Thursday, January 29, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 30 January 2015: the 6 of Coins, XVIII the Moon and lensing in from Central Control is the Lensmaster himself, XIX the Sun. (Today’s deck is *Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot* by Paul Huson. Attractive, in the original sense of the word. You can’t help but like the deck, it is like a friendly puppy. Clear, concise and the use of color is very boundary-oriented. Good deck.) The sixes always leave me a bit flummoxed. You are never quite sure where you are going when one slides out from your fingers to plop into the waters of consciousness at your feet. The 6 of Coins and its take on measured generosity is, on the surface, easily understandable and worthy of the small sneer that it evokes. But then again, that isn’t really what this card is about; if you don’t believe me, go ahead, go on, get your butt over to the shelf and get down your copy of ‘78°’ by Pollack and look for yourself, Doubting Thomasina. It IS a good card, don’t get me wrong (even if, at darker moments when I would like to fuck with someone’s head and say, “Oh, no! You’re going to lose everything and have to beg charity from your worst enemy!” LOL, no, I’m not that malevolent, really, but it IS funny.) Today I am going to go with this card as a Gate card, a card that, if properly handled and joined with other cards, may serve a s a gateway to receive the attached qualities or gifts. Here I am attaching XVIII the Moon, which gives me one of those brief out-of-body experiences that aren’t, a “The Moon??? Are you SURE, buddy? Really, the Moon?? Okkaaayy, if you say so, but don’t say you weren’t warned!” moment. I have more confidence in the Moon than I do, it seems (LOL). Which is okay, because as much as I joke around, I KNOW, for a fact, Officer, that there is a screaming old crone inside me, right here, too. I give a LOT of lip-play to my ongoing tussles with my anima/ae, but at base she IS me, and it’s all one big clusterfuck in here anyway, so I really don’t have that much problem with dancing in the moonlight. It may take me close to the edge of the pier, but the view of the approaching hurricane is magnificent. Champagne, cocaine, cold platter lobster and a tower suite at the Marriott beachside resort as the Moon rises to handmaiden in the storm, and then to fall, sometime later after both the storm and the pier had blown away, with the rising of her lord and master and companion and partner, XIX The Sun, who has lensed in directly in order to keep this tempest-in-a-teacup down to daily proportions. I love the Sun, AND the Moon, AND the dark spaces in between, so I’m along for the ride, please don’t pull over at that Stuckey’s and make me get out. I promise, today I will “Shine bright and surround myself with Light.” Can we get on down the Road now, please?

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