Tuesday, January 13, 2015

 Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 14 January 2015: the Queen of Coins, the 3 of Swords and practicing her unicycle routine so she can run away and join the circus is W the Wheel of Fortune. (Today’s deck is *The Deck of the Bastard” by 7 Stars {Elaine Wilkinson}. This from her intro card: “I made this deck for people like me who simply wanted a useable vintage deck. I call it Deck of the Bastard because it’s a compilation of several old decks, including Rider Waite, Soprafino, Etteilla & Grande Jeu de Oracles des Dames  . . .”) Well, I’ve had some luck this morning and have pulled a very “simple,” readable spread. A Major, a minor, and a Court, um hmm, good, good. I can do this in my sleep (almost): a generous & giving Queen of Coins “type” is open, generous and fructifying in your life. I’ve had the good luck to have a LOAD of women like that to help me along: my mother, Aunt Anna, Juanita, my sister Dana, my wife Jeanne, etc.etc. I have been blessed with MANY caring women who have crossed my path at various times for various reason, and I am almost universally well-treated by Queens of Coins. A momentary sorrow connected there may be the death of my mother, although that was 10 months ago. There may be another sadness right around the corner, or even arriving today. I will cope. I always do, because I can only count upon myself to do that. (I don’t know why, but the thought just arrived, “Yeah, nobody is handing me sugar-dusted doughnuts at the funeral.” I don’t recognize my brain, quite often.) Whatever it may be, the 3 of Swords at least brings me an image I’ve always liked for its expressiveness. I can see them on the dance floor actually, the Queen of Coins and 3 of Swords, sliding gracefully to the strains of east European folk melodies. I always picture, in my head, Tarot drama as happening in East Europe, in places like Prague, Warsaw and Budapest. Crazed old alchemists amidst their glassware, with a forgotten and dusty deck of cards set aside on a shelf, yet recounting the TRUE history of the world. Then, into the midst of the ballroom, my special guest of honor arrives and walks forward. She’s dressed a bit ‘en d√©shabille,” and she is blindfolded while wearing neither lace gloves nor dancing pumps. Frankly, she looks like a wounded beggar, but I say HER, She is my honored guest, and that is because she is Chance, X the Wheel of Fortune, and her placement (facing the other two), as well as the incredibly lucky, happy, good vibrations I feel coming from her today promise great things. I can usually tell when she’s off her game; today, I feel that she is right ON. So, clasping her affirmation to my quavering bosom, “Great wealth, good health and happy fortune are flowing into my life,” I shall circulate among the guests today and continue my Tarot Studies as time permits and inclination indicates. “Hi –ho, Silver, away!”

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