Saturday, February 21, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for today, 22 February 2015: the King of Cups, XIV Temperance and lensing in from poolside at the Beverly Hilton Hotel is XVII the Star. (Today’s deck is the *Ghost Tarot* by Davide Corsi. LWB. RSW ghost-themed. Dark-ishly difficult to read; good-looking, but you have to scrutinize the card to be sure. Usable – for now.) I’ve got the King of Cups, Temperance and the High Priestess in a dance today. Please excuse me, but this just doesn’t excite me. I know what it is saying, thank you very much, then box then shelf then good-bye for now. I may feel like pulling cards later, but my daily MashUp is leaving me as cold as yesterday’s mashed potatoes on an uncovered plate in the refrigerator right now. Later, ‘gators! Peace! Love! Re-elect Nixon!

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