Saturday, February 28, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to the MashUp for 01 March 2015 : 0 the Fool, the 7 of Swords and lensing in from her summer apartments in Chthonic Castle is the Queen of Pentacles, looking fabulous (she pays me to say that.) (Today’s deck is *The Magical Realism Tarot* by Cheryl Fair with Paula Millet. RWS-format. Professional quality from top to bottom, metal box edition  top notch [one small bitch – the cards IN-bag are just a wee bit too large for the metal box – one fears damaging the cards.] Troubling images – I like it; it is going to require effort, but immediately evokes and invokes intuition.)  I started today’s MashUp, the 1st of March, with special intent in mind. I asked for guidance on the quotidian front, certainly, but I also asked the cards to evoke for me, just a bit, the entire month, as it is my birth month as well as the 1-year anniversary of the death of my mother, an event which still leaves my mystified and emotionally frozen (when it comes to that.) I’m in that peculiar state of being where, for example, the death of a pet would evoke a colossally misplaced and oversized drama of grief, being a subsuming of the still frozen grief already in place.  I saw 0 the Fool hot off the deck and I thought, “Ah ha! Good!” The Journey recommences, in March, and ‘I’m back in the saddle again,’ at least a bit. The Fool here is a sly dog, isn’t he? That knowing sidelong glance, that wand-cum-bindlestaff lighting the surroundings but no further, and emerging from blackness blacker than black. “Hi, me.” Oh shit! What’s this?? The 7 of Swords?! Really?!? The best possible gloss I can put on THAT (not forgetting my beautiful but silent observer) is doing a full-up straight-on “Pollack” on the Arcanum, and giving it some deeper meaning than just “underhanded dealing for no good reason.” I adore MS. Pollack’s *78°…* book because she gives you a VERY full but concise set of ideas and “learnings” for each Arcanum in a wonderfully de-mystifying way. In an odd turn, her “photo” of each Arcanum leads one almost always to the statement, “Okay, now that I know THAT, I’m a little further on the Path facing the next locked door.” She invites you to “work that card, baby, work it!” So, all of that being given, in this context the 7 of Swords COULD be a stand-in for “a coup that takes the sting out of opposition.” Or, just a bit shadier, “”it stands for an impulsive act when a careful plan is required.” Ms. Pollack emphasizes above all else that this is a card of Isolation, alone-ness. Interesting, n’est-ce pas, that turning her back on the 7 is the Queen of Pentacles, the Empress’ Pentacle representative, and what makes it triply interesting for me is that the Queen of Pentacles is my wife. How I “see” her, at any rate, if I’m casting a Court. By any standard we are an unusual couple, not the least because she is a being of such DEEP inner goodness that what she is doing with me leaves me baffled. That IS NOT just your usual brand of I-love-my-wife and I recognize that-as-a-woman-she-is-inherently-better-than-me brand of bullshit that is fed to the male population to keep them docile and to the female population to encourage consumption. She isn’t who I would have predicted for myself, that is assured; I would have cheated myself without even knowing it. The Goddess really put herself out for me and I need to acknowledge that; I have always been SO hard on my Anima that I believe she thought “So, you want to be a hard case, eh? Okay, here, see what you can do with this gift of immeasurable value, the regard of a woman who loves you.” It blew me away; I can say that for a certainty. She (the Goddess) had had to wait for her opportunity so long that I was nearly adamantine. Thank you, Isis, for not giving up on me. So, knowing that “my heart’s haven surrounds me,” I shall venture out and put a face on my 63rd year. Let’s hope the weather is good.

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