Friday, February 13, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 14 February 2015: VIII Justice, the 2 of Cups and lensing in from a cabin deep in the woods is IX the Hermit. (Today’s deck is the *Zombie Tarot* by Graham, Kepple & Geroni as already cited in a previous MashUp. Fun deck.)  Short version: the Universe sees a need/opportunity to apply the 8th Arcanum in my life, and doing so through the vehicle of a new balance, harmony or compromise in my life. The delivery may even come attached to a person of personal interest who is as much interested in me as I in him/her. However the Justice is delivered, or even IF the 2 of Cups IS that Justice, made tangible and present in my life, I can dance this dance. Senses & feelings have been coming alive lately that have been dormant a VERY long time. My “circle of love & caring” is open for expansion, and my wife, at present my only partner, is both positive & supportive of my Journey. Actually she may be more impatient than I about it, as she deeply dislikes seeing me unfulfilled for any reason, even if it is my own decision, although she will abide by my Will. Now, take this tasty little scenario that is faintly redolent of not only romance, journey, quest & sex, and kick it up the “chakranic” scale a couple of spheres, and you will be in a vague approximation of where I am at. After years in the desert, I’ve recently met some men who both fascinate me and awaken feelings, some paternal and/or fraternal, and others that are defiantly carnal. One of the advantages of being bisexual or “differenced” at my age is that your 1st imperative ISN’T “where am I gonna ‘plug’ in?” those days are long behind me. Not physical expression of affection & love, of course, but gone indeed is that fire-angry red-hot poker of sexual need and insecurity that terrorizes the young.  SO, when I see a 2 of Cups hooked up with Justice, it makes a great deal of sense to me, for MY life, from almost every OTHER standpoint EXCEPT signifying the arrival of yet another sexual Cinderella or Prince Charming with a hard-on. God I’m tired of them, and thankfully getting too old for them, too. I had always thought that good old heterosexual love & marriage were COMPLETELY out of the picture for me, extraordinary alien that I am. Lo & behold, I was married for the first time at the age of 53 to a woman whom I deeply grokked and who deeply grokked me. (Grok = to understand on more than simply an intellectual level, as well as other perceptive and comprehensive qualities.) And she’s straight. And her journey doesn’t include the triad option, as far as she can tell. And she has NO problem that mine does. It is VERY hard to improve on that, from my point of view. The alternative to ALL of this is a position that I have already filled with great pride and not a little distinction, that of IX the Hermit. I am “inclined” (to be kind to myself) to tell the world to fuck off and then retreat to my memory palace. While infinitely forgiving of some, I am highly allergic to stupidity of most kinds, and “lo! I waxeth furious!” with ignorant people who refuse to eradicate their ignorance, to learn. I can think of a thousand reasons why I prefer my own company. So, having this luxurious point of view tucked in my back pocket in case I need it, I can observe the “sister” action going on in my life today of Justice and the 2 of Cups, and apply a filter of singularity and self-reliance that springs from allowing the Hermit a bit of space in my head WHILE the dance is being danced. So, knowing that I am at the center of my universe and working with these energies today, I can afford a measure of confidence as I dwell at the center of myself.


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