Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for: 17 February 2015: XXI the World, the King of Chalices and lensing in from freshly breaking a heart in Hobart, Tasmania, is the Knight of Chalices.  (Today’s deck is the *Alchemy 1977 England Tarot* by Alchemy 1977. I got this deck by chance, and when I opened it and looked, I wrapped it back up and shelved it for a year. Ugh. Teenage hormone dreams of Conan & big breasts & occult bric-a-brac. Double Ugh. It is a simple RWS transfer, so traditional meanings abound. I have only recently re-looked at it and revised my opinion. The art is FINE, colorful and detailed and well-executed – BUT, get rid of ALL of that framing excess; make the cards big enough to SEE.  I know it falls into the category “dark horror,” but really, it should be in a category called “teenaged fantasy.”) Okay, let’s take a look. Hmm. Okay, does the world take the knight and turn him into a king? Does it take a king and reduce him to a knight? Does the king’s interaction with the world produce the knight? Is the knight the “champion” of the king in a face-off with the world? Are the king and the knight a couple facing the world together, as the placement of these cards would scream? Well, for that, I’d need a lover, and as one is lacking at the moment . . . .  These are BIG cards. Having three of them thrown at me this morning is more than a bit confusing, and is going to require more time to process than 30 minutes at the computer early in the morning. This is a day-long-er. LOTS and LOTS of male energy swirling around here, with the feminine acting as counterweight and attendee of the result . . . I’m keeping an eye on this today – if I meet some rousingly Wonderful man today under any circumstances, I’ll post tonight “the lily is in the valley.” You post back, to show that you’ve understood, on page 42 of the NY Times under Personals, “Understood.”  Unfortunately, this post will NOT self-destruct in 5 seconds. So, I’m keeping it short today, “kwitcher bitchin’ an’ get to hoein’ the back forty like I tole ya, girl.”  As a postscript, I would add that when you are not inspired by a deck, you can often end up with a pile of cat shit on your reading cloth. So, don’t read with cards you don’t like. Ommmm.

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