Friday, February 20, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 21 February 2015: the Ace of Congo/Ayida Wedo (Cups); 8 Congo/Simbi d’L’Eau and lensing in in decidedly tropical breezes is Mambo Petro (Fire). (Today’s deck is *The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot* by Louis Martinié and Sallie Ann Glassman. It is a confusing deck, and you need to know voodoo understructure to get all the benefits of its unique take. Voodoo decks always want something from you and they make it apparent at the start. So listen very carefully when you pull one out with which to read; it can provided real progress if you “play” the game “his” way. For real Voodoo/Vaudoo insight on cards and draws and tinkering in the depths, I would suggest contacting Sean Woodward here on FB) who is an adept. I started delving here in this branch of the Art, simply on the power of Sean’s art. I had very limited contact; like most people, and still do for the most part, but it is no longer a great unknown black hole in my cosmos. Very interesting path. The deck comes with a whopper of a book, no LWB.) Drawing the cards, my eyes at first began to glaze over from all the unfamiliarity, and I thought, “Reading ahead. Hmm, which books? Yes, and yes,, , and , , ,” when suddenly I noticed what was SCREAMINGLY obvious - Serpents, serpents everywhere! Oh goody, I like serpents, and then I noticed on the 8 the “uncanny resemblance” of Nessie to Cthulhu, and the woman, well, hers must be made of asbestos! and  there I was,  involved up to my eyebrows yet again in a daily reading that had “looked” uninteresting.  1 Congo is the Feathered Sky Serpent, the rainbow, footpath of the invisible gods. As the Ace of Cups, Water is the Creative Force.  The Great Mother is here, moving freely through my life, and using her subtle pressures to bring me happiness & pleasure. 8 Congo is really about a breakdown in communication. You’da thunk that with all those snaky mouths going at the same time, there would be some clue, but it is all unintellible. No interpreters, shit. Nessie travels through the deepest layers of our being, and she needs to communicate, but this is almost ALWAYS miscommunicated, warped by the transmission itself, usually through Air. Hod is going into Netzach here, so straightforward communication is out, I need to be circuitous.  Here again, we have correct impulse on my part leading to perhaps equivocal action.  Hmmm, can’t say I like that.  There may be a breakdown in communication, but through error and not malice. Confusion. Lensing in on our snakily confusing dancefloor where the couples can’t seem to decide if it’s real and they REALLY going to get $10 if they can stay on their feet 48 hours is Mambo of Petro, the “Queen of Fire (Swords?). Mambo doesn’t need any more prizes, her shelves are full. This/She/It/me is The Water of Fire today – and anticipation of the energies that must be inherent in that leaves me breathless. The Flame Snake, issued from the Earth, takes joy and gives joy to the woman in their Union. This is not a child-appropriate card or energy. Adults only, thank you. This woman (if manifested, must likely a golden-ish brunette,) this Queen of Wands, is going to try and put some thought into the meeting between 1 and 8 of Congo. Bettered only by her husband as a politician, she should be able to work something out, unless “her” snake darts out and bites someone on the private parts. I believe the Queen is here today to just be sure that all is worked through. We’ll see. Today I think I’m going to take advantage of momentum a bit, as I’m “supposed to” be being a “radiant strong being filled with the power of love.”  I may be that, but today I want to radiate at rest. (I know, I know, I’m just not taking it out of 3rd today, sweetheart. No, I don’t want to get there faster on the turnpike. NO! I don’ . . . Hey! What is it with you? Got a need for speed? Get out! Get out and walk! Take you wheelchair with you!! You old bat!!! You have been hanging on my neck since I was born!!! It isn’t normal!! No one’s great-great-grandmother is still alive when the person is already 63! No One?! Oh wait, me . . . . Die, you fucking bat, die!”)

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