Saturday, February 14, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 15 February 2015: XX Judgment, the Queen of Cups and lensing in from her boudoir of pain & rage is the 9 of Cups. (Today’s deck is *The Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night* by Davide Corsi & Barbara Moore. Wonderful art. Timeless story. Magical & accomplished interpretation, a professional deck.) I’m planning on using “dark” decks for the next few MashUps in order to check on the influence of “dark themes” on my readings, on the cards themselves, and on “reality,” in other words, my daily life, for which I draw these MashUps. As a child, adolescent & young man I fell into that category of kids who loved ALL things monstrous & scary, or at least marketed as such. A new Dracula movie from Hammer Films? I’m there. The “charm” of all that lessened over the years but has never entirely died. I use candlelight whenever possible. To this day I can surprise myself having a serious conversation over the merits of being a vampire rather than a werewolf, and we ALL detest zombies. LOL. My point is that I have an affinity for the fictionalized dark as well as the study of the real thing and have had a very few limited but very real Encounters and/or involvement with dark magic. It isn’t to my taste on the whole; however, as I am aimed firmly at Enlightenment, not Endarkenment, and dealing with my magical inheritance from my Native American ancestry ONLY leads to the Blessed Fields, there is no “So you want to go Dark, eh?” option. One can fuck it up, of course, but one has to work at it. I come from a long line of very powerful female “power handlers,” and my earliest memories are of VERY old women teaching me “Indian” tricks & turns to manipulating reality; they were masters at it. That being said, let’s look at today, shall we? (Is it the deck, or is it Memorex?) – I am being told, in no uncertain terms, to raise the force shields and be on my guard for trickery and betrayal perpetrated against me. (It’s been a long time since I’ve had to dust off the Odic armor!) This deck comes with an excellent book (I don’t remember if it had to be purchased separately or not,) instead of the ubiquitous LWB, and it gives 3 points of interpretation for the Major Arcana after a brief bit of “story advancement” and 2 points for the minor arcana. Here is what it has to say about XX, Judgment: (I’m going to skip story advancement, our vampire is traipsing along on her journey.) (The MA also have a brief explanation of the “Traditional interpretation.” Skipped.) “Dark Approach: Silencing or ignoring the call of the heart. Continuing down the wrong path even when shown a better way. Fearing a new way of life. Human Approach: Answering the call of the spirit despite any reservations. Jumping in and celebrating a new beginning. Feeling gratitude and awe for the guidance provided. Light Approach: Continually seeking the voice of the heart and listening to the spirit. Living a live that is always a response to divine guidance. Divinatory meaning: Rebirth: the change you are hoping for will come to pass only when you are ready to welcome it.” Well, Harrumph! As you can see for yourself, “the book” has a VERY definite approach to reading THESE cards from THIS deck. So, let’s just continue down that road, not out of laziness but of curiosity. Here the Queen of Cups is “Hungry.” Dark: An energy and emotion vampire. Human: A happy libertine. Divinatory meaning: The opportunist: be careful of those who may take advantage of your generosity for their own profit. (I KNEW those Italian supermodels weren’t begging to sleep with me just because they found me attractive!!) So, here again, this deck isn’t pulling any punches, and likes to make sure her brass knuckles have been painted as black as midnight. Moving on, half in bravado and half in reluctance is the 9 of Swords, to wit: “Misplaced Trust.” Dark: Misrepresentation of self, hunting vulnerabilities. Betrayal without remorse. Human: Your trust is too easily gained. Hear too much over head. Costly emotional mistakes and regret. Divinatory meaning: Theft: stay alert, because someone is plotting against you in the Shadows. Deception and Betrayal are around the corner. . . . Well, shit, man, what qualifies as good news for you, Death? I’m sodomized without lube coming AND going on this one. All right, I’ll play along, a little. I’ll keep my eyes open today. Thankfully, it is Sunday, so exposure is limited as much as is reasonably possible in terms of mounting the targeting scaffold all by myself, like an idiot. As for me, I’ll try and keep it as Zen as possible, and remember that “Love dissolves Cruelty and fills the world with beauty.” Let’s hope that isn’t a deception, as well.

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