Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good morning, All ! Welcome to my MashUp for 22 January 2015: II the Papesse, the 4 of Wands and lensing in from the golden counting house we have the 4 of Coins. (Today’s deck is the *Gilded Visconti Tarot* ed. by Lo Scarabeo.) One’s day, Fate or Destiny seems so much more glorified and highlighted when one is using a gilded deck, doesn’t one? LOL. Almost the history of mi life; gold-plated, gold-leafed, vermeil, anything gold except solid 24K blocks of it lining my bank account. As long as it LOOKS gold, slap it up! When what I like is the heavy, unassuming solidity of pure gold, the buttery golden color, and the hefty weight of real, solid gold. Not that I am an ugly fat redhead with a fat Japanese servant and a plan to rob Fort Knox, far be it, but not far behind, either. (Oh, and I’m not fond of gilded blondes, either.) Well, I start the dance with II the Papesse. Like the opening of an imperial ball, you dance with your most titled and important guest for the opening gavotte. Here it is the High Priestess, one of my girls, as I like to think of them (perhaps I was a pimp in a former life.) With her promise of exotic occult wisdom and the tearing of the Veil, the smoky mysteries behind the mirrors, the bleeding cranes flying across the face of the winter moon genre of symbols & symbolism. The Oracle at Delphi and the Sybil of Rome had nothing on her, the source of their Abracadabra Show. She is the original ‘Gypsy in a Booth Will Tell Your Fortunes,’ except that she is the inventor of the game and perforce much, much better at it than you or I will ever be. This is one of those “3Aspects of Woman” cards, and she comes across crone-like even if there still is a great amount of womanhood still left in her. She isn’t the Empress, after all. Yet what she does guard is important stuff, and nobody is going anywhere without it, including me. The Papesse doubles up with the 4 of Wands, a card of joy. This is the irrepressible energy of the Joy of living and loving together, and not inhabiting the ruins but living in the full sunlight of the open field. The Papesse, her usual doom-&-gloom grey veil off on the wind for once, cannot but help and join in the celebration and the freedom of happy expression. This is a great omen for the day, the Guardian of the Galaxy having a happy and joyful frolic in the country with the townsfolk (us.) Then, bringing in a sobering note to the festivities is the 4 of Coins. It seems that here it is necessary to take a break, bring some order (less joyous) back to the happy Chaos, and have some of the coffee and Purge-It! that the 4 of Coins is passing out. More than anything else, this looks and sounds exactly like a stick-in-the-ass adult driving up and shutting down the joyous excess of a teen-ager’s party. Well, I’m NOT a teenager, so that is more than appropriate, but, Cthulhu forbid! that it should turn into self-absorbed brooding and self-protectionism. I didn’t climb out of the ichor of pre-history to rule over primitive man only to be reduced to a lifeless cypher now by a simple card! So, let’s prance forward on a prissily-beribboned dancing pump and turn the minuet while contemplating the amount of power I can summon in the service of joy and love. 

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