Saturday, February 28, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 01 March 2015 : 0 the Fool, the 7 of Swords and lensing in from her summer apartments in Chthonic Castle is the Queen of Pentacles, looking fabulous (she pays me to say that.) (Today’s deck is *The Magical Realism Tarot* by Cheryl Fair with Paula Millet. RWS-format. Professional quality from top to bottom, metal box edition  top notch [one small bitch – the cards IN-bag are just a wee bit too large for the metal box – one fears damaging the cards.] Troubling images – I like it; it is going to require effort, but immediately evokes and invokes intuition.)  I started today’s MashUp, the 1st of March, with special intent in mind. I asked for guidance on the quotidian front, certainly, but I also asked the cards to evoke for me, just a bit, the entire month, as it is my birth month as well as the 1-year anniversary of the death of my mother, an event which still leaves my mystified and emotionally frozen (when it comes to that.) I’m in that peculiar state of being where, for example, the death of a pet would evoke a colossally misplaced and oversized drama of grief, being a subsuming of the still frozen grief already in place.  I saw 0 the Fool hot off the deck and I thought, “Ah ha! Good!” The Journey recommences, in March, and ‘I’m back in the saddle again,’ at least a bit. The Fool here is a sly dog, isn’t he? That knowing sidelong glance, that wand-cum-bindlestaff lighting the surroundings but no further, and emerging from blackness blacker than black. “Hi, me.” Oh shit! What’s this?? The 7 of Swords?! Really?!? The best possible gloss I can put on THAT (not forgetting my beautiful but silent observer) is doing a full-up straight-on “Pollack” on the Arcanum, and giving it some deeper meaning than just “underhanded dealing for no good reason.” I adore MS. Pollack’s *78°…* book because she gives you a VERY full but concise set of ideas and “learnings” for each Arcanum in a wonderfully de-mystifying way. In an odd turn, her “photo” of each Arcanum leads one almost always to the statement, “Okay, now that I know THAT, I’m a little further on the Path facing the next locked door.” She invites you to “work that card, baby, work it!” So, all of that being given, in this context the 7 of Swords COULD be a stand-in for “a coup that takes the sting out of opposition.” Or, just a bit shadier, “”it stands for an impulsive act when a careful plan is required.” Ms. Pollack emphasizes above all else that this is a card of Isolation, alone-ness. Interesting, n’est-ce pas, that turning her back on the 7 is the Queen of Pentacles, the Empress’ Pentacle representative, and what makes it triply interesting for me is that the Queen of Pentacles is my wife. How I “see” her, at any rate, if I’m casting a Court. By any standard we are an unusual couple, not the least because she is a being of such DEEP inner goodness that what she is doing with me leaves me baffled. That IS NOT just your usual brand of I-love-my-wife and I recognize that-as-a-woman-she-is-inherently-better-than-me brand of bullshit that is fed to the male population to keep them docile and to the female population to encourage consumption. She isn’t who I would have predicted for myself, that is assured; I would have cheated myself without even knowing it. The Goddess really put herself out for me and I need to acknowledge that; I have always been SO hard on my Anima that I believe she thought “So, you want to be a hard case, eh? Okay, here, see what you can do with this gift of immeasurable value, the regard of a woman who loves you.” It blew me away; I can say that for a certainty. She (the Goddess) had had to wait for her opportunity so long that I was nearly adamantine. Thank you, Isis, for not giving up on me. So, knowing that “my heart’s haven surrounds me,” I shall venture out and put a face on my 63rd year. Let’s hope the weather is good.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 28 February 2015: the 10 of Rupees (Pentacles), VI the Lovers and lensing in from his library where he is dancing a merry tune is the Page of Sticks (Wands). (Today’s deck is *The Legend of Tarot* and here is its blurb from «The Legend of Tarot uses video games as a cute visual code to introduce beginners to tarot reading. The 78 tarot cards began as a fun project for Alex and Noa Page, and grew into a complete deck that was then successfully funded through Kickstarter. Created by Alex Page, Noa Page. Self Published 2014.»  I wasn’t sure I would like the deck, but I thought, “Take a chance, why not?” I have a debilitating horror and skin-crawling disgust of wide-and-huge-eyed children with globular heads trying to be cutesy, but thankfully they are not here. The deck was delivered with three “crystals” or “rupees”, two green & a blue. Odd, eye-catching marketing trick I liked. The cards are strangely perverse, so they appeal to me.) I’m starting off with a happy home, which is ALWAYS a good place to start! (10 of Rupees.)  My wife and I were remarking the other day that we seem to be having a particularly felicitous moment in our couple, not that we usually don’t, and our marriage is a luxury steamer in calm seas at the moment. Extra-cool, especially if you know what I mean. Re-inforced with a TRADITIONAL reading of the Lovers (I’m not going to go all Mouni Sadhu on myself today and delve & drown in the seas of CantMakeADecision.) Sometimes there are times when you WANT to go all deep, ultra conscious, yes-I-read-Sanskrit  mystic and metaphysical on yourself, but I’m not there today, I’m taking my pair of Happy Couples and I’m running with it. Brigit over at has this to say about a normal reading of our Page: “The Page of Wands’ . . . creative energy is still very much only a potential or, at best, only an idea.”  Along with salamanders, which are special to me, I can support, I suppose, this Page meddling around in my happy Coupledom today, AS LONG AS he is bringing new and exciting and wonderful ways for us to love and help each other even more. The Page is a monkey, who reminds me of Hanuman, who brings me good fortune on swift wings. So, if we (I, but yes, we, too) can release our fears and live in confidence and trust, today is going to be one hell of a good day!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 27 February 2015: the 9 of Cups, the 10 of Wands and lensing in from the Biennale in Venice is our loving but confused King of Cups. (Oh Frabjous joy! Any time I get to take out a Robert M. Place deck is an occasion of rejoicing. This is *The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery,” by Robert M. Place, and of course his style is inimitable. All of his decks do this to me – make me HAPPY to read Tarot. I couldn’t help but notice that our King on the Cups card looks quite bit like Robert himself, self-portraiture? His art makes you want to know him, to be a friend. He is probably terribly introverted, which would be my luck. I “dowsed” for my three cards today.) (Cached away in the backwoods of New York, whittling whistles in between bouts of inspiration to run inside and paint something absolutely wonderful of Tarot inspiration, then the light going out of his eyes as he shuffles back to whittling more whistles. “He needs me! Let me through! My love will heal him!!”) Grin. Yea, I like the deck. And I’m starting off in some pretty heavy company, the 9 of Cups: Confidence, Perspective, true-footedness, all qualities which I am always having to whip together out of mayonnaise, ginger root and V-8 in order to keep my head in an OVERWHELMING situation, the 10.  “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!”  my most obvious danger is collapsing under the weight of my own burden, apparently. With what am I overloaded? Cares? No. Debt? No. Having to support my divinity myself because others refuse to recognize it? That’s it!!! Grin, again. Actually, I mustn’t forget that the King is Lensing, that is to say he is filtering what we see through his own persona. And remember Pollock and her “. . . his position as maintainer of society does not fit him all that comfortably.” (p;187,78° etc.) Look below, too; a salamander and a fish (?) = the Fire of Water = the King himself. I love that fish, too. I want to serve it, just like that, at table and watch my guests’ faces!!) Just LOOK at him; he is obviously a NICE guy. Now, just LOOK at him AGAIN, and remark the powerless expression, the “I-Don’t-know-what-I’m-doing” look, and the complete and total absence of critical intelligence. He’s Dr. Feelgood with a crown. I like Dr. Feelgood, especially late at night. Whether he is of any use out of the bed is something we shall have to discover together. The best thing I can do is to align myself with the natural energies and let them create. 

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 26 February 2015: the 10 of Batons, the 3 of Pentacles and lensing in fresh from sexualizing a troop of cub scouts in NYC is XIV Temperance. (Today’s deck is the * Alchemy 1977 England Tarot*, about as dark as we are going to go [including the Necronomicon deck, posted here before] in our DDE, Dark deck exploration. They do come darker, but I won’t have them. Some of the decks I have are already too dark, I don’t need more, and I certainly don’t need someone’s banal psychosexual fantasies, as happened, MOST disappointingly, with a deck I recently received. Producing that deck was a waste of time, money and materials! This one, however, isn’t THAT maimed, it is just really dark. Which is okay, if it’s your thing, it turns out not to be mine. Dragons, check, fantasy sci/fi, check, mythic creatures such as vampires & werewolves, check, and I’m a BIG fan of Cthulhu, but demons & big-titted fleshpots with machine guns leave me cold, cold, cold as themes around which to construct Tarot; Frank Frazetta art and Conan –esque “sensibilities.”)  I’ve pulled a very moderate hand indeed from this very dark deck.  A mass of problems and/or thought which I have will be handled with mastery & skill, or CAN be, using XIV Temperance as the vehicle by which I can call forth the wisdom to set things straight. Oh, yes, it can be read on approximately 104 more complex levels, but not today, not by me. I’m not feeling like walking along the summit’s ridge of those metaphysical German mountains, thank you. I just want a nice day, not too much bullshit, please, and for dessert a really good movie and a mind-destroying joint would be an excellent finish to the day, thank you, Cosmos. “Call it, Doctor. Doctor, dammit, call it!”  “Alright, alright! The mandrake root died at 12.04 a.m., shortly after being de-rooted in a brutal fashion. I think we’re looking for a man, around 6’2”, aging, grey hair, tall, may walk with a cane from time to time. He’s known only as, ‘the Tarologue.’ He’s armed with a deck of cards and is considered extremely dangerous, so Approach With Caution. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my life is buys scratching out patterns in the dirt, getting closer and closer to the one that will contain the key. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 25 February, 2015: The King of Chalices, the Queen of Swords and lensing in from a nearby forest is the autumnal presence of XV the Devil. I am horribly pressed today, so I shall leave you to contemplate the cards just as they are, without my intervening bullshit. Jusqu’à demain, alors . . . . (PS, Same deck as yesterday, James R; Eads NEW *Prisma Visions Tarot* as seen yesterday. It is a home run . . . . A keeper & a winner.)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 24 February 2015: the King of Swords, the 8 of Chalices and lensing in from her temple on the far side of the Moon after a light midnight pick-me-up of pomegranate juice is II the High Priestess. (Today’s deck is the flamingly new *The Prima Visions Tarot* by James R; Eads and Katherine Tombs. You will want a copy. Wonderful artwork, vibrant, alive, & there is a fun little trick with the minor arcana, but no spoilers here, and remember, folks, it IS a side-bonus, not intrinsic to the deck. J.R.E. had the “good sense” to put Strength at VIII and Justice at XI, “as-its-supposed-to-be” says I. Stock is good. Inks good. Size – hmmm. I would have preferred the a LITTLE larger, but they are certainly OK, falling within accepted parameters. Now, do they speak to me? Yes, I think they may/do. A little time, a little patience and several uses in I will be better placed to form a solid opinion, but for now, I’m leaning HEAVILY towards a favorable conclusion.) Well, well, electrically-drilled well. . .  I’ve seen THIS hand before, or its very close congeners. The King of Swords is the Tarot’s little in-joke with me today; I feel vinyl-upholstered lazy, and THAT is lazy! At any rate, or King is out there gathering roses as he stumbles across a nest of feral swans. C’mon, admit it, you like the idea, “feral swans.” Unfortunately, it also removes them from their pedestals, so let’s not popularize it, okay? I can see the headline now: “May 25, 2018. Last swan dies in captivity.” That’s our style, isn’t it, to eventually kill anything beautiful. So I’m gliding around the room as an incarnation of Reason and Good decision when the 8 of Chalices blows in through a chink in my castle masonry walls. “King Mark! King Mark! Hey, kingie! C’mon, do it, just walk away. You can do it, there’s too much miasma and mystification going on here to get a good overview, so c’mon on! Quit! Come back to it later, when there is sufficient light.” Although walking away from something screams against fiber of my being, I know from experience that the Voice is right; it DOES simplify and refine things. It helps you find out. It helps you tell the difference between RIGHT action and CORRECT action. It is correct to liberate a slave, but when he is old, sick, malnourished and un-understanding; your job has just begun. So, work ahead, oh Frabjous Majesty! Eyeing all of this from the borderland between Life and death is II the High Priestess. J. R. Eads has characterized her here as Persephone, the daughter of Demeter (Mother Earth.) For those not familiar with the myth, it purports to explain the seasons; why we have 4 of them. The story has it divided in two seasons 1st, and then somewhere 2 more sneak in. The point is that Spring has to spend half the year in Hell, thus Winter. That leaves one to suppose that Summer and Autumn are the jaw-droppingly drunken frat parties Demeter throws at the return of her absent offspring. At any rate, one can certainly surmise that spending one half of every year sharing the bed of the King of the Underworld gives Persephone a rather privileged position to profit from “pillow talk.” Spells abound and there are dark fantasies and magics around every corner in the rambling old palace down there in the eternal Night. “Go inside, Mark. Go in and reflect. Amass your resources. Consider your Path just walked and the Path to come. Let go of Reason and Rationalization, and only see your feelings, you can do that, remember your Intuition? Still there, still functioning, you use it every day and you know you do. Use it here.”

Good morning! Welcome to my MashUp for 23 February 2015 : the 6 of Cups, the Ace of Wands and lensing down in disinterested and distracted reflected attention, XVIII the Moon seems more concerned with her maquillage than in observing lil’ ole me. Which, actually, is fine with me; every time the Moon pays close attention to me, things change in bizarre manners. (Today’s deck is a repeat, I think, grabbed because it was closest to hand, but it can fall at the “light” end of our DDE [Dark Deck Expedition.] At any rate, today’s deck is le *Tarot du Doux Crépuscule* {Tarot of the Sweet Twilight} by Cristina Benintende. A distant cousin to the Deviant Moon deck [or vice versa.] Attractive and readable.) Well, it seems as if I am starting today thinking about stepping outside of accepted boundaries in order to try something new. Hmm, well, good, maybe I’ll surprise myself. I’ve always thought of myself as ‘Johnny Quest’ (within reason, and no, I’m not blond with a scientist father – sheesh!) but lately I have noticed that, unbeknownst to me, a strong serpent of  conservatism  has slithered into my being, and I have ALMOST lost my sense of three-dimensional adventure. Sure, give me a galactic collision across 23,000 light years to contemplate and I’m wonderful, but ask me to go rock wall climbing just down at the mall? Fuck you, I’m busy.  I believe I am approaching that mythic age when old men decide that it is right and good to send young men to war to fight and die. Ugh. Luckily for all of you, I have no legions of loyal Tarot troops to march across the maps of Europe and Asia and take hegemony from you poor, sightless phools! Bwahahaha! Ah! Imagine the beneficent empire I could construct under the leadership of The Gilded Fool (that’s me) in the director’s seat. Well . . . back to Earth. So, “Stepping Out” meets the Ace of Wands, and a very pregnant apple ensues . . . no, not really, just a little biblical humor. Actually, that apple is BURSTING with possibility – Aces are all about that, doncha’know . . . The Wands want to GET OUT THERE, Do Something! C’mon, fatass, move! (I’m a large man, but I firmly deny the descriptive, “fatass.” Indeed!) However, the “largeness” of my “gravitas” leads me to the thought that I need to check out ALL my options before I commit this knot of energy anywhere. XVIII the Moon can help me with that, IF she is in the mood.  Have you ever found yourself entreating a woman who seems more concerned in the state of her manicure than in your words? Who says, “Yes, yes.” in a dismissive manner that just deeply pisses you off? You got what you want but you feel like shit anyway? That’s the Moon, a lot of the time. She’s a hidden gal (some even call her a man) who prefers the shadows and the thin sound of a Hungarian violin at a campfire than the open squares and lighted boulevards of the city. She believes in Love, but not for herself; she is sterile and infecund.  In a very limited kind of way, one may think of her as the family’s crazy aunt, the one with un-understandable preferences and only rarely given to violence. Usually, her scars are worn on the inside. What the Moon may think of ME at this point in my life is certainly more important than when I was a youth, but all things are relative, and in the normal course of things I accord her little importance in MY planning. That “should” change, I know – but “should” is that most useless word in the English language. Do, or don’t, that’s it. And for Horus’ sacred sake, SHUT UP about it. I always have the sensation that a good kick to the balls, or the uterus, will get people off of the pot.  Then, however, I have the problem of getting them to shut up; people of a certain limited intelligence can’t help crowing about their own charity or philanthropy or what-have-you. It’s a very 6 of Coin-ish quality, measuring your generosity. Back to “The Moon? The inconstant Moon?  That monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable.” (Act II, Scene II, & if you don’t know the play, go away.)  Actually, the Moon is benign, isn’t it? All it REALLY is, is a mirror, isn’t it? What does it reflect for me this morning? Am I keeping myself firm and true? What does it reflect for you?


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for today, 22 February 2015: the King of Cups, XIV Temperance and lensing in from poolside at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is XVII the Star. (Today’s deck is the *Ghost Tarot* by Davide Corsi. LWB. RSW ghost-themed. Dark-ishly difficult to read; good-looking, but you have to scrutinize the card to be sure. Usable – for now.) I’ve got the King of Cups, Temperance and the High Priestess in a dance today. Please excuse me, but this just doesn’t excite me. I know what it is saying, thank you very much, then box then shelf then good-bye for now. I may feel like pulling cards later, but my daily MashUp is leaving me as cold as yesterday’s mashed potatoes on an uncovered plate in the refrigerator right now. Later, ‘gators! Peace! Love! Re-elect Nixon!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 21 February 2015: the Ace of Congo/Ayida Wedo (Cups); 8 Congo/Simbi d’L’Eau and lensing in in decidedly tropical breezes is Mambo Petro (Fire). (Today’s deck is *The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot* by Louis Martinié and Sallie Ann Glassman. It is a confusing deck, and you need to know voodoo understructure to get all the benefits of its unique take. Voodoo decks always want something from you and they make it apparent at the start. So listen very carefully when you pull one out with which to read; it can provided real progress if you “play” the game “his” way. For real Voodoo/Vaudoo insight on cards and draws and tinkering in the depths, I would suggest contacting Sean Woodward here on FB) who is an adept. I started delving here in this branch of the Art, simply on the power of Sean’s art. I had very limited contact; like most people, and still do for the most part, but it is no longer a great unknown black hole in my cosmos. Very interesting path. The deck comes with a whopper of a book, no LWB.) Drawing the cards, my eyes at first began to glaze over from all the unfamiliarity, and I thought, “Reading ahead. Hmm, which books? Yes, and yes,, , and , , ,” when suddenly I noticed what was SCREAMINGLY obvious - Serpents, serpents everywhere! Oh goody, I like serpents, and then I noticed on the 8 the “uncanny resemblance” of Nessie to Cthulhu, and the woman, well, hers must be made of asbestos! and  there I was,  involved up to my eyebrows yet again in a daily reading that had “looked” uninteresting.  1 Congo is the Feathered Sky Serpent, the rainbow, footpath of the invisible gods. As the Ace of Cups, Water is the Creative Force.  The Great Mother is here, moving freely through my life, and using her subtle pressures to bring me happiness & pleasure. 8 Congo is really about a breakdown in communication. You’da thunk that with all those snaky mouths going at the same time, there would be some clue, but it is all unintellible. No interpreters, shit. Nessie travels through the deepest layers of our being, and she needs to communicate, but this is almost ALWAYS miscommunicated, warped by the transmission itself, usually through Air. Hod is going into Netzach here, so straightforward communication is out, I need to be circuitous.  Here again, we have correct impulse on my part leading to perhaps equivocal action.  Hmmm, can’t say I like that.  There may be a breakdown in communication, but through error and not malice. Confusion. Lensing in on our snakily confusing dancefloor where the couples can’t seem to decide if it’s real and they REALLY going to get $10 if they can stay on their feet 48 hours is Mambo of Petro, the “Queen of Fire (Swords?). Mambo doesn’t need any more prizes, her shelves are full. This/She/It/me is The Water of Fire today – and anticipation of the energies that must be inherent in that leaves me breathless. The Flame Snake, issued from the Earth, takes joy and gives joy to the woman in their Union. This is not a child-appropriate card or energy. Adults only, thank you. This woman (if manifested, must likely a golden-ish brunette,) this Queen of Wands, is going to try and put some thought into the meeting between 1 and 8 of Congo. Bettered only by her husband as a politician, she should be able to work something out, unless “her” snake darts out and bites someone on the private parts. I believe the Queen is here today to just be sure that all is worked through. We’ll see. Today I think I’m going to take advantage of momentum a bit, as I’m “supposed to” be being a “radiant strong being filled with the power of love.”  I may be that, but today I want to radiate at rest. (I know, I know, I’m just not taking it out of 3rd today, sweetheart. No, I don’t want to get there faster on the turnpike. NO! I don’ . . . Hey! What is it with you? Got a need for speed? Get out! Get out and walk! Take you wheelchair with you!! You old bat!!! You have been hanging on my neck since I was born!!! It isn’t normal!! No one’s great-great-grandmother is still alive when the person is already 63! No One?! Oh wait, me . . . . Die, you fucking bat, die!”)

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Good morning, All! Here is the MashUp for 20 February 2015: the 3 of Pentacles, II the High Prestess, and lensing in to check on his brother and his brother's occult inamorata is the 8 of Pentacles. (Today's deck is the *Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition* by Patrick Valenza. Excellent dark deck.) I am leaving you today with the dtaw, to view as you wish. I hope to feel more verbose tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 19 February 2015: XIX the Sun, the 3 of Disks and lensing in from her war eagle training camp on the Blasted Heath is the Queen of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Necronomicon Tarot* by Donald Tyson and Anne Stokes. It has Strength and Justice in the “right” places (8 » 11, respectively) and is completely built around the Cthulhu Mythos. It is a wonderful deck, and D. Tyson has obviously spent a LOT of time establishing correspondences and populating the minor arcana. . I’m impressed with his dedication; he is most obviously a true Lovecraftian fan with a touch for Tarot, as well. Ms. Stokes can be a problem, but here she works seamlessly with Mr. Tyson. If you don’t know the mythos, the Necronomicon was the “grimoire” of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred and etc., etc., etc. It doesn’t come with an LWB, but instead with a book, *Secrets of the Necronomicon*, which at 222 pages is a REAL book. “Getcher info here, folks!” A “great” Dark Deck. If you wish, here is the Aeclectic review: .) Leaving “aside” all the tentacles and hysterical worshippers at the altar, I see myself striding onstage this morning as a Bedouin feeling a strangely malicious dust devil in The Empty Space, a great, lifeless desert. Not the most nurturing image of the Sun, eh? The Sun is still the Sun when it scorches you to death in the blisteringly hot desert or the frozen nothingness of space; yes, He gives Light, and He can use that Light in terrible, terrible ways beyond our comprehension. Today, let’s go with Higher Power, Natural Law, Revelation and the Central Truth; I’m ALWAYS “Desperately Seeking Susan” when it comes to the Big one – “Why?” (If the answer turns out to be, “Because,” you will find me committing deicide on the instant.) Here we have all this brutal directness coupled with work and a clever use of skills. This clever use of skills is illustrated by the young sorceress with stealing the left arm of the convicted murder in order to make a Hand of Glory (something I’m surprised Tyson didn’t mention!) That sigil on the three seals is “The Elder Sign,” and I need to go back to the literature to find out its uses. (Probably something I can pass by, like a spell to keep The Old Ones at bay in orbit around Neptune.) The point here is that it is WORK, skilled labor. Coupled with that brutal Sun, it sounds suspiciously like ‘Thankless Duty.’ Ugh. Modifying this, “lensing” it, putting a gel on the spotlight, is the Queen of Wands. Authority, capital A: our Lady brooks no silliness, no shillyshallying. Well, I know we aren’t talking about my wife, she isn’t a Queen of Wands, not by a long shot, so it is either my “pretty” side or the arrival of a feminine presence of some strength and power in my life. Hmmm. I love women, but Woman is quite a different creature and isn’t as interested in my Love as my Respect. I’ve dealt with Wand Queens all of my life, my family is chock full of them, and they can be a great deal of fun unless they set their minds to DOING something, EVEN when it is wrong, “by god, we-are-going-to-do-this-or-I-will-kick-ass-do-you-hear-me?” Ladies you don’t want to fuck around with and render angry. This is starting to shape up like the proverbial rock and hard place; Good hard work in almost pitiless but enlightening conditions renders, in some unseen-as-yet way, my life more stable and more secure. If we blend XIX the Sun and this Queen, the Water of Fire, and dissolve them both in a vitriol of hard, skillful work, we might, we JUST MIGHT, make it through the day without having to kiss Cthulhu’s ass or something equally distasteful. So, does this mean that I am “a radiant, strong Being filled with the power of Love”? Or, more likely, does it mean, “Flee the wind demons and make a Hand of Glory: you need to get ready for a bitch fight!”? Only the day shall tell . . . .


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 18 February 2015: XII the Hanged Man, the 9 of Wands and lensing in from the far reaches of the Amazonian where she’s chasing down her frightened fiancé is VIII Strength.  (Today we continue the Dark Deck Exploration with *The Vampire Tarot* by Nathalie Hertz. Right off the top, I like this deck. The art is GOOD, reminds me in a way of the Japaridze deck, both artists are young Parisian females; there is a style in common, although they are VERY different. Ms. Hertz has Strength at VIII, my preference, so that’s an automatic plus in my book. Her depictions are clear, and for delving beyond the rather simplistic impression the image might give, her LWB is, for once, full of helpful little tidbits about how SHE saw the card and drew it, and it helps the reader see there what she saw. All in all, a very good reading deck, don’t let the vampire theme put you off.)  Well, let’s see what we’ve got for today – aren’t I generous including you in my Destiny? If the house burns down, we’ll feel sad, non? If I win the Lottery, however, we’ll need to talk . . . .  I’ve always had an affinity for XII the Hanged Man. I like him. When I was very, very young (10-ish) and tripping around the cards pretending I was controlling destinies,  for some reason my little Marvel Comics-centered mind didn’t see him negatively. My feeling was more, “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, Superman, but you are going to have to die this time to save the world.” And Superman replies, “No problem. As long as it is for a good cause,” naïve and simplistic, I know, but hey! what do you want out of a 10-year old? LOL. To get to the point (“Is Mark capable of that?”) if I’m honest I’ll admit that I still feel the same way, just modified and matured. Of all the cards to cast my good humor upon (which is as rare as hen’s teeth), I don’t know why it was XII, but it was. Hertz calls it Patience, Freedom of Soul, Acceptance and an ability to go beyond reality. Same thing, I suppose, but she has really teased it out, put flesh on it and made it solid. I’m gliding into my day with a XII-state of willingness and peace, and Fortune smiles upon me (She’s paying me off for the new paint job I gave her Wheel) by handing me a lens to focus my XII-ness even more, the 9 of Wands. Another dose of Patience with a side dish of Accomplishment will help me take a merited rest and port to me a nugget of the wisdom that is available today. Watching all of this, lensing it for her observation and decision, is VIII Strength. She’s looking a touch fierce here, non? and her “dompted” animal isn’t looking so much conquered or trained as he is a buddy, a friend, a traveling companion, a lover? Whatever or whomever he may be, he’s got us fixed in that unblinking regard as if keeping us docilely hypnotized until She can get her teeth into us . . . well, let’s see Hertz’s key words; Braver, ambition, passion, sincerity and great sexual energy. Hmmm I gather that Ms. Hertz has a much “deeper” relationship with VIII than I do, and I’m no slacker. Well, I appreciate the Bravery, but if I need Bravery, it is to face the call to Patience – I ALWAYS feel like that vulture in the cartoon, saying to another vulture, “Patience my ass, I’m gonna kill something!” My bête noire, Patience. Well, if I’m going to live in and value the moment, I had best work up an appetite for a big, steaming bowl of mucous-y, slide-down-your-throat-like-snot Patience. Maybe part of my self-sacrifice can be some Listerine to rinse out my mouth?

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for: 17 February 2015: XXI the World, the King of Chalices and lensing in from freshly breaking a heart in Hobart, Tasmania, is the Knight of Chalices.  (Today’s deck is the *Alchemy 1977 England Tarot* by Alchemy 1977. I got this deck by chance, and when I opened it and looked, I wrapped it back up and shelved it for a year. Ugh. Teenage hormone dreams of Conan & big breasts & occult bric-a-brac. Double Ugh. It is a simple RWS transfer, so traditional meanings abound. I have only recently re-looked at it and revised my opinion. The art is FINE, colorful and detailed and well-executed – BUT, get rid of ALL of that framing excess; make the cards big enough to SEE.  I know it falls into the category “dark horror,” but really, it should be in a category called “teenaged fantasy.”) Okay, let’s take a look. Hmm. Okay, does the world take the knight and turn him into a king? Does it take a king and reduce him to a knight? Does the king’s interaction with the world produce the knight? Is the knight the “champion” of the king in a face-off with the world? Are the king and the knight a couple facing the world together, as the placement of these cards would scream? Well, for that, I’d need a lover, and as one is lacking at the moment . . . .  These are BIG cards. Having three of them thrown at me this morning is more than a bit confusing, and is going to require more time to process than 30 minutes at the computer early in the morning. This is a day-long-er. LOTS and LOTS of male energy swirling around here, with the feminine acting as counterweight and attendee of the result . . . I’m keeping an eye on this today – if I meet some rousingly Wonderful man today under any circumstances, I’ll post tonight “the lily is in the valley.” You post back, to show that you’ve understood, on page 42 of the NY Times under Personals, “Understood.”  Unfortunately, this post will NOT self-destruct in 5 seconds. So, I’m keeping it short today, “kwitcher bitchin’ an’ get to hoein’ the back forty like I tole ya, girl.”  As a postscript, I would add that when you are not inspired by a deck, you can often end up with a pile of cat shit on your reading cloth. So, don’t read with cards you don’t like. Ommmm.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 16 February 2015: IV the Count (Emperor), 7 of Stakes (Wands) and lensing in from his chaise longue where he is indulging in a languorous fit of «angoisse » is the King of Stakes. (Today’s deck is *The Vampire Tarot* by Robert M. Place. Robert is rumored to live in a fortified compound on the far side of the Moon, where he has a thriving export business in giant escargots; how he finds the time to create his stunning decks is beyond me, but I slaver after them as soon as I am aware of their publication. Accompanied by a ‘killer’ book, very informative for the vampire-ignorant.)  This is my 2nd day into the Dark decks Experiment, and I already have reservations & trepidations. Yesterday’s draw turned out to be uncannily accurate; I only just managed to avoid blowups in several instances of miscommunication or misunderstanding, and it was that “Ugh!” feeling knowing, consciously, as these things WERE HAPPENING that I had been forewarned. When karma & divination take the ‘instant-powdered’ route, they produce surprising results. This morning, I seem to be looking at a day embodying the Emperor, but unfortunately involved in some sort of power struggle (the 7 of Stakes). The 7 is a descent into folly simply because it is a struggle for power and not about finding the Truth. As Ayn Rand, that great vampire-lover herself, said, “Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. (I dislike Ayn Rand, too much the raving, soulless capitalist for me, thank you.) In all honesty I have a hard time visualizing myself putting my all on the line for “power.” I firmly believe it is an elusive, cursed quality that destroys those who seek it, even while pumping its own opiate through the ensorcelled addict. Dominance is different, and that I can easily imagine happening, as that is one of my character flaws, that desire to dominate. As a final, and awkward, admission, as a child & young adolescent, of course I fantasized about being Dracula, with all of that deliciously creepy atmosphere swathing my suburban boy’s bedroom with the mists of Transylvania. I didn’t have any wolves, but I had cats, an acceptable “mystical” substitute. Oh lord, childhood was strange. If the Count had read Tarot in the novel, I would have passed out from joy. LOL. So, to wrap these two up, I’m waltzing on the dance floor again, all right, but it seems to be an arrogant waltz in which I am literally trying to subdue reality and force it to my Will. Watching all of this is Franz Liszt. Rather, that is who the King of Stakes represents, a mega-star of his day who Bram Stoker idolized. Our king is looking mighty neurasthenic, don’ you agree? Like one of those irritating fops who call out for their salts when they are overcome by the banality of it all. The arch-effetes. The difference here being that Liszt DID have talent, galactic-level talent, and his compositions are worthy iconic symbology for the accomplished works of a good King of Staffs. In all honesty, if forced to choose between effete and power-junky, I’d go with effete. Being a power junkie is simply too damn exhausting; like all drugs, you have to put out twice as much effort as its worth in order to obtain it. So in this instance I’m going to say that “the effete, thinking-man King of Stakes” is going to have a very calming influence on the Count/Emperor and his need to control the material (Robert specifies that the demon clasp on his cloak represents Satan, his teacher – I thought that was a particularly nice, twisted touch.)  So, I’m going to open myself to my own success, but keep an eye out for pointless confrontation occurring today.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 15 February 2015: XX Judgment, the Queen of Cups and lensing in from her boudoir of pain & rage is the 9 of Cups. (Today’s deck is *The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night* by Davide Corsi & Barbara Moore. Wonderful art. Timeless story. Magical & accomplished interpretation, a professional deck.) I’m planning on using “dark” decks for the next few MashUps in order to check on the influence of “dark themes” on my readings, on the cards themselves, and on “reality,” in other words, my daily life, for which I draw these MashUps. As a child, adolescent & young man I fell into that category of kids who loved ALL things monstrous & scary, or at least marketed as such. A new Dracula movie from Hammer Films? I’m there. The “charm” of all that lessened over the years but has never entirely died. I use candlelight whenever possible. To this day I can surprise myself having a serious conversation over the merits of being a vampire rather than a werewolf, and we ALL detest zombies. LOL. My point is that I have an affinity for the fictionalized dark as well as the study of the real thing and have had a very few limited but very real Encounters and/or involvement with dark magic. It isn’t to my taste on the whole; however, as I am aimed firmly at Enlightenment, not Endarkenment, and dealing with my magical inheritance from my Native American ancestry ONLY leads to the Blessed Fields, there is no “So you want to go Dark, eh?” option. One can fuck it up, of course, but one has to work at it. I come from a long line of very powerful female “power handlers,” and my earliest memories are of VERY old women teaching me “Indian” tricks & turns to manipulating reality; they were masters at it. That being said, let’s look at today, shall we? (Is it the deck, or is it Memorex?) – I am being told, in no uncertain terms, to raise the force shields and be on my guard for trickery and betrayal perpetrated against me. (It’s been a long time since I’ve had to dust off the Odic armor!) This deck comes with an excellent book (I don’t remember if it had to be purchased separately or not,) instead of the ubiquitous LWB, and it gives 3 points of interpretation for the Major Arcana after a brief bit of “story advancement” and 2 points for the minor arcana. Here is what it has to say about XX, Judgment: (I’m going to skip story advancement, our vampire is traipsing along on her journey.) (The MA also have a brief explanation of the “Traditional interpretation.” Skipped.) “Dark Approach: Silencing or ignoring the call of the heart. Continuing down the wrong path even when shown a better way. Fearing a new way of life. Human Approach: Answering the call of the spirit despite any reservations. Jumping in and celebrating a new beginning. Feeling gratitude and awe for the guidance provided. Light Approach: Continually seeking the voice of the heart and listening to the spirit. Living a live that is always a response to divine guidance. Divinatory meaning: Rebirth: the change you are hoping for will come to pass only when you are ready to welcome it.” Well, Harrumph! As you can see for yourself, “the book” has a VERY definite approach to reading THESE cards from THIS deck. So, let’s just continue down that road, not out of laziness but of curiosity. Here the Queen of Cups is “Hungry.” Dark: An energy and emotion vampire. Human: A happy libertine. Divinatory meaning: The opportunist: be careful of those who may take advantage of your generosity for their own profit. (I KNEW those Italian supermodels weren’t begging to sleep with me just because they found me attractive!!) So, here again, this deck isn’t pulling any punches, and likes to make sure her brass knuckles have been painted as black as midnight. Moving on, half in bravado and half in reluctance is the 9 of Swords, to wit: “Misplaced Trust.” Dark: Misrepresentation of self, hunting vulnerabilities. Betrayal without remorse. Human: Your trust is too easily gained. Hear too much over head. Costly emotional mistakes and regret. Divinatory meaning: Theft: stay alert, because someone is plotting against you in the Shadows. Deception and Betrayal are around the corner. . . . Well, shit, man, what qualifies as good news for you, Death? I’m sodomized without lube coming AND going on this one. All right, I’ll play along, a little. I’ll keep my eyes open today. Thankfully, it is Sunday, so exposure is limited as much as is reasonably possible in terms of mounting the targeting scaffold all by myself, like an idiot. As for me, I’ll try and keep it as Zen as possible, and remember that “Love dissolves Cruelty and fills the world with beauty.” Let’s hope that isn’t a deception, as well.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 14 February 2015: VIII Justice, the 2 of Cups and lensing in from a cabin deep in the woods is IX the Hermit. (Today’s deck is the *Zombie Tarot* by Graham, Kepple & Geroni as already cited in a previous MashUp. Fun deck.)  Short version: the Universe sees a need/opportunity to apply the 8th Arcanum in my life, and doing so through the vehicle of a new balance, harmony or compromise in my life. The delivery may even come attached to a person of personal interest who is as much interested in me as I in him/her. However the Justice is delivered, or even IF the 2 of Cups IS that Justice, made tangible and present in my life, I can dance this dance. Senses & feelings have been coming alive lately that have been dormant a VERY long time. My “circle of love & caring” is open for expansion, and my wife, at present my only partner, is both positive & supportive of my Journey. Actually she may be more impatient than I about it, as she deeply dislikes seeing me unfulfilled for any reason, even if it is my own decision, although she will abide by my Will. Now, take this tasty little scenario that is faintly redolent of not only romance, journey, quest & sex, and kick it up the “chakranic” scale a couple of spheres, and you will be in a vague approximation of where I am at. After years in the desert, I’ve recently met some men who both fascinate me and awaken feelings, some paternal and/or fraternal, and others that are defiantly carnal. One of the advantages of being bisexual or “differenced” at my age is that your 1st imperative ISN’T “where am I gonna ‘plug’ in?” those days are long behind me. Not physical expression of affection & love, of course, but gone indeed is that fire-angry red-hot poker of sexual need and insecurity that terrorizes the young.  SO, when I see a 2 of Cups hooked up with Justice, it makes a great deal of sense to me, for MY life, from almost every OTHER standpoint EXCEPT signifying the arrival of yet another sexual Cinderella or Prince Charming with a hard-on. God I’m tired of them, and thankfully getting too old for them, too. I had always thought that good old heterosexual love & marriage were COMPLETELY out of the picture for me, extraordinary alien that I am. Lo & behold, I was married for the first time at the age of 53 to a woman whom I deeply grokked and who deeply grokked me. (Grok = to understand on more than simply an intellectual level, as well as other perceptive and comprehensive qualities.) And she’s straight. And her journey doesn’t include the triad option, as far as she can tell. And she has NO problem that mine does. It is VERY hard to improve on that, from my point of view. The alternative to ALL of this is a position that I have already filled with great pride and not a little distinction, that of IX the Hermit. I am “inclined” (to be kind to myself) to tell the world to fuck off and then retreat to my memory palace. While infinitely forgiving of some, I am highly allergic to stupidity of most kinds, and “lo! I waxeth furious!” with ignorant people who refuse to eradicate their ignorance, to learn. I can think of a thousand reasons why I prefer my own company. So, having this luxurious point of view tucked in my back pocket in case I need it, I can observe the “sister” action going on in my life today of Justice and the 2 of Cups, and apply a filter of singularity and self-reliance that springs from allowing the Hermit a bit of space in my head WHILE the dance is being danced. So, knowing that I am at the center of my universe and working with these energies today, I can afford a measure of confidence as I dwell at the center of myself.