Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 19 February 2015: XIX the Sun, the 3 of Disks and lensing in from her war eagle training camp on the Blasted Heath is the Queen of Wands. (Today’s deck is the *Necronomicon Tarot* by Donald Tyson and Anne Stokes. It has Strength and Justice in the “right” places (8 » 11, respectively) and is completely built around the Cthulhu Mythos. It is a wonderful deck, and D. Tyson has obviously spent a LOT of time establishing correspondences and populating the minor arcana. . I’m impressed with his dedication; he is most obviously a true Lovecraftian fan with a touch for Tarot, as well. Ms. Stokes can be a problem, but here she works seamlessly with Mr. Tyson. If you don’t know the mythos, the Necronomicon was the “grimoire” of the mad Arab Abdul Alhazred and etc., etc., etc. It doesn’t come with an LWB, but instead with a book, *Secrets of the Necronomicon*, which at 222 pages is a REAL book. “Getcher info here, folks!” A “great” Dark Deck. If you wish, here is the Aeclectic review: .) Leaving “aside” all the tentacles and hysterical worshippers at the altar, I see myself striding onstage this morning as a Bedouin feeling a strangely malicious dust devil in The Empty Space, a great, lifeless desert. Not the most nurturing image of the Sun, eh? The Sun is still the Sun when it scorches you to death in the blisteringly hot desert or the frozen nothingness of space; yes, He gives Light, and He can use that Light in terrible, terrible ways beyond our comprehension. Today, let’s go with Higher Power, Natural Law, Revelation and the Central Truth; I’m ALWAYS “Desperately Seeking Susan” when it comes to the Big one – “Why?” (If the answer turns out to be, “Because,” you will find me committing deicide on the instant.) Here we have all this brutal directness coupled with work and a clever use of skills. This clever use of skills is illustrated by the young sorceress with stealing the left arm of the convicted murder in order to make a Hand of Glory (something I’m surprised Tyson didn’t mention!) That sigil on the three seals is “The Elder Sign,” and I need to go back to the literature to find out its uses. (Probably something I can pass by, like a spell to keep The Old Ones at bay in orbit around Neptune.) The point here is that it is WORK, skilled labor. Coupled with that brutal Sun, it sounds suspiciously like ‘Thankless Duty.’ Ugh. Modifying this, “lensing” it, putting a gel on the spotlight, is the Queen of Wands. Authority, capital A: our Lady brooks no silliness, no shillyshallying. Well, I know we aren’t talking about my wife, she isn’t a Queen of Wands, not by a long shot, so it is either my “pretty” side or the arrival of a feminine presence of some strength and power in my life. Hmmm. I love women, but Woman is quite a different creature and isn’t as interested in my Love as my Respect. I’ve dealt with Wand Queens all of my life, my family is chock full of them, and they can be a great deal of fun unless they set their minds to DOING something, EVEN when it is wrong, “by god, we-are-going-to-do-this-or-I-will-kick-ass-do-you-hear-me?” Ladies you don’t want to fuck around with and render angry. This is starting to shape up like the proverbial rock and hard place; Good hard work in almost pitiless but enlightening conditions renders, in some unseen-as-yet way, my life more stable and more secure. If we blend XIX the Sun and this Queen, the Water of Fire, and dissolve them both in a vitriol of hard, skillful work, we might, we JUST MIGHT, make it through the day without having to kiss Cthulhu’s ass or something equally distasteful. So, does this mean that I am “a radiant, strong Being filled with the power of Love”? Or, more likely, does it mean, “Flee the wind demons and make a Hand of Glory: you need to get ready for a bitch fight!”? Only the day shall tell . . . .


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