Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 01 February 2015: VI the Lovers, the 3 of Wands and lensing in from a galaxy far, far away is XX Judgment. (Today’s deck is the *Fantastical Creatures Tarot* by Lisa Hunt & D.J. Conway.) I’m feeling rather good this morning, yesterday having passed on the good side of the cards and having a few hours of decent sleep under my belt. This morning’s draw is curious. Giving it the old lightning-quick glance for summary before I actually LOOK at the cards, I would say “a new, emotionally important person and/or commitment is entering my life and I need to practice patience and provide planning, as this new element in my life will be both surprising and not 100% welcome by others in my sphere. IF I determine that this person and/or commitment while risky, is worth the effort, then I mustn’t pay attention to naysayers, but I have to polish up my act so as to leave neither footholds nor handholds for those determined to plant a pick in my plans.” (You’re welcome. I get off at 6; have dinner ready and the sheets turned down.) This is one of those readings that falls into the category of “Hey! I asked that question SIX months ago! A little tardy, aren’t we?” This galloped through my head about 6 months ago when I was feeling particularly cut off from the homo side of me. I felt I had lost touch, and while my marriage & my wife are excellent, and much loved, there is a whole other side to me that I have had on a starvation diet for over a decade now. Everybody inside is getting restless; the oppressed, my animus, my anima, old & young are starting to clamor for a little Justice, and the gods know SHE runs through my life regularly enough to be mistaken for a urine analyst in a rehab clinic. So, Mark, it looks like you are being told (if you want to be polite, you can say “asked,” but we all know better) to put on your cleats and step up to the plate, warm-up is over. Thank the seven heavens of Bastet that my wife is kosher with my Journey; (of course, one could argue that we wouldn’t be married otherwise, n’est-ce pas?) and as a matter of fact may be more eager for me to strike up the band and get on over to the Big Top than I am – I’m rusty and “out of training” for starting ANY new emotional adventure, but they happen all around me all the time and I know it and don’t care, that’s Life. I won’t hold my breath, but someone new building sandcastles in my soul may be exactly what I need, oh Hell, yes, even WANT. Another soul with which to commune on that foundational level – ah, what delight! Well, on verra. And who is looking at this little micro-mini-drama and pushing me to make change, deep change, profound change, “dazzle them with your acrobatics!” change. So, actually, what my day is telling me here is much like my first, rapid glance: “things are gonna change, buster, start the motor and hold on to your hat!”  This is all very good, in that no one seems to be trying to slip a turd into the banquet disguised as a stuffed vine leaf. There seem to be no evil, dark & dirty bitches or bastards blocking my Timeline today, so I’ll take it. I’ll walk into my day with “I move forward with complete trust in Myself.”

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