Monday, February 2, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 03 February 2015: XX Judgement, the Knave of Pentacles and lensing in from the Imperial capital lost in some forgotten side range of the Bavarian Alps is IV the Emperor. (Today’s deck is the *Universal Wirth Tarot* presented by Giordano Berti with Art by Stefano Palumbo. It’s a lovely, lovely deck, and keep in mind that Wirth was a deep-dyed Cabbalist & Alchemist. His cards, while seeming similar to RWS, are not the same, and often have a harsher interpretation. So, if you are having one of those nasty, snappish days when you can only exist as a real 24K Bitch, just tell people, “I’m reading Wirth-style today.”) I’m sorry to short you today, but while the deck is beautiful and I could wax idyllic on the relationships possible, I won’t. I have a LOT to do today, and then an afternoon booked with readings. A LOT to do. So, let’s just say HERE that I’ve got some old friends in the lineup today, “Numbers 20 and 40 please step forward. The rest of you can go.” On a short buzz read, thrown out just as the meth is hitting its high and the red convertible is speeding down the highway to the Keys, I would say that today’s read indicates one of two possibilities: A) I regress a bit but with a serious push in the right direction, and perhaps even place myself in tutelage to an older, wiser and/or more knowledgeable guide, or B) I may be gain a young apprentice in the near future, the first signs of which shall manifest today, and I need to be aware of the archetypal energies & patterns working in such a situation, and above all to apply, as best I can, a sense of Justice in my action(s) pertaining thereto. I can’t really say – although my age would militate in favor of the second option or probability; I don’t see myself in a position of apprenticeship anywhere “near” nor anytime soon. I’m already edging into the fringe of the 3rd Age, bounding around cleaning up after the Master was a chore for more youthful days. So, there we have it. I can go forward into a loaded day with trust and faith in my own power, and secure in my exercise of it.


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