Thursday, February 12, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 13 February, 2015: the 9 of Coins, II the High Priestess and lensing in from greener and warmer fields somewhere in the land of eternal sunshine is XI Strength. (Today’s deck is *The Alchemical Tarot: Renewed Edition III* by Robert M. Place. I LOVE Robert’s decks, and this one was my introduction to his work, so it has a special place in my heart; it is my PPD [Preferred Personal Deck.] The images are deep yet deceptively simple. Coloring is bright – wait, are those shadows? It is ALL a visual delight and as it is alchemically axled in the Tarot universe, it is chock full of nuggets of wisdom [you supply the sauce.] I can never say enough about the deck; I like it.) My reading this a.m. is crystalline clear, at least to me. Today I am using my easy way with money (I have spoken of this before) as a tool; to dig, to unearth, to ferret out, to purchase, to provide access, for whatever job it is capable of doing and which I wish it to do, within my means, towards the end of broadening my knowledge base on the “esoteric.” One of the only reasons to have a discretionary income, I believe, is to be able to afford myself that once-in-a-lifetime purchase of a genuine 15th century deck (I haven’t!), or something similar, within reasonable limits and my income. The key word is DISCRETIONARY. IT is money that I have on the side whose sole purpose is to be spent, by me, how I wish, and NOT on bills. So Mr. Ninecoins wheels in to the Temple courtyard, dismounts, enters, and talks to the representative of the Mother/Goddess about his progression and/or “state of being.”  The Priestess, although not a wordy lady, makes for fascinating company, much like Water, and yet, look, on her book, Water is the color of Fire, and I am big-time Fire in a comprehensive way. The lens on all of this is XI, Strength, which is actually precisely appropriate for me. Here Strength takes on her most alchemical robes, those of Fermentation. She’s about Control through Love, discipline, etc.; and I have truckloads of that. I am really very good about controlling Destruction, the natural entropy of things. Through my Indian blood, I am a WindWorker, which is all the more unusual as I have SO much Fire in my tri-level make-up. My control of the element of Air is both profound and a mystery, even to me; and like all such gifts, its price tag is enormous, but I continue to pay it, as I am not a person to abandon a spiritual gift just because it’s a burden. She’s here today to bring this entire ménage-à-trois to a successful conclusion, and today, if possible, I can accomplish at least one step on the Path by employing my energies in a profitable and Card-directed direction. I could say a me-directed direction, but we all already know that. So-o-o today is a big gulp of Air, and letting go to let my Life shape itself into a perfect pattern around me.

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