Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 11 February 2015: the 9 of Pentacles, V the Hierophant and lensing in from a galaxy far, far away is the 4 of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *UFO Tarot* by Arturo Picca and Bepi Vigna. Themed UFO deck, cute. Readable. IT is okay, not too much of a reach. RWS.) I feel like an alien today, honest to God. The rate of disintegration of our society seems to have taken a logarithmic jump in powers of 10, as attested to this morning by the news about the news, the wars, the killings, the insanities, the cruelties & the stupidities. It as a tired commonplace to say that we are “living the decline and fall of the Roman Empire,” but fuck it, we ARE. Have you looked around lately? Pulled YOUR head out of the sand? Time is shortening up, so get a move-on on your Enlightenment plans! Today I have an old friend joining in with the neighbors for a pitcher of Iced Nebulae at my home, that old friend being V the Hierophant. He’s seeing me in my 9 of Pentacles host(-ess) pyjamas, which are worn and comfortable at this point. I’m NOT “sick & tired unto death” for having enough money to live without working, but hey, I AM retired, and made a decision about retiring young-ish versus retiring as old as sin with an additional $5.23 in the bank; I chose the “early” option. I had some Tarot cards that needed attention . . . J.  If I’m going to look at my 9 pentacles as signifying freedom and independence then I am going to have to do so with a hefty helping of self-confidence. I can do that. As I’m busy setting my arrangements in place, V “The Luminous Messenger” (the Hierophant) asks me to dance and as we are twirling ‘round the dance floor, whispers in my ear, “Remember! To preserve what is useful is just as necessary as accepting new ideas!” Hell, Messenger, I knew that, but THANKS! for the reminder, I DO appreciate it. Sometimes I forget that, I forget to be gracious to those or that which bring the New, the Unexpected, and the Horizon-opening to my doorstep. I become caught up in either my repugnance for the package itself or my excitement, but either way I forget to thank the Messenger, and one should, you know, one really should. Would you NOT thank an Angel for bringing you divine advice? Exactly. (You would probably have soiled yourself and be paralyzed with terror if it was a real angel, but that point is moot, isn’t it?) What’s even better about Miss Luminous-Numinous slipping me a bit of advice is that our late-arriving guests, the 4 of Wands, are passing out “Mystery Gifts” to everyone here – small, gift-wrapped packages containing you-don’t-know-what. It isn’t as if the assembled company isn’t already numb with amazement to be at a dance with four glowing aliens, but to add a glowing candle of What-the-FUCK??? to the cake, with each gift the beings are “smiling” and whispering, “Do not be intimidated. It is Joy! Welcome it with - - - Caution.” Hmmm. Well, more will be revealed, I guess. Seeing that gifts are meant to be enjoyed, I shall open mine, and remember, “From completion comes Renewal.”


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