Friday, January 30, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 31 January 2015: the Knight of Swords, The 7 of Wands and lensing in from the astral where she was incognito and binging on romantic comedies and perfumed dragées is II the Popess. (Today’s deck is a wonderful find, the *Kazanlár Tarot* by Emil Kazanlár (Facebook: [ ] and Deck: [ ]. It is actually Herr Doktor Professor, but we are just beginning a new epistolary friendship and I really don’t want to cast him in the “role,” you see; I still have vivid images thanks to Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. It is a polycultural deck, very colorful and VERY Kabbalistic. I love the deck, and now for the sad part: to my knowledge, it is not available to the general public. I performed a service for Prof. Kazanlár for which he generously provided me with his decks. [Yes, plural. The other is a Majors only, round deck. Quite stunning as well.] This deck numbers 80 cards, with the addition of a court-style maharajah labelled “Reason” and a court-style Austrian empress labelled “Intuition.” They can also be Significators.) Well, well, well . . . it HAS been several days, thus I am overdue a visit from one of the royal Swords men. The Knight especially, but both he and the King seem to live in the lining of my skin and burst forth whenever they wish, and damn the consequences. It’s a phallic world out there, Swords & Clubs dominating my landscape because Cups turn up their noses at me and Pentacles are rather sexless and impersonal, just like money and most 3-D thingies. Not the home & health, of course, but generally Pentacles are a settled suit for me, as if Karmic arrangements were made before I was born. So today I’m being earnest, or will have an earnest young man on my doorstep, and everything about him screams, “Guide me! Help!” He’s a bundle of well-meaning energy and contentiousness, our knight, but he is so narrow-visioned it is easy for him to fall off the Path and forget his directed goal. So, pay attention to Junior today, Mark! He’s around, so don’t lose him or let him wander off. On the other tentacle, I might not have to keep too close an eye on Junior, as he is rattling around the chateau with the 7 of Wands, a terribly positive sign in ANYONE’S hands, especially our Knight. This 7 calls for courage, dauntless & decisiveness. A victory is PROMISED, a great victory, but it HAS to be worked for, I can’t sit back on my lime-flavored with pineapple rings asscheeks and simply wait for it to waltz into the into the room. Our card shows villagers asking a sadhu for enlightenment, their quest being knowledge which must be fought for if it is to be gained. When one does win through, there is a sense of deep “consolation,” as if your “penance” has been rewarded. Overseeing this Knightly waltz with an armful of Wands, the Popess pops another Ricola Double-Strength Lemon Drop in her bow-lipped mouth to combat her trance-inducing eau de toilette (an eye-tearing blend of patchouli oil, smoked eels & garlic.) “Grandma” doesn’t drop in often, she’s usually locked in her tower with her latest talking mandrake root that she will inevitably have named, “Nostradamus.” When she DOES bother to show up, it is usually because there is some heavy anima-adjustment needed in my world. Normally, and this IS a grave fault of mine, I trust my anima about as much as I trusted Biff Johnson, my first boyfriend and quarterback of the football team, after I caught him behind the bleachers with Polly Ollensdotter, the tri-state Cherry Pie Bake-Off Champion three years in a row (and fat pig, IMO.) At any rate, once again I’ve probably got my anima in the wrong lens over some question or another, and I need to search it out and balance it out, or else, and this is just a feeling, the Knight is going to be unable to continue with this issue unresolved behind him. Despite the swords and wands that open this MashUp, it was signified as an intuitive reading today by the draw of a guiding spirit (thus putting the 2 extra cards to picayune use.) That, coupled with the Popess watching the ball, certainly convince me that today’s reading is happening somewhere inside, that I need to call on my interior senses to see my way around today, and to do it with joyful expectation. After all, nothing defeats like an attitude of defeat, right? So, holding mu Intuition like the illuminating brand that it is, I shall trust in its friendship to help me out today.  

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