Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good morning, All! Welcome to my MashUp for 27 February 2015: the 9 of Cups, the 10 of Wands and lensing in from the Biennale in Venice is our loving but confused King of Cups. (Oh Frabjous joy! Any time I get to take out a Robert M. Place deck is an occasion of rejoicing. This is *The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery,” by Robert M. Place, and of course his style is inimitable. All of his decks do this to me – make me HAPPY to read Tarot. I couldn’t help but notice that our King on the Cups card looks quite bit like Robert himself, self-portraiture? His art makes you want to know him, to be a friend. He is probably terribly introverted, which would be my luck. I “dowsed” for my three cards today.) (Cached away in the backwoods of New York, whittling whistles in between bouts of inspiration to run inside and paint something absolutely wonderful of Tarot inspiration, then the light going out of his eyes as he shuffles back to whittling more whistles. “He needs me! Let me through! My love will heal him!!”) Grin. Yea, I like the deck. And I’m starting off in some pretty heavy company, the 9 of Cups: Confidence, Perspective, true-footedness, all qualities which I am always having to whip together out of mayonnaise, ginger root and V-8 in order to keep my head in an OVERWHELMING situation, the 10.  “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!”  my most obvious danger is collapsing under the weight of my own burden, apparently. With what am I overloaded? Cares? No. Debt? No. Having to support my divinity myself because others refuse to recognize it? That’s it!!! Grin, again. Actually, I mustn’t forget that the King is Lensing, that is to say he is filtering what we see through his own persona. And remember Pollock and her “. . . his position as maintainer of society does not fit him all that comfortably.” (p;187,78° etc.) Look below, too; a salamander and a fish (?) = the Fire of Water = the King himself. I love that fish, too. I want to serve it, just like that, at table and watch my guests’ faces!!) Just LOOK at him; he is obviously a NICE guy. Now, just LOOK at him AGAIN, and remark the powerless expression, the “I-Don’t-know-what-I’m-doing” look, and the complete and total absence of critical intelligence. He’s Dr. Feelgood with a crown. I like Dr. Feelgood, especially late at night. Whether he is of any use out of the bed is something we shall have to discover together. The best thing I can do is to align myself with the natural energies and let them create. 

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