Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 02 February 2015: the 3 of Wands, XV the Devil and lensing in for us from his latest battle is the Knight of Cups. (Today’s deck is the *Deviant Moon Tarot* [borderless edition] by Patrick Valenza. You’ve been living under a rock if you are unaware of this deck. It is, simply put, delightful!) Well, I’ve pulled a fun and interesting reading! That is almost always guaranteed when I use this deck, I like it so, and it provokes the surreal and bizarre in me (never very far from the surface anyway!) I’m walking into today as the 3 of Wands, a pregnant, oddly-dressed hooved monster with my umbilical cord attached to three plants. Spot on! (LOL, I like to smoke herb.) What our three is really about is planning and patience; we saw her yesterday (?), about the new 2Cups in my life, and now here she is again, this time ignoring the Devil behind her and patiently waiting for her harvest. So what IS the Devil card doing here, anyway? And why hooked up with the 3, planning her next steps? IT could be that the material has a pretty strong hold on me at the moment, and is interfering in my progression. Hmmm, perhaps. That poor Devil – he catches a lot of shit from everyone and is the scapegoat for every nullity’s fuck-up and bad decision, and really, it isn’t him. The Devil works BIG. He isn’t out there ruining a relationship or possessing your little Fluffy, he’s got bigger fish to fry. “C’mon, ‘fess up – you’re the fuckup, you made a mistake, and now you want to blame the Devil so you can continue your cowardly life.” That is the Tarot via XV, encouraging you to fail, to be radical-without-purpose, to hate without reason. He is all about ruining humanity with self-doubt and pure selfishness. ME, me, moi. I find the Devil to be charming company, but heavens, he is TIRING, and the gods forbid, even TIRESOME at times. Have you ever looked at someone proclaiming to be just the baddest little boy or girl in the whole wide world and your reaction is, “Sure you are, honey. Whatever.” That is how I feel a LOT of the time when XV shows up, “Whatever.”  (BTW, have you noticed that ONLY the Devil is looking AT somebody? The other two are fuck-all interested in anything outside of their object of concentration.) And who’s supposed to be lensing in, watching all of this, lending a hand if need be, a cautious word here, a restraining hand there? Mr. “I’m NOT going to watch you, I’m NOT!” Knight of Cups. His pose of passivity is hiding his own obsession with sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll. (Not me – I’m a little past the age limit! He could be an “attitude,” though. AND if I’m honest, I’d LIKE the opportunity for the sex, I DO do the (milder) drugs, and my taste for rock ‘n roll isn’t quite dead yet.) So, perhaps our Knight of Cups here is the representation of me DENYING these things, and DENYING the previous two cards, in my search for peace. HE could be an as-yet-uncommitted lover, but I’d be far too busy working on changing that attitude to ignore the fact that I don’t HAVE a lover, uncommitted or not! What all of his energy CAN be used for is to further my exploration here inside, to play the questing knight INSIDE me and quest for the Grail here. Well, let’s see how today pans out, if the cards are even vaguely on the mark. So, stepping out to build my future a bit more today, I’ll create my life according to my own lights and let Distraction run the bordello in the last town I left.


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