this is a more problematic reading than it may appear. We have a dominance of Cups, and Verbena Fairylips Lovechild, our leftover hippie-turned-cardreader would gush and ooze on about the power of LUUUV in my life and how I need to be LUUUV and look for LUUUV just as soon as I can bond with my teddy bear and pretend I have no sexual organs. Gawd, I hate that faux-innocence shit. People who willingly blind themselves to the dark things often incarnate them. Let’s remember that the King of Cups isn’t an ultimately happy or serene-in-the-emotion-of-love kind of guy. He’s had to kill his own talents in order to be an administrator in a realm where he would fit perfectly among the ruled, yet instead he rules. He is the master regulator, true, but it is more in the fashion of a supply master, rationing and dividing and sharing the wealth according to need. So we have a conflicted, slightly fucked-up king and he is dancing with . . . Illusion! Oh, just fukkin’ perfect. The 7 of Cups is, at heart, about a lack of grounding, a lack of being in touch with the Real. And no smartass comments about, “Yeah, man, but what’s ‘Real’?” we ALL know what I mean here. Our deck today characterizes it as “idolatry,” and that’s pretty much on the mark, worshipping that which is NOT worthy of worship, choosing that which is actually the most harmful to us. Eyes open, Mark-o! The Way ahead is strewn with booby-traps and landmines, so walk softly and carry a big, scary works-in-any-sphere gun. Surveilling all of this from her winged, float-y position, one of my more recent acquaintances but lord! She comes around a lot!, is XIV Temperance, trying madly to blend, hammer and temper the metal of this union and quench the Fire in the newborn sword (?) in her Waters. I’m having to guess the Fire inference is me directly as there are no cards showing that would hint at that conclusion, and yet I know it is the right one – opposing or clashing or unhappy or mismatched elements are warring inside me, not happy with their assigned tasks, generally uncomfortable on the throne, and I want to channel this through XIV Temperance in order to reach a livable medium. Unhappy kings and choices empty of substance are both guaranteed to PISS ME OFF, so I badly need Temperance here to help me reach an end-of-the-day status quo with which I can live. So, arming myself with the thought that I am strong in love and life and that I can shine with the radiance of a Star, I should be able to do this today.

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