Monday, February 23, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 24 February 2015: the King of Swords, the 8 of Chalices and lensing in from her temple on the far side of the Moon after a light midnight pick-me-up of pomegranate juice is II the High Priestess. (Today’s deck is the flamingly new *The Prima Visions Tarot* by James R; Eads and Katherine Tombs. You will want a copy. Wonderful artwork, vibrant, alive, & there is a fun little trick with the minor arcana, but no spoilers here, and remember, folks, it IS a side-bonus, not intrinsic to the deck. J.R.E. had the “good sense” to put Strength at VIII and Justice at XI, “as-its-supposed-to-be” says I. Stock is good. Inks good. Size – hmmm. I would have preferred the a LITTLE larger, but they are certainly OK, falling within accepted parameters. Now, do they speak to me? Yes, I think they may/do. A little time, a little patience and several uses in I will be better placed to form a solid opinion, but for now, I’m leaning HEAVILY towards a favorable conclusion.) Well, well, electrically-drilled well. . .  I’ve seen THIS hand before, or its very close congeners. The King of Swords is the Tarot’s little in-joke with me today; I feel vinyl-upholstered lazy, and THAT is lazy! At any rate, or King is out there gathering roses as he stumbles across a nest of feral swans. C’mon, admit it, you like the idea, “feral swans.” Unfortunately, it also removes them from their pedestals, so let’s not popularize it, okay? I can see the headline now: “May 25, 2018. Last swan dies in captivity.” That’s our style, isn’t it, to eventually kill anything beautiful. So I’m gliding around the room as an incarnation of Reason and Good decision when the 8 of Chalices blows in through a chink in my castle masonry walls. “King Mark! King Mark! Hey, kingie! C’mon, do it, just walk away. You can do it, there’s too much miasma and mystification going on here to get a good overview, so c’mon on! Quit! Come back to it later, when there is sufficient light.” Although walking away from something screams against fiber of my being, I know from experience that the Voice is right; it DOES simplify and refine things. It helps you find out. It helps you tell the difference between RIGHT action and CORRECT action. It is correct to liberate a slave, but when he is old, sick, malnourished and un-understanding; your job has just begun. So, work ahead, oh Frabjous Majesty! Eyeing all of this from the borderland between Life and death is II the High Priestess. J. R. Eads has characterized her here as Persephone, the daughter of Demeter (Mother Earth.) For those not familiar with the myth, it purports to explain the seasons; why we have 4 of them. The story has it divided in two seasons 1st, and then somewhere 2 more sneak in. The point is that Spring has to spend half the year in Hell, thus Winter. That leaves one to suppose that Summer and Autumn are the jaw-droppingly drunken frat parties Demeter throws at the return of her absent offspring. At any rate, one can certainly surmise that spending one half of every year sharing the bed of the King of the Underworld gives Persephone a rather privileged position to profit from “pillow talk.” Spells abound and there are dark fantasies and magics around every corner in the rambling old palace down there in the eternal Night. “Go inside, Mark. Go in and reflect. Amass your resources. Consider your Path just walked and the Path to come. Let go of Reason and Rationalization, and only see your feelings, you can do that, remember your Intuition? Still there, still functioning, you use it every day and you know you do. Use it here.”

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